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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is an online first-person shooter game with a high player count developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. CSGO, the fourth game of the Counter-Strike series, includes many game modes and allows players to have fun with different modes. 

As part of the question of what kind of game CSGO is, it is possible to say that the game is a first-person shooter and people need to develop professional strategies while in the game. Players can have an enjoyable gaming experience by participating in the first-person shooter game. 

CSGO player count has always been high since the game came out. The biggest reason why there are so many people playing the game is of course CS 1.6. Most people, when they were little or now, know how immersive and highly competitive CS 1.6 is. CS continued this success with Global Offensive and even took it to higher levels.

How Many People Are Playing CSGO?

Valve’s pioneering tactical shooter has been a success, from Counter Strike 1.6 in 2000 through Global Offensive in 2012. Over the last eight years, the CSGO player count has risen steadily, reaching an all-time high in April 2020.

Since switching to a free-to-play model in December 2018, CSGO has acquired hundreds of thousands of new players, increasing from 546,031 to 746,548 in only one month. This figure grew steadily in the following months and years. Finally, on November 18, 2019, we saw the introduction of Operation Shattered Web, which includes new weapon skins, weekly and cooperative tasks, and never-before-seen character models.

  • Due to people demonstrating violent attitudes, sending abusive remarks, and employing hacks, CSGO had lost a substantial player base. Valve’s meticulous moves, on the other hand, appear to be bringing results. 
  • CSGO passed the one million player count for the first time in March 2020. According to Steam Charts, the game averaged 719,313 players during the next month, with 1,228,875 concurrent players. Curfews were enacted in the United States and many other nations across the world at the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • CSGO player count reached a peak of 763,523 concurrent players in July 2021, up from 929,940 the previous month.
MonthAverage PlayersPeak Players
December 2021550,019950,586
November 2021548,161935,593
October 2021512,435864,966
September 2021512,350942,519

The Relation Between CSGO and Valorant

Both games are very tactical and need meticulous strategy and execution. Both games are incredibly competitive and addicting online due to their 5v5 playing types. Both aim to set up or detonate bombs or destroy enemy team members. The parallels in the goals of the two games lead to similarities in the game maps.

Looking at the Valorant versus CSGO player count, we can examine the metrics that are currently accessible. Valorant now has over 14 million monthly users. At least, that’s what Riot Games says regarding current player counts. Its current top for online players was 3 million at one point in the game’s early days. 

The number of available active players has decreased with time, although this is standard for any game. Valorant will fluctuate from time to time, even with regular updates. It’s difficult to believe that the game has already peaked when new material is continuously able to entice gamers to return. The fact that there are still 14 million monthly users is also rather noteworthy.

csgo vs valorant

Currently, CSGO has a 26.9 million monthly player count. That’s more than double the number of players in Valorant. However, it is difficult to determine how much time gamers spend in the game. As a result, this isn’t exactly a reflection of whether CSGO is superior to Valorant.

According to Steamcharts, CSGO has achieved approximately 1.3 million player count in the last year, with an average of 700,000 daily players.

The ability to trade and use skins to bet on CSGO matches has also helped the growth of CSGO tremendously.  Players play CSGO nonstop, both to use the various cosmetics they get from the game, and to trade and earn profits. And this, of course, greatly affects the player count as it turns CSGO into a trading arena.

According to the elements we have mentioned and small calculations, CSGO is a classic game that still has a definite player base, even though it has been on the market for many years. We can foresee that this success will continue for a long time.

In Which Countries Is CSGO Most Played?

In order to get a good look at the CSGO player count, stats provided by various sources can be helpful. Here are the top 5 countries with the highest percentage of CSGO player count.

  1. Russia  – 11.65%
  2. USA – 10.66%
  3. Poland – 5.32%
  4. Brazil – 4.87%
  5. Germany – 4.55%
csgo most played countries

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CSGO 2022 Twitch Stats

Twitch is a live streaming website that focuses mostly on broadcasting and viewing video game content. Its exposure and impact have increased quickly over the last five years, to the point that it is gradually becoming a crucial figure in the gaming business and the global media ecosystem as a whole. Therefore, it is impossible to deny the part that Twitch plays in the CSGO’s popularity. 

Throughout 2021, CSGO has been watched for 772,526,127 hours on Twitch and it has been broadcasted for over 15 million hours. On average, there were more than 1,700 channels broadcasting CSGO every day. It reached the peak of 1,916,027 viewers, placing CSGO in 4th place among the peak viewers ranking system. 

  • Monthly average viewers: 80,689
  • Monthly average live streams: 202
  • Monthly peak viewers: 1,914,861


In this article, we have talked a bit about what CSGO is about and what the goal is in order to win. Then, we have given stats about CSGO player count and how popular the game is among people. Next, we have made comparisons between CSGO and Valorant, talking about how similar the games are, in terms of playing styles and the goals to be triumphant in the game. 

Lastly, we have given a list, in which we showed the top 5 countries with the highest percentage of CSGO player count and also how popular CSGO has been in the last year on Twitch. 

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