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The BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 is one of the most anticipated Counter-Strike tournaments in the entire esports scene. Boasting some of the greatest teams from around the world, this tournament offers an intense test of skills and strategy between players and teams. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of this event for all esports enthusiasts so that you can stay up to date with the latest news and results. You’ll know all about this tournament’s teams, formats, and prize pools by the end. 

When: 2023-06-07 – 2023-06-11

The BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 will take place from June 7th to June 11th in Washington DC at the Entertainment & Sports Arena. The location was chosen for its ample seating capacity and stage setup, which is ideal for esports tournaments. The tournament will feature 16 teams from all around the world, split into two groups of eight. It will feature a double-elimination format, meaning that two losses are required for a team to be eliminated from the tournament. 

The teams will compete in best-of-three matches in both the upper and lower brackets of competition, with winners advancing to higher stages of the tournament. The prize pool for BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 is an impressive $425,000, with the first-place team taking home $125,000 of that.

Four teams have already announced their participation in the tournament, with another twelve to be determined in the coming months. In addition, a series of regional qualifiers will decide which teams make it into the contest. These qualifiers will be open to every team, allowing any aspiring professional Counter-Strike player a chance at glory.

So far, teams such as Team Vitality and G2 Esports have been mentioned as potential contenders for the tournament. With some of the biggest names in Counter-Strike involved, BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 promises to be an intense and exciting tournament. Keep checking back here for more information in the coming weeks as we get closer to the tournament. See the event’s website, Twitter, and Instagram for more details and the latest news.

How to Bet on BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 

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The BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 is sure to be an exhilarating tournament, and now you can be part of it with Thunderpick. You’ll need to look up the form of the teams taking part and then decide which ones have the best chance of winning. That’s how you can make the most informed decision when it comes to betting. Good luck!

BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023: Participants

The following Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams are registered to play so far:

Team Vitality


A French player known for his consistency and all-around skill, apEX is a mainstay of Team Vitality. Their strength lies in his ability to lead the team and create space for his teammates.


Originally, ZywOo was a talented player from France. However, until he joined Vitality in 2018, his star truly started to shine. Today, he’s one of the best players in the world.

FaZe Clan


Originally from Norway, rain is the in-game leader for FaZe Clan and one of their most experienced players. His background in professional Counter-Strike dates back to 2008.


A Canadian player, Twistzz has always been known for his aim and explosive playstyle. As part of FaZe Clan, he will be looking to prove himself against the best in the business.

Natus Vincere


A Ukranian player, s1mple is one of the most prolific players in the world. His aim and map control is unparalleled, allowing him to carry his team to victory single-handedly.


This is one of the newer members of Natus Vincere. His aim and skill at mid-round calling are what make him a valuable asset to the team.



A Danish player, stan is the in-game leader and one of the newer members of Heroic. His strategic background and experience make crucial to the team.


Another Danish player, cadiaN is the main star of Heroic. His aim and map control are what make him a top-tier player in CS:GO. The team will be hoping he can carry them to victory.



Whilst this might be one of the veterans of Astralis, Xyp9x is still considered to be one of the best players in Counter Strike. His support play and strategic execution are what make him so good.


Here’s another veteran of Astralis. His impact on the team as a leader is undeniable, and his skill as both an in-game leader and a player make him a real threat.

G2 Esports


This former FaZe Clan player is one of the most sought-after players in Counter-Strike. His aim and map control means his experience in the game will be crucial for G2. It is skills like this that could help propel G2 Esports all the way to the top! 


Not only is he a great aimer, but jks is also known for his ability to read the enemy team and call mid-round strategies on the fly. His skill and experience will be invaluable to G2 Esports at the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 if they are to prevail.


In conclusion, the BLAST Premiere: Spring Final 2023 is an exciting opportunity for Counter-Strike fans around the world to watch some of the best teams battle it out for glory. It promises to be a thrilling tournament with a total prize pool of $425,000 and sixteen teams worldwide. Don’t forget to follow Thunderpick for more information about the tournament and betting markets! We wish all the teams the best of luck in their quest for victory. May the best team win!

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