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One memorable day, we decided that our permanent promotions need a boost for our loyal and beloved players. So, we’ve changed them! Now we are proud to present you with all fresh and shiny Giveaways and improved Rank system at Thunderpick.

❗Our giveaways from now on will happen every week instead of daily, but the prize pool increased to €8,000 💰.

❗In regards to Ranks, we’ve made them a tiny bit more challenging but at the same time, we’ve increased the prizes for each rank. Here is the breakdown!

  • Challenger: €1000, Sunday 16:00 UTC
  • Diamond: €500, Saturday: 16:00 UTC
  • Gold: €300, Friday: 16:00 UTC
  • Silver: €150, Thursday: 16:00 UTC
  • Bronze: €50, Wednesday: 16:00 UTC 

Giveaways Now After the Change
Monthly prize pool €2,850 €8,000
Frequency  Daily (for all ranks except the challenger) Every week one draw for rank.
Number of Prizes per draw 5 5

It’s the second change we communicated this month. Just to give you a perspective – now players that take part in our headline promotions Races and Giveaways can snatch a collective prize pool of 53,000 EUR! Are you excited? Join the promotions NOW!

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