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Started in 2022 and plans to finish in 2024, teams are finally being confirmed for the Global Final. Another team will find its way to the big one by winning the CCT Central Europe Finals. 

Taking place in Malta, this offline tournament begins on February 16 2023. Three thrilling days of CS:GO action will follow, as the eight qualified teams from Central Europe fight it out over points, a $100,000 prize pool, and that all-important spot in the Global Final. 

The teams participating at CCT Central Europe Finals

There are eight teams in total participating at CCT Central Europe Finals. At the present time, only three of these have been confirmed. The three teams are: 

  • Copenhagen Flames
  • forZe
  • MIBR

These teams have earned their place at the tournament for being the top three in the CCT Regional Rankings for Central Europe. MIBR finished third with 150 points, forZe second with 190 points, and Copenhagen Flames topped the rankings by racking up an eye-catching 300 points.

The points for the rankings were handed out during the four Online Series tournaments that preceded the Central Europe Finals. MIBR and forZe won the first and second Online Series’ respectively, which effectively secured their place in the Finals. Copenhagen Flames impressively won the final two Online Series events.  

As for the other five teams, they will receive a direct invite to the CCT Central Europe Finals. It is guesswork trying to predict who these five will be, although HONORIS and HAVU Gaming, (after placing fourth and fifth respectively in the points ranking) will both feel aggrieved if they don’t get an invite. 

CCT Central Europe Finals tournament format

The CCT Central Europe Finals will have a simple, traditional format with both a Group Stage and Playoffs. 

Group Stage

The eight teams are split into two groups of four. During the Group Stage, the opening matches are a best of one. The following matches are then upped to a best of three. 

Once all matches have concluded, the teams that occupy the top two spaces in each group will progress to the Playoffs stage.


The Playoffs will follow a double-elimination bracket structure. Each match, including the Grand Final, is a best of three. Here’s how the semi-finals will look: 

  • (Winner of Group A) vs (Runner-up of Group B)
  • (Winner of Group B) vs (Runner-up of Group A)

The winners of these two matches move on to the Winners Bracket final. The losers, naturally, drop down to the Losers Bracket semi-final. 

The winning team from the Winners Bracket final moves on to the Grand Final. The loser drops down to the Losers Bracket final, where they take on the winner of the Losers Bracket semi-final. The winner of the Losers Bracket final progresses to the Grand Final. 

Prizes up for grabs

The tournament will have a $100,000 prize pool, although it has yet to be announced how this will be divided. The winner of the tournament also receives an automatic spot in the Global Finals quarter final. However, with places up for grabs for the teams with the highest overall points totals, points for second place (500) and third place (350) could be very desireable.

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