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Instead of just “rushing B” and picking random CS2 weapons in Valve’s tactical, team-based first-person shooter, we’ll help you find the perfect arsenal to practice with. How will we accomplish this feat? By discussing the most used guns in CS2 thus far, from Limited Test and full release data available.

Join us as we outline every weapon in CS2, alongside the best guns and viable alternatives for both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorist sides. And if you want to step into the world of CS2 betting, you can head over to our esports homepage for the latest odds.

What Weapons Are In CS2?

Before we get to the most-used weapons in CS2, let’s take a look at all of the guns available at launch. Below, you’ll find a list of all the weapons per their respective categories and side availability (Ts or CTs), including nicknames for some of the guns you may not instantly recognize from their real names.

Sniper Rifles in CS2

  • AWP (T & CT), also known as “Big Green.”
  • SSG 08 (T & CT), also known as “Scout.”
  • SCAR-20 (CT) auto sniper rifle
  • G3SG1 (T) auto sniper rifle

Rifles in CS2

  • AK-47 (T)
  • M4A1 (CT)
  • M4A1-S (CT) with a silencer
  • Galil AR (T)
  • FAMAS (CT)
  • AUG (CT)
  • SG 553 (T), also known as “Krieg.”

Submachine Guns (SMGs) in CS2

  • MP7 (T & CT)
  • UMP-45 (T & CT)
  • P90 (T & CT)
  • PP-Bizon (T & CT)
  • MAC-10 (T)
  • MP9 (CT)
  • MP5-SD (T & CT)

Pistols in CS2

  • Glock-18 (T)
  • USP-S (CT)
  • P2000 (CT)
  • Tec-9 (T)
  • Five-SeveN (CT)
  • P250 (T & CT)
  • CZ75-Auto (T & CT)
  • Dual Berettas (T & CT), also known as “Dualies” or “Elites.”
  • R8 Revolver (T & CT)
  • Desert Eagle (T & CT), also known as “Deagle.”

Shotguns in CS2

  • Nova (T & CT)
  • XM1014 (T & CT), also known as “Auto Shotgun.”
  • MAG-7 (CT), also known as “Riot”
  • Sawed-Off (T)

Machine Guns (MGs) in CS2

  • M249 (T & CT)
  • Negev (T & CT), also known as IDF Firestorm

Gamers are spoiled for choice in CS2—there are 34 guns available via the in-game buy menu. These weapons are available on all CS2 maps, too.

Note: We did not count the Zeus x27 stun gun, a special equipment weapon.

Any New Guns in Counter-Strike 2?

You’ll notice that Counter-Strike 2 has the same weapons as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the time of writing (late September 2023), there’s no indication that Valve will add new guns to CS2 soon. The developer could take years to add a brand-new gun or a different weapon type, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated whenever that happens.

Most Used CS2 Weapons in Current Meta

Some weapons have been widely preferred by professional Counter-Strike players since CS 1.6. Unsurprisingly, the most popular guns in Counter-Strike 2 did not change from the CS:GO era. You’ll find the most-used CS2 guns in the current meta below and viable alternatives to add to your weapon loadouts.

Most Used CS2 Weapons

The latest statistics show three weapons are the most used in Counter-Strike 2’s current meta.

  • AK-47
  • M4A1-S
  • AWP

While the CS2 meta continues to evolve, we expect the “Big Green” AWP, alongside the two rifles, to remain the most-picked gun for a long time. These are the staples of Counter-Strike esports, after all!

Viable Mid-Tier CS2 Weapons

The mid-tier weapons in CS2’s current meta provide great alternatives for players who want to shake things up and test something new or save some cash between rounds. For example, the Galil only costs Terrorists $1,800, and the AK-47 sets you back $2,700. 

  • Desert Eagle (Pistol)
  • P250 (Pistol)
  • MAC-10 (SMG)
  • MP9 (SMG)
  • Galil (AR)
  • FAMAS (AR)
  • AUG (AR)

It is essential to experiment with different weapons in CS2 continually and not just stick to the meta picks. Choose the guns with the recoil patterns you feel most comfortable with and practice, practice, practice. All weapons in CS2 can kill your enemies quickly with the correct gameplay style and execution.

We also recommend keeping track of each weapon’s price. The mid-tier alternatives to the best CS2 weapons are generally cheaper, so consider using them if you die often. For example, with precise aiming, the Desert Eagle can net you a couple of kills per round, and it’s only $700. Remember, you may not always have the in-game cash to buy the best weapons in every round of CS2. Ask a teammate to drop one for you if they are flushed with cash.

Note: The AK-47, up until Sept. 16, 2023, felt terrible during the CS2 Limited Test phase despite having the same recoil pattern as CS:GO’s AK. Valve has since rectified an issue where a headshot with this popular rifle “did not deal lethal damage.”

What’s The Best CS2 Starting Pistol?

The CT side has access to the USP-S (with a silencer) and the P2000, while the T side has the Glock-18 as their starting pistol. The best starter pistol in CS2 is a matter of personal preference, and they perform better in different circumstances.

  • The Glock-18 is best at close range.
  • A bigger ammo count on the P2000 makes it perfect for drawn-out firefights.
  • The USP-S is excellent at medium range and shooting while moving.

You’ll often see the Terrorist side swap their Glock for a USP-S if dropped by an enemy player. If we had to choose one starting pistol as the best option, the USP-S narrowly comes out on top for specific maps such as Mirage and Inferno.

The Future of CS2’s Meta & Balance Changes

Valve does not often make significant balance changes to Counter-Strike weapons. The last big change (Nov. 18, 2022 update) was the AWP’s magazine size nerf from 10 to 5 before a reload is needed. The developer also made the M4A1-S less effective at range. Even with those balance changes, the meta did not shift, as both weapons remain extremely popular in CS2.

With the full launch of Counter-Strike 2 on Sept. 27, 2023, Valve deployed dozens of fixes and improvements but no balance changes. We would love to see Valve release a new weapon to shake up the current esports meta in the future or new features. Since CS2 is fresh, gamers shouldn’t expect massive, sweeping changes soon.

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