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We left behind another milestone before the CDL Championship. Now we have one last Stage 4 Major ahead of us. As you know, the CDL Stage 3 Major started on June 2, 2022. Since then, players have been trying to reach the championship by competing fiercely. They also went through a challenging Group Stage before the Stage 3 Major. In short, we can say that summer is a delightful month for Call of Duty Esports lovers.

We would also like to remind you that the CDL Stage 4 Major will be held on July 21, 2022. In this way, you can use the information you have learned about CDL in Call of Duty bets.

We will talk about what happened during the tournament and, of course, the championship of the Seattle Surge. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Group Stage

Before the CDL Stage 3 Major, Group Stage struggles were held to determine the match format of the teams. And 8 teams that succeeded here advanced to Winner’s Round in Stage 3 Major. In addition, the remaining four teams struggled in the Losers Round, putting them at a disadvantage. Due to its format structure, it gives a great advantage to the first 8 teams on the Group Stage. Because the teams that lost in Winner’s Round 1 fell into Loser’s Round 1 and were matched with weaker teams. And naturally, they got another big chance. Now let’s take a look at the standings of the Group Stage.

PlaceCDL PointsTeam
1st50Minnesota RØKKR
2nd40Toronto Ultra
3rd40OpTic Texas
4th40Seattle Surge
5th30Atlanta FaZe
6th30New York Subliners
7th20Florida Mutineers
8th20Los Angeles Thieves
9th10Boston Breach
10th10London Royal Ravens
11th10Los Angeles Guerrillas
12th0Paris Legion

When we look at the groups before CDL Stage 3 major, we can observe the superior performance of Minnesota RØKKR. They managed to get 5 wins in total by winning every match they played. Moreover, it was a very surprising success. Also, Toronto Ultra, Seattle Surge and Atlanta FaZe were favorites as always. With one surprise defeat each, they participated in the Stage 3 Major in a motivated way.

Stage 3 Major Results

On June 3, 2022, the tournament started with the match between Minnesota and Los Angeles Thieves. We would like to remind you that all matches to be played during the tournament were Bo5 format, except for the grand final. Now let’s take a closer look at the Stage 3 Major matches.

Winner’s Round 1

  • Minnesota RØKKR 2 – 3 Los Angeles Thieves
  • Toronto Ultra 1 – 3 Atlanta FaZe
  • OpTic Texas 2 – 3 Florida Mutineers
  • Seattle Surge 3 – 2 New York Subliners

The result that surprised us the most in Winner’s Round 1 was Minnesota RØKKR’s poor play. High performances on Group Stage also seemed to have dropped a bit. Also, Seattle Surge started the tournament with a win as expected. Additionally, Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe had a mini-final match. As you know, Toronto Ultra was one of the favorites of the tournament. However, they could not hold out against Atlanta FaZe.

Loser’s Round 1

  • Minnesota RØKKR 3 – 0 Boston Breach
  • Toronto Ultra 3 – 1 Paris Legion
  • OpTic Texas 3 – 0 Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • New York Subliners 1 – 3 London Royal Ravens

The last four teams on the Group Stage started the tournament in the Loser’s Round. Now, the teams that lost in Winner’s Round 1 tried their luck again in Loser’s Round 1. And all but the New York Subliners managed to win.

Loser’s Round 2

  • Minnesota RØKKR 0 – 3 Toronto Ultra
  • OpTic Texas 3 – 0 London Royal Ravens

After the unpleasant initial defeat, Minnesota faced a strong opponent, the Toronto Ultra. Despite all the struggle, they could not prevent defeat against Toronto Ultra’s great team play. And they were eliminated from the tournament. OpTic Texas, on the other hand, does not even open its eyes to its rivals with its sharp and clear playing style. However, they also managed to advance to the next round by beating the London Royal Ravens.

Winner’s Round 2

  • Los Angeles Thieves 0 – 3 Atlanta FaZe
  • Florida Mutineers 1 – 3 Seattle Surge

Atlanta FaZe managed to score a comfortable 3-0 as expected. Seattle Surge, on the other hand, continues to walk towards the final with confident steps.

Loser’s Round 3

  • Florida Mutineers 0 – 3 Toronto Ultra
  • Los Angeles Thieves 3 – 1 OpTic Texas

Toronto Ultra continues its streak of consecutive wins. After losing to Atlanta FaZe at the start of the tournament, they managed to get their 3rd win. However, the good course of OpTic Texas was blocked by Los Angeles Thieves. Los Angeles Thieves, who did not lose a match during Winner’s round, also lost to Atlanta FaZe, just like Toronto. And they continue on their way by beating OpTic Texas 3-1 in Loser’s Round 3.

Loser’s Round 4

  • Toronto Ultra 3 – 1 Los Angeles Thieves

Toronto Ultra continued their streak. Two tough rivals battled for the Loser’s Final ticket. However, Toronto put the Los Angeles Thieves in a difficult position with Insight and Bance’s great play. They managed to advance to the final with a clear score of 3-1. But they had one last problem ahead of them, the Atlanta FaZe, where they had been beaten before.

Winner’s Final

  • Atlanta FaZe 2 – 3 Seattle Surge

The SS team is inexperienced, and they are facing one of the strongest teams in CDL, Atlanta FaZe. Most CDL Esports fans thought Atlanta FaZe was the favourite. However, we can say that the dynamic and success-hungry Seattle Surge players pulled the plug on Atlanta FaZe. All maps and modes were exciting. On the Bocage map in Hardpoint mode, FaZe was victorious with a score of 250-203. The second map is in Search and Destroy mode and was played in Berlin. The match was so close that FaZe narrowly won 6-5, bringing the situation to 2-0.

The third match was the scene of an incredible rivalry. Seattle Surge played epic in Control mode on the Tuscan map. And in the end, they managed to get their first win with a score of 3-2, although it was difficult. The fourth map was Tuscan again, but the mode was set as Hardpoint this time. Seattle Surge players came to the fore again and started to win, albeit challenging. The score of the game proves how big the competition is. Atlanta FaZe 245 – 250 Seattle Surge can be found below a clip from this game.

The last final match was played in Desert Siege with the Search and Destroy mode. Players who felt confident and believed that they could beat a team like Atlanta FaZe gave an outstanding performance. As a result, Seattle Surge managed to send Atlanta FaZe to the Loser’s Finals with a clear 6-1 score.

Loser’s Final

  • Atlanta FaZe 3 – 2 Toronto Ultra

And here we are again with a match that is the scene of fierce competition. Two of CDL’s best teams face off for the Grand Final. Both teams followed each other across all maps and modes. Atlanta FaZe won the first map by a large margin. The second map was Berlin, which was a hard-won match by Toronto Ultra. Then the third map started, and the Atlanta FaZe experience resurfaced, and the situation came to 2-1. The fourth game was again Tuscan and played in Hardpoint mode. Especially Atlanta FaZe players show poor performance in games in these modes. And again, there was such a scenario that Toronto Ultra brought the situation to 2-2 with a score of 250-227.

The final map on which everything will be determined is again Tuscan. In Search and Destroy mode, Atlanta FaZe did not even let Toronto Ultra take its toll. Thanks to consecutive scores, they achieved a clear 6-2 victory. In this way, the CDL Stage 3 Major Grand Final was announced.

CDL Stage 3 Major Grand Final | Seattle Surge Champion

We have finally reached the grand finale that Call of Duty fans have been waiting for impatiently. We witnessed a great tournament that hosted hundreds of thousands of people on the live stream. The finals featured Atlanta FaZe and Seattle Surge. Moreover, no one expected such a great success from Seattle Surge. The players were inexperienced, but they had full faith in themselves and were thirsty for success. And now they have managed to become champions against Atlanta FaZe in their dream place.

Seattle Surge 5 – 3 Atlanta FaZe

  • Hardpoint “Bocage” | SEA 250 – 217 ATL
  • Search and Destroy “Bocage” | SEA 6 – 5 ATL
  • Control “Tuscan” | SEA 3 – 0 ATL
  • Hardpoint “Berlin” | SEA  212 – 250 ATL
  • Search and Destroy “Desert Siege” | SEA 3 – 6 ATL
  • Control “Berlin” | SEA 3 – 2 ATL
  • Search and Destroy “Tuscan” | SEA 4 – 6 ATL
  • Hardpoint “Tuscan” | SEA 250 – 196 ATL

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