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The esports calendar gets very intense at this time of the year and the DOTA Internationals are one of the biggest reasons. Fans of the game, esports enthusiasts, bettors and others will be among the millions who will follow twenty teams in this year’s edition as they shoot it out for the right to be called the best in the world. If you’re new to DOTA betting, don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview. Let’s get started!

What is DOTA International?

DOTA International is the biggest esports tournament focused on the popular video game DOTA 2. Started in 2011, it brings together the very best teams in the world, representing different regions. 

If you’re not familiar with the game, DOTA 2 is one of the premier multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. As in most games in this genre, DOTA 2 puts two teams of players against each other using various classes of characters. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s base. The International tournament is organized by Valve Corporation, publishers of DOTA 2 and other legendary game titles Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Portal. 

DOTA International started out with 16 teams but has since expanded to 20. The tournament is unique among similar competitions because it uses crowdfunding as a source for its prize pool. Starting with a baseline of $1.6m, additional funds are added by DOTA 2 players around the world, who can buy a “Battle Pass” that gives them access to watching the International competition, among other things. Twenty-five percent of the revenue from these sales is added to the prize pool, which pushed it to an amazing total of more than $40m in the most recent tournament. 
Whether it’s the game being played, the global audience or the money at stake, everything about DOTA International is as big as it gets in esports!

This year’s event

The tournament is held in a different city around the world every year and DOTA International 2022 will be hosted by Singapore. After a round-robin group stage, the drama will go even higher in a double-elimination playoff round. The champion will be crowned on October 30. 

Among the twenty teams in the mix, both the defending champions (Team Spirit) and the only two-time winning team (OG) will be fighting it out. With so many great teams, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Will a familiar face win again? Will a newcomer break through and shock the DOTA 2 world? Time will tell!

Place your bets!

Like any massive event, DOTA International 2022 is attracting plenty of attention from bettors as well as gamers. There will be plenty of opportunities for fans to watch all the action both in person and online. In addition, this year’s tournament will feature some new rule changes and gameplay changes that should make for an even more exciting event than ever before. 

Placing bets on DOTA International 2022 is easy with Thunderpick. Whatever type of bet you choose to make, remember to always bet responsibly and do your research. So start getting excited now and have a great time betting on DOTA International 2022!

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