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Are you struggling to surpass the Platinum rank in Valorant? We know exactly how you feel trying to climb the Valorant competitive ranks! Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter (FPS) attracts many challengers. Climbing the rungs of the Valorant competitive ladder has undone the efforts of many players. But now, it’s time to break free from ELO hell.

This guide will show you the ropes on how to boost your Valorant competitive rank. These tips are specifically targeted toward mid-high-level players who’ve mastered the basics and want to reach Ascendant and beyond. Let’s get into it!

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1. Master A Small Pool Of Agents

Mastering a relatively small pool of Agents can drastically improve your chances of augmenting your matchmaking rating (MMR) in competitive games. Select a handful of Agents with solo carry potential that you can play confidently, especially when going into the competitive queue alone.

While this tip goes against the narrative of Valorant as a team game, competitive mode is, in some respect, a solo journey. Try to avoid Agents whose success hinges heavily on the performance of other players, because blindly trusting your team’s choices can sometimes be quite risky.

2. Play In A Team — Don’t Go Solo

Let’s be real. You can’t always rely on random solo players to be your guiding beacon to Radiant. Valorant is a team game that relies heavily on players synergizing together. Playing in a party can be incredibly beneficial and enable you to play with purpose.

The perks are unmatched here. You’ll be able to strategize how to approach a map or decide which Agents, weapons, and ability combos to utilize. While playing in a party queue is not always possible, stacking with players who understand your playstyle and callouts offers an edge in competitive matches. Just keep your fingers crossed everyone has a mic (and that includes you). 

3. Focus On Your Weaknesses

To raise your rank, you must take the time to improve on the core facets of Valorant gameplay. That includes mechanics (aim and movement), game sense (decision-making, positioning, ability usage), and mentality (ego and mindset). Which of these elements are you weakest at? 

You should be proportionately adept at each core facet. Remember, your Valorant rank isn’t defined by your greatest strength but by your greatest weakness. For instance, improving mechanics skills at a Radiant tier will do little for your ranking if your game sense is stuck at the Silver tier.

4. Implement What You Learn

The Valorant ranking system is designed to reward improvement and skill level. You may be familiar with every patch note or game mode, including Spike Rush or Deathmatch, but not translating that knowledge into your gameplay is where most players mess up.

This is especially true when playing Valorant placement matches, where your performance can significantly affect your initial rank rating.

Take the time to learn from your mistakes. Don’t blame the lag or bad teammates. Look inward and review your errors. Were you positioned poorly? Could you have made a smarter play? How can you do better next time?

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5. Be Patient — Don’t Rush Things

Time is the currency of skill in Valorant. Just like learning to play an instrument or mastering a sport, the more time you invest, the better you’ll naturally get at it. After all, Valorant pros are not born overnight.

A pro’s prowess is the product of countless hours spent studying the game, playing unrated matches, understanding the various mechanics, and honing their skills. In many respects, your account level mirrors your skill, reflecting your dedication and progress. 

Here’s a reality check: you’re not the rank you want to be yet because you’re not as good as you think you are. Many players are misinformed by their status in competitive mode, believing they should be Diamond or Immortal by now. This may all be a tough pill to swallow, and it bruises many egos, but it’s a fact.

6. Lose The Ego

Did you make it to the Immortal rank and think you’re high and dry? Nope! Learning never stops, even if your Valorant team is firmly positioned in the VCT. Humility is key to progress, regardless of whether you’re an esports professional or an ambitious gamer trying to grind to the highest rank.

This point extends to both wins and losses. Every defeat is a lesson and an opportunity to review your mistakes. Every victory is an affirmation of what you’ve done right. No matter your skill level, be ready to accept advice from higher-rank players, and try to incorporate it into your gameplay.

7. Seek Help From A Good Coach

If you’re struggling to rank up in Valorant, why not seek the assistance of a coach or someone who’s better than you? There’s no shame in it! A coach will help you make sense of all the complex mechanics and strategies, giving you a running start while others fumble in the dark.

A good coach will call out your mistakes, commend your killer moves, and provide you with insights that come naturally from years of playing Valorant. They can also help you bridge the gap between theory and practical application.

Imagine trying to understand every strat but not knowing how to use it. Pretty useless, right? A coach essentially turns that game sense into real gameplay power, making the learning process infinitely more efficient.

8. Don’t Burn Yourself Out — Periodize!

Aiming for the Valorant competitive ranks leaderboard? Remember that moderation is key. Despite not being immediately apparent, playing countless ranked games in Valorant can be taxing. Turning to caffeine or other stimulants for a performance boost may seem tempting, but it’s not sustainable.

In conventional sports, many athletes employ a technique known as “periodization,” planning their training schedule meticulously to optimize performance and avoid overtraining.

Similarly, you can implement this method in your ranked game routine. Distribute your games and give your body and mind the necessary time to recuperate. This tactic can enhance your gaming experience while ensuring constant progress.

Valorant Competitive Ranks: Conclusion

And that’s a wrap! We hope you find these tips about climbing the Valorant competitive ranks useful. But why stop there? You can also take your newfound knowledge and apply it elsewhere, like wagering on esports matches!

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