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CSGO has been creating legends in the gaming world since its debut in August 2012. CSGO, one of the first of the First-Person Shooter games, is known for its high level of competition in the game world. The fact that this competition is at a high level also means that there is a CSGO ranking system. Millions of players have been entering various ranked matches for years, struggling to determine the appropriate rank for them.

However, this ranking system has many complex details in CSGO. Ranks, statistics that determine the rank system, and complex calculations such as hidden MMR are among these details. With this article, you will be able to learn how many matches you need to win for your next rank in CSGO. So how exactly does the ranking system in CSGO work? Let’s take a closer look at our answer to this question.

What are the CSGO Ranks?

In CSGO, there are 18 different ranks that you can be placed in according to your skill level and ability in the game. This ranking system starts from Silver 1 and extends to the Global Elite in CSGO. In particular, each rank has its own difficulty and you have to be in an intense struggle to jump these ranks. In CSGO, most players currently play in Gold Nova. This rank constitutes approximately 34% of the players. Global Elite, the highest rank in CSGO, has only 3% of players.

As in every competitive game, you need to win the matches in order to rise in rank in CSGO. The more matches you win, the faster you rank naturally. Now let’s take a look at the rank order in CSGO.


There are 6 sub-ranks in total in the Silver rank. Players playing in this rank order generally have just started the game and are at the amateur level. You may encounter a lot of toxic players as most players pass the new learning phase of the game at this rank.

silver rank
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master

Gold Nova

When we examine the ranking system of most of the players in CSGO, the most players are in Gold Nova. Most of the players at this rank have adopted certain basic strategies and are beginning to learn map control. It is known as the easiest cluster to rise and fall.

gold nova rank
  • Gold Nova I
  • Gold Nova II
  • Gold Nova III
  • Gold Nova Master

Master Guardian

Players who have risen to the rank of Master Guardian are now those who have spent hundreds of hours in the game and will spend more. Getting above this rank generally depends on the continuity of your personal skill in the game. Because personal game skill can take you up to Distinguished rank at most. After that, you have to play team game and make new friends.

master guardian rank
  • Master Guardian I
  • Master Guardian II
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian


We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that CSGO started for you after that. Most players at this rank have teammates and also master the discipline of the game. Players in this cluster make up 4% of the CSGO community. If you want to play at this rank, you can make friends at your own level by visiting some CSGO Discord servers.

  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master

Supreme Master First Class

If you have managed to climb this far in this CSGO ranking system, we can say that you are a top FPS player. Now you can search for teams to play yourself in CSGO eSports tournaments. Because, the player base in this rank is only 2.5% in CSGO. This is seen as a huge success among players.

supremem rank

Global Elite

Almost all of the superstar eSports players in CSGO play at this rank. And less than 1% of the player base has this rank. To rise to this rank, players practice for hours every day. As a result of hours of training, especially in Aim Training map, the players in this set develop muscle memory.

global elite rank

How to Rank Up in CSGO?

First of all, as we mentioned in the first part of our article, CSGO has a classic competitive system. You rank up as you win the game. However, it is very difficult to know how many matches or wins it takes to rank up. Because Valve does not give any information about how the ranking system of CSGO works. However, let’s take a look at how it works step by step.

ranking up in csgo
  • When you first start the game, you need to win ten competitive matches to occupy a rank. However, CSGO allows new players to play only 2 competitive matches per day, for a solution to cheats and a better tuned ranking system. After you beat ten matches, you can enter as many ranked matches as you want.
  • After winning ten ranked matches, you will be placed in one of the 18 ranks in CSGO. If you are going to play with a team while at that rank, the maximum rank of the players on your team must not exceed Master Guardian II. Otherwise, you cannot enter ranked matches together.
  • If you do not enter the game for a month after your rank is placed and do not play any ranked matches, your skill group will be deleted. To move into a new rank, you need to get one win or draw after returning to the game.
  • Most players at your assigned rank will have played similar to your skill. Everything after that depends on the games you win and lose. As we mentioned above, CSGO does not clearly present your MMR score to you. Vitaliy Genkin, a Valve employee on Reddit, made some statements that CSGO’s MMR mechanism is similar to the Glicko 2 ranking system.

Hidden MMR and Glicko-2 System

The MMR system in CSGO is not as simple and easily viewable as Dota 2. As you know in Dota 2, you can view your MMR score. In CSGO, you can only see your rank and medal. However, classically, your hidden MMR decreases when you lose the game and increases when you win. Still, there are some complex details about it.

csgo ranking system tips
  • Your Glicko-2 system KDA in CSO, amount of MVP, ADR, rate of setting and defusing bombs are small but important factors that affect your MMR. The most important element, as you know, is to definitely win the game.
  • For example, the higher your ADR value, that is, the higher the damage you deal per turn, the higher your MMR score will be from the victory. Because even if you did not become the MVP in a match, you may have killed your team and won the match as a result of your high ADR value. Or vice versa, if your ADR rate is still high and you lost the match, your MMR value will decrease much less.
  • In short, Glicko-2 is a rating system using complex mathematical systems. If you want to reach high ranks in CSGO, you may need much more than winning the game.

CSGO Rank Distribution

The paths to high ranks in CSGO are quite challenging. You have to pass hundreds of thousands of players to complete this challenging journey that you started with Silver in Global Elite. Under this title, we will show you which rank players in CSGO play the most in 2022.

ranking distribution

CSGO Levels

Now we will talk about medals, which are other ranks in CSGO. However, these ranks are different from the ranked system. There are also 40 levels in total in CSGO. These levels do not show your skill or ability in the game. It usually shows the time you spend in the game. Because you need to earn XP to access the badges of these levels. In this, you need to play thousands of hours in CSGO.

levels in csgo

Recruit Rank 0 – 1,000 XP

Private Rank 1 – 1,000 XP

Private Rank 2 – 6,000 XP

Private Rank 3 – 11,000 XP

Private Rank 4 – 16,000 XP

Corporal Rank 5 – 21,000 XP

Corporal Rank 6 – 26,000 XP

Corporal Rank 7 – 31,000 XP

Corporal Rank 8 – 36,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 9 – 41,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 10 – 46,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 11 – 51,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 12 – 56,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 13 – 61,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 14 – 66,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 15 – 71,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 16 – 76,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 17 – 81,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 18 – 86,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 19 – 91,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 20 – 96,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 21 – 101,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 22 – 106,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 23 – 111,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 24 – 116,000 XP

Captain Rank 25 – 121,000 XP

Captain Rank 26 – 126,000 XP

Captain Rank 27 – 131,000 XP

Captain Rank 28 – 136,000 XP

Major Rank 29 – 141,000 XP

Major Rank 30 – 146,000 XP

Major Rank 31 – 151,000 XP

Major Rank 32 – 156,000 XP

Colonel Rank 33 – 161,000 XP

Colonel Rank 34 – 166,000 XP

Colonel Rank 35 – 171,000 XP

Brigadier General Rank 36 – 176,000 XP

Major General Rank 37 – 181,000 XP

Lieutenant General Rank 38 – 186,000 XP

General Rank 39 – 191,000 XP

Global General Rank 40 – 196,000 XP

Fast Rank Up Tactics in CSGO – 5 STEPS

The ranking system in CSGO is initially heavily dependent on your individual skill. However, while talking about the rank system in the first part of our article, we talked about how relevant MMR is to your performance in the game.

csgo gameplay

So if you want to rank up fast, you must be a better player. Generally, as you start learning the game, you will witness how simple mistakes you make make you lose a match. In this section, we will talk about some tactics and tips that will help you in CSGO.

  1. Master Maps

If you watch CSGO streams on Twitch, you must have heard some terms constantly. For example, on Dust 2 you hear words like side doors, bombsite B tunnel, midway or mid double doors. This shows your knowledge of a map. So try to master as many maps as you can. Memorize all the regions of that map by name. 

If you are CT, you must know very well where you can hunt T’s arrivals and if T, where you can hunt CT. Especially if you think that you can choose the map you want to play in ranked matches, which is the opposite of Valorant in CSGO, which can be a huge plus for you. 

Therefore, try to play on the same maps continuously by examining the map guides as much as possible. In this way, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  1. Make good friendships

You can comfortably play alone until you reach certain ranks in CSGO. Generally, your personal skill will be enough to win at lower ranks. However, once you reach higher ranks like Legendary, you will need a teammate like yourself. 

Because in-team communication is very important at higher levels. The info you give to your teammate when you die can be of vital importance. At the same time, people looking for teammates like you will probably be try-hard players.

  1. Improve your Aim

The other four items are of no importance unless you apply this item. Whatever you do, you have to improve your aim. You must have a great command of details such as spraying and recoil calculation. Make sure to practice at least 1 hour a day continuously. 

Train continuously, especially on Aim Training maps. Your aim may develop rapidly along with your muscle memory. If you are determined to climb to higher levels like the Global Master, you must demonstrate an example of disciplined study for this item.

  1. Specialize in a single weapon

If you have looked at all the items, you understand that the key point in CSGO rank up is to specialize. Regardless, only look to master one weapon in CSGO. If you are an AWP player, share this with your team and try to play every round continuously. Be careful to use the weapon you choose for yourself on Aim Training maps. Because a workout where you use all the weapons will be inefficient.

  1. Follow Professional CSGO Players

As you know, more than one big tournament is held in CSGO every year. Make sure to follow these tournaments regularly. Likewise, watch the styles of superstar CSGO players playing in these tournaments. Try to adopt their strategies, moves and styles in the game. 

For example, Xantares is famous for its amazing peeks. You can set such strategies for yourself. Or you can observe the high ADR values of great players like S1mple in the match. You don’t need to just get kills to win the game. Positions you take, damage per turn and assists are important details. You can acquire such tactics by watching professional CSGO players.

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