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Pumped for Counter-Strike and the best skins in CS2? We are, too! Ever since Valve dropped the bomb about CS2, the gaming community has been buzzing with excitement. And the community isn’t only hyped about the gameplay revamp or the new engine. Instead, Valve reworked many iconic CS:GO skins in CS2 with game-changing new visuals.

With CS2’s arrival, everything from gloves to weapon skins will undergo a dramatic makeover, receiving improvements to textures and lighting effects. Let’s take a look at some of the best skins that CS2 has to offer.

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The Best Skins In CS2 Available Right Now

In our list of the best CS2 skins, we’ve highlighted picks from across various categories to show the breadth of options available and to potentially point you towards a new favorite!

AWP | Dragon Lore

Ah, the iconic Dragon Lore. Emerging from The Cobblestone Collection during the 2014 Operation Breakout, this skin graced the inventories of FPS legends like s1mple, adreN, and f0rest, reinforcing its status as one of the most desired, and most expensive, AWP skins ever.

The Dragonlore showcases a majestic golden dragon winding around the weapon. It’s all set against a backdrop of ancient ruins, creating a fierce and elegant artistic masterpiece. However, the allure comes at a price of $15,000+, especially when paired with rare CS:GO stickers like Katowice 2014.

Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box

Unveiled in November 2016, the Sports Gloves | Pandora’s Box is a luxurious choice for gamers who aren’t afraid to shell out more than just a few dollars. Tagged at a staggering $12,000+ on DMarket, they’re a testament to the allure they hold in the CS:GO and CS2 skins market.

Crafted with synthetic fabrics, they meld durability with a captivating in-game aesthetic: a muted black and purple palette enriched with a faint palm pattern. Despite being less vivid than their counterparts—the Vice—the Pandora’s Box still commands attention. Worth the hefty price tag? That’s your call!

AK-47 | Gold Arabesque 

Trading for $5,000+ in Factory New condition on Steam, the AK-47 | Gold Arabesque isn’t just a weapon but a symbol of opulence. While its lethal potential is undeniable in the right hands, the luxurious gold metal finish, enhanced by meticulous hand-painted filigree details, steals the spotlight.

Thanks to the superior Source 2 lighting, the skin’s radiant gold finish captures and reflects ambient light like never before in CS2. It’s a transformation that’s nothing short of mesmerizing. This weapon’s prestige is further amplified by those who hold it, like esports luminaries ZywOo and Ax1Le.

AWP | The Prince

Custom-painted with a red base complemented by golden filigree, The Prince’s elegance exudes royalty. Released in November 2019 and belonging to the exclusive Canals Collection, this Covert rarity weapon has a mere 0.64% drop chance.

That percentage likely justifies the AWP | Prince’s high price tag of $4000+ Factory New. Nevertheless, its grandeur has won over the best CS esports pros like dosia, cerq, and hooxi, making it a testament to precision and luxury. The Prince isn’t a run-of-the-mill skin; it’s a statement.

Butterfly Knife | Doppler (Ruby)

Added in March 2017, this Covert knife skin is elusive as it is exquisite, boasting a mere 0.26% drop rate. Despite being one of the rarer CSGO skins, its hyperrealistic light reflections bring it to life in CS2. However, possessing it requires deep pockets, because it costs ~$2,000.

The dynamic flipping animation of the Butterfly Knife combined with the metallic red of the ruby variant is a siren call for CS2 fans and collectors alike. Its intricate design emphasizes its artistry, painted in black and silver metallic hues through a marbleizing technique.

Glock-18 | Fade

Unveiled in mid-2013 in “The Arms Deal” update for CS:GO, the Glock-18 | Fade is a testament to timeless design. Distinguished by a gradient that seamlessly flows from purple to gold on a chrome base coat, the enhanced graphics of Counter-Strike 2 make these vibrant hues even more striking.

While the pistol skin boasts a 16% drop rate, a Minimal Wear variant demands a premium exceeding $1,600. A bit steep? Consider the Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler (Emerald). It’s adorned with black and silver metallic paints and offers a stunning alternative at a more approachable price point of roughly $70.

USP-S | The Traitor

Want to take your Counter-Strike 2 gaming experience to the next level? Try the USP-S | The Traitor! This iconic skin was released in May 2021 and created by community designer Zaphk. The designer was inspired by the Hanged Man tarot card, and the look is reimagined from the classic USP Pistol of Counter-Strike Source.

The Traitor carries a Covert rarity and a 0.64% drop chance, making it highly sought-after among CS skin collectors. Echoing a Gunsmith finish and characterized by its red tint, this skin looks incredible and is recognized for its versatile exteriors. It’s also very affordable with a price of only $50. 

Honorable Mentions

As you can see, Counter-Strike 2 provides many customization options that outperform its predecessor, thanks to the skins’ enhanced colors, gloss, and shine. But hey, beauty is subjective, right? While we’re stoked about our top picks, some critical gamers may beg to differ.

So, for the rebels at heart, here are a few more CS2 skins that deserve an honorable mention!

  1. Karambit | Case Hardened (Blue Gem)
  2. AWP | Hyper Beast
  3. AK-47 | Wild Lotus
  4. M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor
  5. Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox
  6. AK-47 | Nightwish
  7. AWP | Atheris
  8. Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast
  9. UMP-45 | Fade
  10. Desert Eagle | Hypnotic

Note: The value of skins in CS is extremely volatile and can fluctuate significantly based on multiple factors. Also, with the Counter-Strike 2 limited test drawing to a close (as of this writing), we anticipate that many skin prices will experience sharp increases. However, past trends do not guarantee future results.

How To Inspect Skins In CS2

Want to take a closer look at weapon skins in CS2? No problem! There are two methods and we’ll outline them below.

Inventory Method

This method only applies to skins you own.

  • Launch CS2.
  • From the main menu, select “Inventory.”
  • Right-click on the skin you would like to inspect.
  • Select the “Inspect in-game” menu option to view the 3D model.

Developer Console Method

This method allows you to inspect CS2 skins you don’t own. First, you need to make sure the Developer Console is enabled by going to Settings > Game > “Enable Developer Console” and selecting “Yes.” Now follow these steps:

  • Launch CS2 and press the tilde (~) key to access the Developer Console.
  • Retrieve the “Inspect in-game” link of the desired skin from the Steam Community Market or other trusted skin trading sites.
    • For Steam: Click the item, right-click “Inspect in-game,” and copy the link. The instructions will vary depending on which trading site you use.
  • Paste the link into the Developer Console.
  • Modify the link: Remove everything before csgo_econ_action and replace the %20 after “preview” with a space.
  • Press the Enter key to inspect the CS2 skin.

Developer Console example:

csgo_econ_action_preview M6354072364053680382A33375557681D631669631487668511

CS2 Skins To Change The Game

And that’s all! Glove up and aim sharp as you hit Counter-Strike 2 with your new skins. Remember that the prices we included in our list will fluctuate over time, so keep an eye out for any changes if a particular skin has caught your attention.

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