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Digital Chaos, based in South America, was a professional online Dota 2 team. The team was in business starting out in 2017 but stopped playing later in the year. This team’s short and sweet career is worth knowing if you’re interested in esports betting. This guide will go into detail about the history, activity, games, players, and rosters that made up this short-lived team. Keep reading to learn more.

Active: 2017 – 2017

Formed in 2017 after The International that year, Digital Chaos was a South American professional Dota 2 team. The roster consisted of several notable players who competed in South American competitions such as the King’s Cup: America. In September, they debuted with a roster comprised of hFn, Yawar, Kingteka, Matthew, and KINGRD. Unfortunately, the team never really broke through and ended up in a series of qualifiers that never got them where they needed to be. Sadly, that meant the group disbanded not long after it started and now is not currently participating anywhere. Although they tried hard to break into Dota 2, it just shows the challenging and competitive nature of the game.

If you’re interested in learning more, look up the team’s Twitter and Instagram.

How to Bet on Digital Chaos

Sadly, now that the team no longer competes, you can’t bet on them. Don’t worry, though! There are loads of other teams out there. To place your bet now, you can select your team on Thunderpick. Thunderpick offers reliable payment options to ensure a safe and secure experience. 

Of course, you also need to do your own research. Check out team statistics, especially during the off-season when teams can make changes or shift rosters. You can keep up with the latest news and updates that may affect the performance of a particular team or player. With this information, you’ll be well prepared to make an informed bet on Digital Chaos.

Digital Chaos: Games, Divisions, and Rosters

Digital Chaos was an esports team that only competed in Dota 2 tournaments and events. They participated in Latin American divisions such as King’s Cup: America and other regional tournaments. This did not get them the results they wanted, and the team eventually went their separate ways.

Dota 2

The team’s most significant moment in Dota 2 was getting to the King’s Cup, but they didn’t make enough impact. Some of the players on the roster included:

William Medeiros

This Brazilian player was part of the team since its inception. He specialized in mid-lane heroes and strategies and had a pro career playing both in South America and online.

Danylo Nascimento

A professional Dota 2 player with a successful career in the CIS region. He played as a safe laner for Digital Chaos and was essential to their tournament run.

Leonardo Sifuentes

Arguably the most popular pro from Digital Chaos, Leonardo Sifuentes was a position 4 support player. He had experience playing in several tournaments and LANs before joining Digital Chaos. Sadly, this Peruvian player got carpel tunnel syndrome.

Renato Garcia

Renato, or “KINGRD,” was the team’s offlaner and had a wealth of experience in the CIS region before joining. He played several different characters, from Beastmaster to Naga Siren, trying to get Digital Chaos out of their slump. He went on to play for Balrogs.


Digital Chaos is an example of a short-lived professional esports team that tried to make its mark but failed. Digital Chaos was a unique team with potential but failed to reach its full potential. Nonetheless, they provided an instance of ambitious players who were determined to make their mark in esports. Although their story is over now, the lessons and memories remain with those who followed the team. Although they didn’t have much success, some of the players went on to become successful professionals in their own right.

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