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We’ve already introduced you to the basis of CSGO betting. And if you are reading this article it means that you’re either familiarized yourself with our quick introduction, or you are already well-aware of the basics and are ready to take your betting game to another level! Well, today we will be discussing a more specific topic that is the best CSGO winning strategies that will secure your win!

What Is CSGO Betting?

If you’ve got no clue what CS GO is and how to bet on it, we strongly urge you to read through a quick introduction to CSGO betting to get familiar with all the rules and terminology. For those who are short on time, let’s do a speed run of all the most important information.

CSGO is a first-person shooter game that requires tactical teamwork and aiming skills. The points where you use grenades, essential angles of the maps, economy control, and winning the team game are the most important elements of CSGO. There are two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists, each team has 5 members and there are 6 different types of game modes in total. Are you keeping up?

Now, when it comes to betting in CSGO, it used to be a taboo word – back during the days of unregulated skin betting sites and scandals of underage betting. Nowadays, though, the amount of money involved in the game is so high that real bookies got involved and now betting on CSGO is safe. 

If you’ve never watched a game you’ve bet on before, it really changes the way you would look at a game you’d normally be impartial to. Suddenly, you feel every clutch, every headshot, every no scope – even if there’s €2 on the line, it helps you feel like a real fan of the team you just bet on. That’s what makes CSGO betting so much fun, and the fact you can make some money on top of that is the icing on the cake.

Now, since we have the basics covered it’s time to introduce you to the essence of this article – the infamous best CSGO strategies that you can use to get some cash flowing through your wallet.

CSGO Best Winning Strategies

If you want to bet on CSGO you need to start somewhere. The first, most important thing is actually not to start betting but to do good research before you even touch that deposit button. We will cover the essential tips for successful betting in a moment, but let’s go through the tried and trusted Counter-Strike betting strategies that we believe to be the most lucrative of them all. 

Pre-match CSGO Betting Strategy

This particular CSGO betting strategy is the most popular one among novices and experienced bettors alike. It all revolves around betting on matches before they go live, or even tournaments via outright bets. Fair warning, that this strategy is not for people that like to “jump the gun”. You need to know what you’re doing and for that, you need to know the teams and their play styles by heart.

For example, if a team recently swapped out a player, or brought in a new coach. This could affect their chances of winning their next match, even if the odds are in their favor. Similarly, any recently won or lost game can impact how they play. You also need to know not only the details of the team you’re rooting for but also the team that your players battle against. You need to know both of the teams well enough to be able to predict how the match will play out.

winning startegies csgo

Live CSGO Gambling Strategy

Live betting is relatively straightforward. It is the act of betting on CS:GO matches while they are being played. The live CS:GO gambling strategy focuses on spotting opportunities, and taking advantage of them.

Patience is key to this CS:GO betting strategy. You need to watch the game carefully and bet based on your best judgment. Not only that, you need to observe the odds on the betting sites and adjust your strategy based on what is happening. Again, having background information about the teams and their performance is very important, but in the case of live betting, you also need to have a keen eye and a steady hand. 

CSGO Map Veto Betting Strategy

Not all CSGO teams perform equally well on every competitive map. With seven maps in the Competitive Map Pool, some teams focus on becoming great at certain maps, while other maps can be considered a weakness. 

You need to check which maps a team has a winning streak on. For example, if Team A is on a four-match winning streak on Inferno, and Team B fails to veto it out, Team A will likely have one map in the bag for a standard best-of-three. This Counter-Strike strategy goes both ways, for example, when two of a team’s statically poor maps get through the pre-match veto, that team will likely lose a best-of-three match.

Form vs Ranking CS:GO betting strategy

This one is quite an interesting one because it bases your win on the form and rank of the specific team. What you need to do in this case is to be on top of the news when it comes to the player’s performance, what is the team ranks overall on the leaderboard, and align it with the pros and cons for a specific match. It does mean you need to do some work but it proved to be one of the most entertaining, and satisfying CSGO strategies.

Let’s give you an example of how to work with this CSGO strategy:

Team A has a higher ranking, which also means bookmakers will likely support Team A over Team B, giving you better odds for betting on Team B. However, Team B has a higher form rating. Betting on Team B will, therefore, give you a good chance of winning, and more money if you do.

The current team form is an extremely important part of figuring out which team will win. Players with better form, including recent match performances, could likely win a match against higher-ranked opponents. Some don’t take the team form into account, putting their bets solely on the ranking. If you do, you can get ahead of the competition and cash in on some great odds with this CSGO betting strategy. 

Value Betting Strategy

Taking the time to research, and subsequently understand the “real” odds for a match, can really make you some cash. That’s where the value betting strategy shines through. Let’s explain!

The odds of a top-tier team winning a match can be, let’s say, 1.2. If you bet 10, this means you will get back 12 if the team wins. So you only earn 2 profit. Not impressive, right? In order to make money, you need to bet a large amount, like 100. If this team has undergone some recent changes, or you’ve seen some cracks in their armor in a previous match, it might be better to bet against them. The risk of betting on a 1.2 or even 1.3 odds is high, and the reward might be unsatisfactory.

Sometimes, it is best to bet on the underdog. If the odds say a team has only a 20% chance of winning, but after recent matches, and maybe a team change, you think it might be 35%, then a bet on the underdog can be much more profitable than betting on the favorite. This is the essence of value betting. It requires you to see the value, and the potential, which means you do need to count a little bit, and as always, know every single detail about the team.

4 CSGO Betting Tips For A Better Chance Of Winning

What are the tips to make your CSGO strategies win every time? Well, we don’t have a straight answer for that, but we can sign you off with some valuable tips to make your CSGO strategies the best CSGO strategies you’re gonna play with.

  1. The competitive CSGO map pool currently consists of seven maps to choose from. Each competing team gets to pick some and ban others until only three maps are left to make up that match. Understanding each team’s map preferences and performances allows you to work out the odds they’ll have assigned to them before they fire a single shot.

Luckily for beginners, Thunderpick shows all the necessary stats to understand the probabilities of the map pool, including “Map Win” charts of the win rates of both teams on all maps.

  1. The meta changes frequently over the course of the year in CSGO as it does with every other esports game out there. “What is the meta?” you may ask.
    The meta is simply a set of popular strategies that teams use to gain an advantage over the enemy team. For example, knowing about which changes will occur in-game after updates can help you identify favorable odds.

Similarly, keeping an eye on your favorite team’s performance stats and trends helps you make better betting decisions.

  1. You don’t need to play or even like the game to bet on it. You simply need to know how it works. Watch live-in plays, read about the teams, get some valuable scoops from other, more experienced bettors and exchange your insights to gain a better understanding of the game.
  1. Check for more information on the Thunderpick website. Want to learn more about CS:GO betting? Then get on over to Thunderpick’s industry related blog, which is full of resources made by experienced esports bettors.

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