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In this period when mobile games are becoming increasingly popular, the tournaments of these games are just as exciting. Because when a game is mobile, it reaches more people, and millions of fans will probably play it if it’s a good game.

The tournaments of this game, which have been in our lives since 2017, are getting bigger yearly. It has millions of players from many regions, especially China. If the tournament of this popular and entertaining game got you excited, let’s briefly talk about King’s of Glory and then talk about all the details of the tournament.

By the way, once you know the detailed information about the tournament format, you can easily bet on Arena of Valor.

What is The King’s of Glory?

King’s of Glory is a competitive mobile game by Tencent, a China-based IT company. King’s of Glory is one of the most prominent among similar games. In addition, it has many mods.

Experience the best of the classic MOBA experience with 5v5 mode, or create new excitements with 3v3, 1v1, and various experience modes. Moreover, depending on your role, you can choose from many heroes.

King’s of Glory has millions of daily users worldwide, especially in China. Because the game progresses very fast, people prefer to play this exciting game even to fill time on their way to work or school.

Generally, King’s of Glory is a version of this MOBA game where we see more Chinese culture inspired. In addition, it has exciting and fast gameplay. Thanks to the many modes it has, it will not let you get bored.

We have already said that this game is among the most prominent games. We also know that it has millions of users. Then you can imagine how exciting the tournament will be. So let’s take a look at the format of the Arena of Valor International Championship.

Arena of Valor International Championship Format

The tournament is generally divided into two parts, the Group stage, and the Knockout Stage. In addition, the Group stage has two parts, the 1st and the 2nd Stage. Let’s take a closer look at the group stage.

  • Group Stage – June 16th – 19th, 2022

First, 16 teams are divided into 4 groups of 4. Group Stage consists of two stages in total:

  • Phase 1 – June 16th – 17th, 2022

This phase will be played in the best of 1 (Bo1) format. Also, according to the specific scoring system, the first three of this phase will be able to participate in the second Phase. So last place will be teams. So the last place teams will be eliminated.

  • Phase 2 – June 18th – 19th, 2022

At this Phase, the remaining 12 teams are divided into 4 teams as 3s. Then, according to a specific scoring system, the last of each group is eliminated, and the remaining teams advance to the Knockout Stage. So what is the scoring system like?

  • The team that wins 2-0 gets 3 points.
  • In the event of a 1-1 draw, teams earn 1 point each.
  • The side that loses 0-2 gets no points.
  • Knockout Stage – June 23 – July 10, 2022

The Knockout Stage will occur in three parts: Quarter-Finals, Semi-finals, and Grand Finals. Except for the Grand Finals, the best teams in other sections will be determined by the Double Elimination Bracket.

It will also be played at the Knockout Stage Quarter-Finals Bo5. The remaining episodes (Semifinals, Grand Finals) will be played on Bo7. Additionally, the Quarter Finals, Semifinals, and Grand Finals dates are as follows:

  • Quarter-Finals – June 23 to 26
  • Semi-finals – July 2 to 3
  • Grand Finals – July 10

Arena of Valor International Championship 2022 Teams

In this year’s Arena of Valor International Championship, 16 teams from 10 regions, each more talented than the other, will start fighting each other on June 16.

As we mentioned above, the 1st Stage of the Group Stage will take place on June 16. With 3 days left until June 16, let’s see how the teams are grouped at this Stage:

  • Group Stage, Phase 1-A Teams:
  • Nova Esports
  • Team Flash
  • Starry Hope
  • KFC x Talon
  • Group Stage, Phase 1-B Teams:
  • Saigon Phantom
  • One Team Esports
  • YaLLa Esports (DNP)
  • Valencia CF Esports
  • Group Stage, Phase 1-C Teams:
  • Bikertopia Esports
  • Dewa United Esports
  • A Dope Team
  • Group Stage, Phase 1-D Teams:
  • MAD Team
  • V Gaming
  • Next Dream
  • Bacon Time

Some of the participating teams stand out because of their history. Especially Team Flash is one of the best teams in this tournament thanks to their past success. Additionally, they are one of the most successful teams and the 2020 champions of the MAD Team.

So, how much will the teams compete for in this tournament, where talented teams compete, including the MAD team and Team Flash?

Arena of Valor International Championship Prize Pool

Teams will compete for a total prize pool of $2,000,000. Additionally, the winning team will receive a $700,000 prize. So how will $2,000,000 be shared?

  • The first team will win $700,000.
  • The runner-up team will win $350,000.
  • The third-place team will win $200,000.
  • Fourth place team $100,000 will win.
  • The fifth and sixth place team will win $40,000.
  • The seventh and eighth teams will win $40,000.
  • Teams that place ninth to fifteenth will each win $10,000.

Final Words

Mobile games are generally fast, fun, easy, and very close; it is inside our phone. That’s why we can have a pleasant time every time we have free time just by unlocking our phones and plugging in the game.

King’s of Glory is one of the most beautiful mobile games. Moreover, it has so many fans that tournaments with a large prize pool are held yearly. That’s why the most immense excitement of Kings of Glory fans lately is the Arena of Valor International Championship 2022. So, we answered all your questions about the tournament in this guide. Now it’s time to wait until June 16.

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