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It’s been a great year for competitive CS:GO so far — and it’s about to get a whole lot better with BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 just around the corner. This event will take place in Denmark from 13-23 July and has some pretty big sponsors behind it. As a result, the prize pool is $177,498 and the top 6 teams will also qualify for the BLAST Fall Finals in November. The rest will advance to the seeded Play-In Stage. Make no doubt about it, the likes of FaZe Clan, OG, and Team Liquid will be competing hard for that all-important 1st place position. 

What is BLAST Premier? 

BLAST Premier is the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports league in the world. 

Launched in 2020, the league is based across 2 regions: North America and Europe. The best teams from these regions compete in the league to win big prizes and ultimately be crowned World Champions. 

Collectively, 26 teams take part in BLAST Premier, including high-ranking crowd-favorite teams like FaZe Clan and Heroic. 

Each series is then divided into 2 seasons: Spring and Fall. Now, it’s time for the fall series. This is why fans are now counting down the days until BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023. 

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 (Guide) 

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 will feature 12 of the world’s best CS: GO teams. These teams are: 

  • Astralis
  • BIG
  • Complexity Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses
  • FaZe Clan
  • G2 Esports
  • Heroic
  • Natus Vincere
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • OGNotes
  • Team Liquid
  • Team Vitality

Heading into this popular tournament, FaZe Clan are the current favorites and will likely remain the favorites up until the 13 July start date. 

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 marks the start of the 2nd half of the CS:GO competitive season. The teams taking part have had a month-long break since the Spring Final 2023, which saw Cloud9 win in the Grand Final. 

Because there’s been a break in-between these events, it’s given the participating teams time to refresh and make any necessary changes to their rosters. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if some teams field new players that they’ve signed when the action begins at Fall Groups 2023. 

Where to Watch BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023? 

Watching BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 will be insanely easy to do. Here are the 3 main streaming platforms that people will be using: 

  • Twitch (@BLASTpremier) 
  • YouTube (BLAST Premier) 

All 3 of these platforms will be broadcasting live action from Fall Groups 2023 in real-time, so it’s simply a matter of personal choice. For example, if you’re a Twitch fan, then you’ll probably prefer to watch the action using the Twitch app. 

Wherever you decide to stream BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 action, make sure that you stay up-to-date with the match scheduling and turn on notifications so that you know when the channels have gone live. 

How to Buy Tickets for BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023? 

Just like in 2022, the Fall Groups 2023 will be played in a LAN setting with live crowds. Once again, the action will take place in Denmark’s Copenhagen studios. For more ticket information, visit

Place Your Bets on BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023

Whether you’re watching the Fall Groups 2023 matches in person or via live streams, you can easily place CS:GO bets here at Thunderpick. 

Right now, Thunderpick is one of the world’s premier online esports betting platforms. Once you’ve created an account, you can deposit funds into your Thunderpick wallet and start planning your Fall Groups 2023 bets. 

Remember, you can bet on any team you like that’s taking part in Fall Groups 2023. For example, if you’re certain that Fnatic is going to win the entire tournament, then you can place an outright bet on them to win it. For the latest BLAST Premier odds, keep checking the Thunderpick website.


BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023: Teams

As mentioned earlier, BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 will feature 12 of the best CS: GO teams around. These teams will be split into three groups of 4. Currently, it’s not confirmed what each group will look like. However, it’s guaranteed that the 12 following teams and rosters will be a part of the groups: 

  • Astralis: blameF, dev1ce, Buzz, Staehr and B0rup with castle coaching
  • BIG: tabseN, Krimbo, prosus, s1n and mantuu with gob b coaching
  • Complexity Gaming: JT, floppy, Grim, hallzerk and EliGE with T.c coaching
  • Evil Geniuses: automatic, junior, jeorgre, Walco and HexT with Axed coaching
  • FaZe Clan: rain, broky, Twistzz, karrigan, and ropz with RobbaN coaching
  • G2 Esports: huNter, NiKo, m0NESY, jks, and HooXi with Swani coaching
  • Heroic: stavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, sjuush, and Jabbi with Xizt coaching
  • Natus Vincere: s1mple, electroNic, Perfecto, b1t, and npl with B1ad3 coaching
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: REZ, hampus, Brollan, headtr1ck, and k0nfig with djL coaching
  • OG: F1KU with the rest of the team still needing to be confirmed with ruggah coaching
  • Team Liquid: NAF, oSee, YEKINDAR Rainwaker and Patsi with daps coaching
  • Team Vitality: apEX, ZywOo, Magisk, Spinx and flameZ with zonic coaching

Whether you’re #TeamFaZe or #TeamOG, it’s going to be a BLAST (literally)

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023: Format

The format of BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 will follow 2 stages: 

Group Stage 

In the group stage, all 3 groups will follow the same double-elimination format. Every match that takes place in the group stage will also be Bo3. Remember, no team gets eliminated during the Group Stage, as it’s all for seeding purposes. Once the Group Stage matches are over, the Play-In Stage will commence — which is where the action will truly go up a level. 

Play-In Stage

The play-in stage sees 3 single-elimination gauntlets take place. 4th and 3rd place teams from each group will play in the quarter-finals, while the 2nd place teams from each group will advance straight to the semi-finals. Then, the 3 winners from each group go directly to the finals. Ultimately, the winner of each gauntlet qualifies for the Fall Finals that take place November 22-26 2023. 

Who Will Win BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023? 

The favorites to win right now are Team Vitality, Heroic, and FaZe — the 3 teams that are currently leading the world CS: GO rankings. But of course, we’re cheering on our Home Team – the Evil Geniuses – who will be debuting their new Blue Team at Black Premier. 

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