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Boavista FC is a Portuguese football club that also has an eSports team competing under the same name. In Portugal, Boavista FC plays in Porto and has a passionate fanbase who attend both home and away games. Similarly, there is a small yet passionate following for Boavista FC’s eSports team. 

Boavista FC History: 1903 – Now 

In 1903, Boavista FC was founded, making it one of the oldest clubs in Portugal. Today, Boavista FC remains in the top-flight Portuguese football league Primeira Liga. In the 2000-2021 season, they won the Primeira Liga title, which is the only time in the club’s history that they’ve achieved this feat. Their trophy cabinet also includes an impressive 5 Taça de Portugal championships. 

In 2017, Boavista FC joined the LoL Division. In Portugal, LoL is an extremely popular game to play, which is why there are now several professional LoL teams there – with one of them being Boavista FC. Additionally, Boavista FC also has FIFA, eFootball, and Valorant teams that play professionally. To keep up with its various teams, check out the club’s Twitter and Instagram profiles.

How to Bet on Boavista FC

Both football and eSports betting are popular activities in Portugal and across Europe. Now, it’s very easy to place football and eSports bets online. You can place your bet now as long as you’re above the legal gambling age. For example, if you like to watch LoL Division games, then you can bet on which teams you think will win different games, such as Boavista FC. You can also bet on FIFA and other eSports games.

Boavista FC: Games, Divisions, and Rosters

Boavista primarily plays League of Legends. However, as mentioned above, they also play sports-related video games such as FIFA. Here’s a detailed look at the rosters. 

League of Legends 

Over the years, Boavista FC has chopped and changed its LoL roster. For example, the team that played in LPLOL 2021 Summer was completely different from the LPLOL 2022 Summer team. The most recent roster for Boavista FC League of Legends was: 

Hugo “HUGOD” Nicolau

A solid Top Laner with previous experience playing for Karma Clan, Vigilantes, and OFFSET ESport. 

Renato “rnz” Santos

“rnz” played as a Jungler for Boavista from 2021 to 2022. A career highlight was finishing 1st in the LPLOL 2nd Division 2022 Spring. 

Miguel “Phoxie” Pacheco

A reliable Mid Laner who first started his craft at Grow uP eSports. 

Afonso “Feitann” Oliveira

“Feitann’s” only professional gaming history has been with Boavista FC. So far, he has played for no other club, making him something of a rookie in the industry. 

José “Beat” Mesquita

A selfless player who plays as support for Boavista FC. 

Telmo “Misaki” Oliveira

Having previously played for Boavista FC as a Top Laner, “Misaki” now plays for Byteway Esports under the same role.  


The FIFA esports industry is booming. Boavista is currently ranked number #490 in the world, which is low in the rankings. However, they have an exciting roster of 4 active players who are looking to push the team forward over the coming years. In 2023, it’s likely that more players will be added to the roster due to the fact that 8 players left the team from 2021 to 2022. 

Currently, the FIFA roster for Boavista FC consists of the following: 

Diogo “Valada” Valada 

20-year-old “Valada” has previous experience playing professional FIFA for TSWarriorPlay. Now, he’s looking to push forward with Boavista FC and have a successful year after qualifying for the FIFAe Club Series 2023™. 

Diogo “Martelo” Borges 

Having played 19 games for Boavista FC, “Martelo” currently sits with a respectable 50% win rate. 


“PSoutinho” has previous experience at FC Famalicão Esports, where he was one of the leading players. At Boavista FC, he’s only played 6 games so far but is looking to get more under his belt in 2023. 

Tiago “bragfut” Ribeiro 

A passionate FIFA player who likes to spend time on FIFA Ultimate Team Mode when he’s not playing competitively. 

The Boavista FC Badge

The badge for Boavista FC eSports is the same as the badge for the Boavista FC team. The iconic chequered black and white crest has been the official badge since 1933. The fans love it, which is why it will likely never be replaced. 

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