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When it comes to the mobile game industry, two games stand out as Battle Royale games. One of them is PUBG Mobile, and the other is Call of Duty: Mobile. The subject of this article will be to explain the ranking system in Call of Duty Mobile in detail.

First of all, COD Mobile is a competitive Battle Royale game released in 2019. Since its debut, COD Mobile, which has entered into intense competition with its rival PUBG Mobile, has had millions of active players. 

These millions of players actively engage in fierce competitive battles every day in the game’s ranked mode. In addition, they are trying to rank up with the victory they get from these ranked matches. As you can see, COD Mobile’s ranking system has greatly increased the multiplayer competition in the game. 

Now, let’s take a look at all the ranks in Call of Duty Mobile and detail the tips on how to rise to these ranks. In addition, you may be interested in the leaks we shared about the ranked system about Call of Duty: Warzone in the last part of our article. Enjoy your time.

How Do Call of Duty Mobile Ranks Work?

Let’s simply explain what the COD Mobile ranks are. First of all, these ranks are a system that allows you to match opponents according to your own playing skills. In this way, you will get a much better gaming experience. 

If you are at low ranks and have just started the game, you will have a more enjoyable game flow by matching with new players just like you. Then, as you continue to play and gain victories, your rank rises, and every time you rise, more challenging opponents begin to appear.

If you want to be a good player and increase your rank, you may want to take a look at the quick rank jumping tips at the bottom of our article.

Call of Duty Mobile Ranks

Call of Duty Mobile has a ranking system just like many other Battle Royale games. This rank system is also divided into two. The first is the multiplayer mode, and the other is the Battle Royale mode. COD Mobile ranks have exactly the same features in these two modes.

Players can have a certain rank according to their victory in these modes. In addition, the game modes are played as Solo, Co-op, and the team has their own rank order. So you will have different ranks in these three modes. Therefore, if you want to increase your ranks, you should decide which mode you will play in advance.

There are six leagues in Call of Duty Mobile that you can level up. At the same time, each league has its own score. You get to that rank by increasing the points you get from the games. The divisions with COD Mobile are as follows;

  • Legendary Tier – 8001+ Points
  • Grandmaster Tier 6501 – 8000
  • Master Tier – 4501 – 6500 Points
  • Pro Tier – 3001 – 4500 Points
  • Elite Tier – 2001 – 3000 Points
  • Veteran Tier – 1001 – 2000 Points
  • Rookie Tier – 1 – 1000 Points
call of duty ranks


Generally, it is the rank of players who have just started the game. Like all other ranks, it consists of 5 ranks.

  • Rookie I: 1 – 200 Points. Season Rewards: 1 Unit Weapon XP Card      
  • Rookie II: 200 – 400 Points. MW11-Star, 1 Unit Weapon XP CardRookie III: 400 – 600 Points. 1 Unit Double Weapon XP Card, 1 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Rookie IV: 600 – 800 Points. 1 Unit Double Weapon XP Card, 1 Unit Weapon XP Card 
  • Rookie V: 800 – 1000 Points. 1 Unit Double Weapon XP Card, 1 Unit Weapon XP Card


To reach the rank of Veteran, you need to rise to rank V in the Rookie rank. This rank is for players who start the game and start learning slowly. Just like Rookie, it consists of 5 levels.

  • Veteran I: 1000 – 1200 Points. Season Rewards: Knife-Star Camo, 2 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Veteran II: 1200 – 1400 Points. 3 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Veteran III: 1400 – 1600 Points.  3 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Veteran IV: 1600 – 1800 Points. 3 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Veteran V: 1800 – 2000 Points. 4 Unit Weapon XP Card


If you managed to reach tier V in Veteran, the new rank that welcomes you is Elite. This rank is actually an indication that your COD Mobile ranked competition is just getting started. It is a rank where players who have learned the game now and are trying to develop tactics for themselves. Again, there are five levels that you need to ascend.

  • Elite I: 2000 – 2200 Points. Season Rewards: Semtex-Start Camo, 4 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Elite II: 2200 – 2400 Points. 4 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Elite III: 2400 – 2600 Points. 4 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Elite IV: 2600 – 2800 Points. 5 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Elite V: 2800 – 3000 Points. 5 Unit Weapon XP Card


Pro rank means you are now a great player. From now on, every player you encounter will be people who know the game like you and will have a hard time competing. After reaching this rank, you must develop strategies and tactics for yourself.

  • PRO I: 3000 – 3300 Points. Season Rewards: AK117-Star Camo, Unit Weapon XP Card
  • PRO II: 3300 – 3600 Points. 5 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • PRO III: 3600 – 3900 Points. 5 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • PRO IV: 3900 – 4200 Points. 6 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • PRO V: 4200 – 4500 Points. 6 Unit Weapon XP Card


Master Rank is the second-highest rank in the game. The master division is a tier where you’ll usually encounter players playing in tournaments. If you manage to rise to this rank, you can even start looking for an eSports team for yourself.

  • Master I: 4500 – 4900 Points. Season Rewards: M4LMG-Star Camo, 6 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Master II: 4900 – 5300 Points. 6 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Master III: 5300 – 5700 Points. 6 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Master IV: 5700 – 6100 Points. 6 Unit Weapon XP Card
  • Master V: 6100 – 6500 Points. 6 Unit Weapon XP Card


And we have come to the highest rank in COD Mobile. If you managed to reach Legendary, it means you are playing this game perfectly and expertly. Most of the players who arrive here usually take part in Global COD Mobile tournaments as esports players. And to reach this rank, you need to collect 8001+ points in total. There is no point limit for the future, you must constantly focus on winning the game and increasing your score.

Season Rewards: Border Rank 1 Star Frame, 6 Unit Weapon XP Card

COD Mobile End of Season Rank Reset – Placements

Call of Duty Mobile ranking system is valid throughout the season. When you start the new season, you will not be placed directly to your last season’s rank. A rank reset system is used for this. To present an example table, you can quickly learn the rank you will be placed in according to your rank in the previous season.

Your Old RankYour New Season Rank
LegendaryPRO I
Master 5Elite 5
Master 4Elite 4
Master 3Elite 3
Master 1Elite 1
Pro 5Veteran 5
Pro 3 & 4Veteran 4
Pro 1 & 2Veteran 3
Elite 4 & 5Veteran 2
Elite 2 & 3Veteran 1
Elite 1 & Veteran 5Rookie 5
Veteran 2Rookie 3
Veteran 1Rookie 2
Rookie 1 & 5Rookie 1
mobile ranks

Call of Duty Mobile Easiest Ranking Up Tips

  1. Find yourself an excellent teammate or friend. Because playing a game in a duo with a person like yourself, is both enjoyable and causes you to rank quickly. In short, it wouldn’t be wrong if you have a friend that is try-hard and professional. If you want to find such teammates, you can join a serious team by using the clan system.
  1. Play MP and Battle Royale modes continuously. Because Zombie mode does not give you rank points. The more kills you get in the multiplayer mode, the faster you will rank up. However, do not hold back from the fun and keep playing in various modes such as Zombie mode.
  1. Team play is significant in COD Mobile as in most games. So, avoid playing alone. Do not rush on the opponent quickly, play with your team by watching each other. You should get used to the team game if you want to rise quickly in the Call of Duty ranking system.
  1. And, of course, the most crucial point is the selection of the right equipment. The neat weapon and the attachments you use for those weapons give you an edge over your opponent. Weapon selection according to maps is very important and will work in your favor. On maps that require long-range, you can choose weapons such as the AK-47.
  1. COD Mobile is essentially an FPS game. And muscle memory is very important for FPS games. So practice constantly improving your AIM ability.
  1. Good aim means you can easily take down opponents. That’s why you have to memorize the recoil of the guns over time to be able to aim well. In this way, you can improve your spraying ability, just like in games like PUBG, Apex, CSGO, and Valorant.
call of duty playthrough

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile Season 11?

Until two years ago, Call of Duty Mobile could only be played on Android and IOS phones. However, thanks to the software developed over time, you can play COD Mobile comfortably on your computer, thanks to emulators. 

But remember, if you want to play from the emulator, emulator players will come to the game just like you. In addition, we can easily say that you can climb the ranking system with fast steps since COD Mobile can be played more easily on the computer.

Does Warzone Have a Ranked System for PC or Console?

There is no ranking system in any game other than Mobile in Call of Duty. In general, all games of Call of Duty have a level system. The level also increases according to the XP you earn from the games. However, the COD community has been loudly stating that they want the ranked system to be included in the games for a long time. 

Warzone, which has cross-platform support, is undoubtedly the game where this request resonates the most. In Call of Duty: Warzone, the player community had two big expectations. One of them was finding a solution against cheating, and the other was the arrival of the ranked system. 

The first of these, a new cheat system, has been included in the game. It is unknown whether it was successful, but the players are somewhat relieved. But the other option, ranked system Warzone, never came. But Activision, who has been silent on this issue for a long time, started to hear some sensations and hints.

Ranked System May Come to Warzone in 2022

There are two major leaks in this regard. One of the sources of these leaks is the original @ModernWarzone account, and the other is the Twitter user @TheMw2Ghost, who is known for his constant leaks. The statement made by the ModernWarzone Twitter account on September 24 shows that the ranked system will definitely come soon.

Another explanation is this tweet by @TheMw2Ghost. As we understand from here, there will be a certain rank in Warzone, and players will be able to match with other players according to this rank. When we look at these leaks, we do not have any release date. In addition, no confirmation was made by Activision about the existence of the ranked system.


In this article, we have included details about the ranking system in Call of Duty games, sensations, and leaks. We have shared tips on how to get to these ranks easily, especially by looking closely at the rank system in COD Mobile.

There have been rumors about a ranking system for Call of Duty: Vanguard but we are yet to see how that’ll turn out. Even though CoD doesn’t have a ranking system yet for the console and PC players, there’s still an esports scene to place bets on and watch matches on. Find out more on our dedicated Call of Duty page.

Also, if you have anything to add to the leaks we share about Warzone, please feel free to comment and contact us. As we try to convey the most accurate information to our readers as possible, we find it very valuable that you let us know about the missing points.

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