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Winning is always fun but it’s double, triple, ten times or even more fun with a combo bet. 

A recent Combo Bet which consisted only of CS:GO matches turned a $14.34 stake into an over $30,000 win. That’s more than two thousand times the fun!  Below you can see a part of the winner’s bet slip.

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As you can see, one match was cancelled – in a case of that leg also winning the multiplier would reach insane x3217 and the prize over 46,000$. Something to stir your imagination, isn’t it? One can only wonder what IF

Combo bets are the best way to cash in on crazy winnings because you’re putting multipliers on top of multipliers. It’s basic math — one win times another win times another equals HUGE money! 

Here’s how combo betting works:

  • You choose events of your interest
  • Then you pick the outcome of multiple events
  • The more legs (bets on different outcomes) you have, the more multipliers there are and the higher your winnings can go

Keep betting, keep multiplying, keep watching your winnings reach the stratosphere! 

Here are some events that are currently in progress that are great for combo betting:

  • ESL Pro League Season 16 in CS:GOBet now!
  • Global StarCraft II League in Starcraft IIBet now!
  • Honor of Kings Challenger Cup 2022 in Honor of KingsBet now!

And here you can find the whole coverage of esports action on Thunderpick.

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