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What is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Counter-Strike as a series of games is older than a decent amount of the people playing it. In 2000, Counter-Strike – the original – was released, and the world of first-person shooters still hasn’t quite caught up. CS is widely regarded as the best series of shooters around, and even though it’s been seven years since Global Offensive was released, it is still the biggest and most beloved FPS around. In terms of esports, it started for the love of the game, with old-school nerds in internet cafes – but now, it’s the pursuit of highly talented pseudo-athletes in arenas packed with fervent fans. With hundreds of thousands watching every event around the world, CS:GO has never been bigger and the level of play, money involved and passion around the game has constantly moved upwards too.

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of games a year, between professionals or semi-professionals, which is a godsend for fans. With big tournaments every few weeks or so, there’s always great CS to watch. What seems at first to be a generic shooter (and let’s be fair, CS only would seem generic because it defines the genre) turns out to be a tactical game – it’s less team deathmatch and more chess with guns. At least, sometimes; some games are just all out brawls, and some are chess matches. Whichever style you prefer, CSGO is an accessible to watch, impossible to master FPS with the best shooting mechanics around.

Betting on CSGO used to be a taboo word – back during the days of unregulated skins betting sites and scandals of underage betting. Nowadays, though, the amount of money involved in the game is so high that real bookies got involved and now betting on CS:GO is safe. If you’d like to use Crypto to bet on CS:GO, Thunderpick allows you to do that.

Watching CS:GO

Whilst the Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist dynamic means CS:GO on your mainstream TV channels is unlikely for now, Twitch has been the home of Counter-Strike for years and brings with it a unique experience – namely, Twitch chat, a breeding ground of memes, emotes and half-rhyming poems. You’ll get used to that pretty quickly, but here’s what you need to know to get started. Games are a best of 30, with each round lasting around two minutes. The Terrorists win the round by eliminating all Counter-Terrorists before the time runs out, or by blowing up the site. The CT’s, similar, can win by killing every T player, or by defusing the bomb. The economy system is a little tough at first, but does get easier – essentially both sides have to ‘buy’ guns, armour and grenades and money is gained from kills, round wins, bomb plants and even losing rounds.

You’ll have a much better grasp of these concepts if you play the game a little bit – yes, it’s possible to understand the game without playing it, but when the game is free to play, you might as well get involved. Pop some heads, push some smokes and try not flame your teammates too much – but importantly, learn how to play the game. Once you know that, watching the game becomes easier and you can pick up what sets apart the good from the great.

Once you have the basics of the game down, you can start to dig deeper. Figure out how the game is played and you can decipher pretty quickly who’s hot and who’s not. Use to learn more about the teams and find out when the games are. Once you know who’s good, you can start to make some money betting on the teams you think can make a deep run. Look at form, match-ups, map pools and anything else which could be useful, and start betting on CS:GO.

Why Should I Bet on CS:GO?

CS:GO betting is a favourite of professional bettors. There are games pretty much every day for every timezone, and HLTV documents them all with information about map pools, players, match-ups and form so you can be as informed as any CS:GO expert. That many games so readily available means you can make a lot of money very fast.

If you’ve never watched a game you’ve bet on before, it really changes the way you would look at a game you’d normally be impartial to. Suddenly, you feel every clutch, every headshot, every noscope – even if there’s €2 on the line, it helps you feel like a real fan of the team you just bet on. That’s what makes CSGO match betting so much fun, and the fact you can make some money on top of that is the icing on the cake.

Understanding the Odds

Understanding CSGO Odds

So now you know how CS:GO is played and you have a good grasp on who is good. How do you start making money? You have to understand the odds. A bet on 1.1 odds would return a 10% profit – or in layman’s terms, if you bet €1, you will get €1.10 back, as your stake will be returned. 1.1 odds would suggest that the bet is a very likely winner. Odds of, for example, 5.0 would suggest a less likely winner, and 101.00 suggest it’s very unlikely. If you think we’ve got it wrong and those 5.0 odds should be much lower, prove it by betting and winning!

Combo bets can be extremely popular and with the sheer amount of games, combo betting on CS:GO can be a way to get better odds on the favourites, or astronomical odds if you can find two or more upset winners. Essentially, combo betting is betting on two or more bets and therefore the odds are multiplied together. If you bet on a 1.5 odds winner and a 2.0 odds winner, for example, you would make a profit of 200% if you combo’d them and they both won, or 150% if you didn’t combo them. Combo betting is for those of you who want the best CSGO odds and like to live on the edge!

At Thunderpick, we offer various CSGO bets. The most popular one is Match Winner, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Pick the winner and we’ll pay out, simple as that. Correct Score bets are for the megaminds among you – in a best of three or best of five series, if you can correctly pick a 2-1 or 2-0 and which team will win it, we’ll pay you more!

Handicap Bets are similar but offer a little more wiggle room – if you think Team B will get at least two maps in a best of five, you can bet on Team B +1.5 and you will win the bet even if Team B win the series. Similarly, you can bet Team A -1.5 if you think they will win 3-0 or 3-1.

We also offer Handicap Bets for each map, allowing you to bet on Team A to win with +5.5 rounds or win with -5.5 rounds for better odds or safer bets. However you want to bet on CS:GO, bet on CS:GO with Thunderpick.

Bet on CS:GO at Thunderpick

If you want the best odds on CS:GO, Thunderpick is your home for CSGO betting. If you join Thunderpick, we will give you welcome bonus – up to €500 FREE – with an extra 5% on anything you deposit. No hidden turnovers, just 5% extra, when you use the code WELCOME before making your first deposit. Bet on CS:GO games across the world all day long – before or during the games, as we offer in-play live betting on CS:GO. That means that if you sense the big comeback, you can get the best CS:GO odds during the game by live betting when the team is 14-4 down! However you want to bet on CS:GO, Thunderpick has you covered with secure withdrawals, multiple ways to deposit with cryptocurrencies and the best odds on CS:GO on the net.

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