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In the finals of the Thunderpick World Championship NA Series 2, Complexity took home the trophy, the $20,000 in prize money, and a spot in the finals. Nouns came in second, winning a spot in the finals and $5,000 in prize money. 

Now that the NA Series 2 has come to an end it’s time to go through some of the best plays of the series.

1. JT – 1vs5 Clutch

This might go down as the best play in the Thunderpick World Championship. In fact, we can go as far as saying this is one of the best plays we’ve seen so far. Complexity’s JT comes on top in this 1vs5 and even plants the bomb after 4 clutch kills. It was an insane show of skills and nerves of steel. 

2. JBa – Quick ACE

Forsaken’s JBa executed what has been the quickest ACE so far in the Thunderpick World Championship. A total of five kills in a matter of seconds, leaving everyone watching with their mouths wide open. 

3. hallzerk – 3 Scout Headshots

Is there anything more satisfying than sniper headshots? We doubt it and thanks to hallzerk we were in for a treat after he went for three Scout headshot kills on the outside defense straight after the initial frags. Beautifully done by the Complexity’s team member. 

4. Walco – 1vs3 clutch

It was a tense post-plant situation and Nouns were of the offense with Evil Geniuses’ Walco finding himself in a 1vs3 scenario. Walco manages to clear off two players but there was still a final dance between him and MarkE. Walco had slightly more health and managed to clutch the round.  

5. cynic – 1vs3 clutch

Time was running out for Nouns after EG planted the bomb and cynic found himself in a 1vs3 situation with the time counting down. He then manages to get the final kill after HexT and defuse the bomb. 

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