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Chinese Taipei has a combination of both eSport and real-life sports teams representing them across various different leagues. 

As a fan of eSports or sports, you might want to know more about this – specifically, what is Chinese Taipei? 

Based in Taiwan, Chinese Taipei has:

  • League of Legends eSports team
  • Basketball team 
  • Volleyball team
  • Football team 

Chinese Taipei has always had a strong passion for both video games and sports culture, which is why they have teams representing them across most major sports and eSports. 

Here’s some fun trivia: Taiwan itself is widely regarded as one of the best places to go for people who want to play LoL (League of Legends), as the servers are highly competitive. This is why thousands of people fly there every year just to play LoL. 

Active: 1924 – Now

Chinese Taipei is a multi-sport outfit that has been active since 1924, when their men’s national football team was founded. Since then, they have gone on to introduce a League of Legends team, basketball team, volleyball team, and more.

How Can You Bet on Chinese Taipei?

If you’re looking to bet on Chinese Taipei when they’re competing in eSports tournaments, you can use eSports betting to place your bet. You can also use crypto soccer betting when national football games are taking place.

Chinese Taipei: Games, Divisions, and Rosters

Here’s a closer look at the rosters that Chinese Taipei has to offer. The main focus is the League of Legends roster, which has a passionate following in Taiwan due to how popular the League of Legends game is.

League of Legends

The Chinese Taipei national team represented China at the 2018 Asian games. In the eSports part of the games, China won the championship by beating South Korea 3:1 in the League of Legends final. The next Asian Games is set to take place in September 2023, which Chinese Taipei will be taking part in as they hope to be crowned the League of Legends champions

At the 2018 Asian Games, Chinese Taipei’s roster consisted of:

Hsieh “PK” Yu-Ting (謝宇庭)

Now retired, “PK” (previously stylized as “Pk”) was the MVP of LMS 2018 Spring, the professional League of Legends league from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. He also won LMS Rookie of the Split in the summer of 2017.

Wang “baybay” You-Chun (王佑軍)

“baybay” played as Jungler for Chinese Taipei and is now formally retired. One of his best achievements was finishing 3rd place at the 2013 CGA Major League Winter.

Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang (黃熠棠)

“Maple” currently plays for TSM, a North American eSports team. He is widely praised as one of the best players in the LMS.

Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung (盧禹宏)

“Betty” plays as a Bot Laner for Anyone’s Legend. He was the first person from Taiwan ever to reach KR solo rank 1 while mainlining Tristana, Ezreal, and Varus, which was a career-high moment for him.

Hu “Swordart” Shuo-Chieh (胡碩傑)

“Swordart” is a support player for Anyone’s Legend after joining them in December 2022. He was the first LMS to play in the North American LCS, which is a great inspiration for up-and-coming Taiwanese League of Legends players who want to make it in America.

Chen “Morning” Kuan-Ting (陳冠廷)

Previously a coach for the Flash Wolves, “morning” is now suspected to be retired after not competing professionally in eSports since 2020.

Basketball (Men’s)

The Chinese Taipei basketball team represents Taiwan in international tournaments around the world. They were the 2001 and 2004 champions of the William Jones Cup, which is the highest achievement of the men’s national team.

Volleyball (Women’s)

The women’s national team represents Chinese Taipei in international tournaments and friendly matches of volleyball. At the 2006 Asian Games, Chinese Taipei won a bronze medal after beating Kazakhstan and Thailand.

Football (Men’s)

The Chinese Taipei men’s football team last played in a 2022 friendly against Thailand, beating them 1-0. The best achievement of the men’s football team was winning gold at the 1954 and 1958 Asian Games, which they have the ambition to do again at the 2023 Asian Games.

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