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Complexity Gaming is an American professional esports organization based in Frisco, Texas. Founded in 2003, the company has since become one of the world’s leading competitive gaming organizations, with teams and players competing in various esports titles. With its highly skilled roster of professional gamers, Complexity Gaming has won numerous tournaments over the years and is always looking to add more trophies to its cabinet.

What sets Complexity Gaming apart from other esports organizations is its commitment to providing the best gaming experience for its players and fans. This article will detail exactly who Complexity Gaming is and what makes their team tick.

Active: 2003 – Now

Complexity Gaming started out as a Counter-Strike team in 2003 and has since become one of the leading esports organizations in the world. They currently have teams competing in CS: GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and more. Their roster is made up of some of the world’s best players and teams, and their results speak for themselves. The complexity gaming overwatch team is one to watch out for, as is the Complexity Gaming Call of Duty and Complexity Gaming Valorant teams.

The founder, Jason Lake, has done an impressive job of building the organization from the ground up. He has managed to keep Complexity Gaming at the forefront of competitive gaming and has established it as one of the top esports organizations in North America. Initially, he paid players out of his own pocket, but he has since established a salary structure and secured deals with sponsors and other partners.

In 2017, the team moved to a new facility in Frisco, Texas, which is regarded as the best gaming house in North America. The complex contains everything they could need to stay ahead of the competition and has dramatically impacted the team’s success. The new owner, Jerry Jones, has continued to invest in the organization and its players. For more news, see the group’s Twitter, Instagram, and website pages.

How to Bet on Complexity Gaming

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Complexity Gaming: Games, Divisions, and Rosters

The games that Complexity Gaming focuses on are as follows:

In terms of divisions, the organization currently has five: North American CS: GO, Asian CS: GO, European CS: GO, North American Valorant, and European Valorant. A highly experienced coach leads each division, and the team rosters are filled with professional players from around the world. Now, this article will cover a few of the games and their rosters.


The CS: GO team is the flagship division of Complexity Gaming. The roster consists of several experienced players from around the world. These include:

Johnny Theodosiou

This South African pro is the in-game leader of Complexity Gaming’s CS: GO team. He has been with the organization since 2016 and is integral to its success.

Coakley, Justin

The Canadian AWPer has been with Complexity Gaming since 2017 and is one of its most experienced players. He’s also a two-time Major Champion and an MVP of the FACEIT League.

Rocket League

The Rocket League squad is the newest division of Complexity Gaming. The team consists of the following:

Victor Duran Parra

The Chilean player is a former competitor of the Rocket League Championship Series. He’s known for his aggressive playstyle and has been with the team since 2019.

Cristian Fernandez

This Spanish pro has been with Complexity Gaming since 2018 and is the team’s most experienced player. He’s renowned for his clutch plays and has been a vital part of the team’s success.

The Future

Complexity Gaming is always striving to stay ahead of the competition, and they are continuously looking for ways to improve. They recently formed a partnership with Red Bull, which will bring more attention and resources to the team. In the future, people can expect Complexity Gaming to remain at the top of competitive gaming and to continue to put on a show for its fans.

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