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Welcome to the penultimate Major of the CDL season. Here is the Stage 3 Major, where the best teams of the CDL league will compete. After the Group Stage, which was the scene of fierce competition, the teams would take the stage again. Moreover, this time there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and CDL points.

Additionally, there are 12 teams franchised by Activision in the tournament and they are ready for fierce competition as 4v4. While the majority of the teams are made up of American Esports organizations, there are also teams from London and Paris. We don’t know what the result will be, but we can say that a Call of Duty Esports event with high viewing pleasure is waiting for us.

CDL Stage 3 Major Tournament Format

First of all, if we need to understand the tournament, we need to learn the tournament format in detail. Especially for this, we will talk about the stage-by-stage tournament format and the elimination system.

Group Stage

  • In Group Stage, each team will play a total of 5 matches.
  • Especially the online qualifier system is used to determine the Major rankings for all 12 teams.
  • Also, teams earn 10 CDL points for each win they win.

Besides, group Stage matches are currently ongoing. In the 3-week adventure, Minnesota RØKKR and OpTic Texas have a clear advantage. The standings of the other teams are almost close to each other. On May 27, 2022, when we entered the last week, that is, the 3rd week, the score situation may change at any time. Teams that can be successful after this point will compete in the Winner’s Round or Loser’s Round. Especially after this point, the tournament will be the scene of a highly competitive competition.

Online Qualifiers

  • Minnesota RØKKR |4-0 |40p
  • OpTic Texas | 3-0 | 30p
  • Seattle Surge |2-1 | 20p
  • Atlanta FaZe |2-1 | 20p
  • New York Subliners |2-2 | 20p
  • Toronto Ultra |2-1 |20p
  • Boston Breach |1-2 | 10p
  • Florida Mutineers |1-2 | 10p
  • Los Angeles Thieves |1-2 | 10p
  • London Royal Ravens 1-2 |10p
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas |1-3 |10p
  • Paris Legion |0-4 | 0p

Stage 3 Major

Additionally, the teams that managed to score the highest points in the three-week challenge at the Group Stage will change the fate of the Stage 3 Major. Because the winner’s rounds will be held between the first place and the 8th place team on the Group Stage. Likewise, Loser’s Rounds will be held between the teams that placed 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th in the Group Stage and the teams that lost in the Winner’s Round.

  • Double-Elimination bracket
  • Except for the Grand Final, all matches will be Bo5.
  • Furthermore, the Grand Final will be Bo9.

Winner’s Round 1

  • Team #1 vs Team #8
  • Team #4 vs Team #5
  • Team #3 vs Team#6
  • Team #2 vs Team#7

Loser’s Round 1

  • TBD vs Team #12
  • TBD vs Team #9
  • TBD vs Team #10
  • TBD vs Team #11

Also, as you can see, Stage 3 Major will be the scene of an incredible competition. Favorite teams right now; Minnesota, OpTic Texas, and Atlanta FaZe. Place your Call of Duty bet on Thunderpick today if you support your Favorite teams in the CDL Stage 3 Major.

Prize Pool

Of course, the most important factor that fuels the competition between teams and players in the tournament is the awards. That’s why we wanted to reserve a special title for the prize pool. However, we would like to point out that there is no clear information about the prize money of this year’s tournament. That’s why the cash awards of the Stage 3 Major were held last year. It is likely that the prize money at the 2022 Stage 3 Major will be the same as last year.

PlaceUSDCDL Points

Final Words

In today’s blog post, we talked about an interim tournament, which is very important for the Call of Duty League. CDL Stage 3 Major is one of the most enjoyable tournaments. Also, the prize pool of hundreds of thousands of dollars is another factor that motivates teams and players. Especially to all these, let’s not forget the CDL Points that will be distributed as a reward.

Moreover, with Vanguard and new game modes, Activision seems to be holding tight. Also we want to state in advance that people will be watching more CDL tournaments this summer.

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