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Dota 2 has reached millions of players since its launch. This number of players continues to grow every day. In general, most players in Dota 2 close the game after playing several matches a day. However, some players spend long nights without mornings in the competitive arena of Dota 2, fighting for a higher rank in the ranking system. That’s why it’s important for such players to aim to climb higher ranks by playing ranked matches for many hours.

As a matter of fact, it is not that easy to rank up in Dota 2. First of all, you need to have a strong mentality. In addition, in order to rise to the highest rank in Dota 2, Immortal, you must master all the details in the game. When you consider all the elements, it would not be wrong to say that a challenging road awaits you.

You don’t need to worry though. If you are a player new to Dota 2, we will try to talk about the ranking system and MMR in detail. Now let’s take a look at the details of the Dota 2 ranking system together.

What are Dota 2 Ranks?

Dota 2 has a complex ranking system. Beginning players encounter eight tiers from which they can ascend to the Immortale, starting with the Herald. In addition, each rank has a total of five sub-ranks. In short, we can say that there are 36 ranks in total in Dota 2. These Dota 2 ranks have an MMR to reflect each player’s performance. 

Players can be placed in one of these ranks after playing a certain number of matches. Each sub-rank has a difference of 150 MMR points from the other rank. In the rest of our article, we will talk about the details of the MMR system that Dota 2 has. First, let’s take a look at the ranks in Dota 2 one by one.

Herald – 0 to 616 MMR

It is one of the ranks that the players who are new to the game take place during the time they learn the game. However, you can find a large number of toxic players in this rank. If your skills and personal abilities are good, you can leave from this rank without difficulty.

herald rank
  • Herald I – 0 MMR
  • Herald I – 154 MMR
  • Herald III – 308 MMR
  • Herald IV – 462 MMR
  • Herald V – 616 MMR

Guardian – 770 to 1386 MMR

People at this level are casual players who spend a few hours a day playing the game, although not too many. Most beginners don’t stay stuck in Guardian rank for long. It is a pass rank. Just like in the Herald rank, wins where personal performance is at the forefront are the key to jumping this rank fast.

guardian rank
  • Guardian I – 770 MMR
  • Guardian II – 924 MMR
  • Guardian III – 1078 MMR
  • Guardian IV – 1232 MMR
  • Guardian V – 1386 MMR

Crusader – 1540 to 2156 MMR

At this stage, you can see the average level players who have spent hundreds of hours in the game. It is a rank full of players who are open to self-improvement but still make minor mistakes. Especially at this rank, it is very important that you adopt a certain strategy for yourself. Because now the opponents in front of you will not just start the game, but players like you who have played Dota 2 for hundreds of hours.

crusader rank
  • Crusader I – 1540 MMR
  • Crusader II – 1694 MMR
  • Crusader III – 1848 MMR
  • Crusader IV – 2002 MMR
  • Crusader V – 2156 MMR

Archon – 2310 to 2926 MMR

Another average rank of the game is Archon. In general, it is the set of people who play the game for a long time. When you encounter too many toxic players, it can be a rank that can alienate you from the game. But still, stay calm and keep improving your personal performance. Because you can dominate the matches by specializing in a few heroes up to this rank.

archon rank
  • Archon I – 2310 MMR
  • Archon II – 2464 MMR
  • Archon III – 2618 MMR
  • Archon IV – 2772 MMR
  • Archon V – 2926 MMR

Legend – 3080 to 3696 MMR

If you managed to reach this rank, you will be considered to have learned some things in the game. Legend-level players are usually skilled players who specialize in several heroes. You need to be a disciplined player who can follow the game very well in order to rise in this rank system, where high-level competition is returning.

legend rank
  • Legend I – 3080 MMR
  • Legend II – 3234 MMR
  • Legend III – 3388 MMR
  • Legend IV – 3542 MMR
  • Legend V – 3696 MMR

Ancient – 3850 to 4486 MMR

It’s time for one of Dota 2’s most critical ranks. Ancient occupies a very important place as a bridge to the highest ranks in Dota 2. Players who have managed to rise to this level are people who constantly play Dota 2 and are obsessed with ranking up in a disciplined way. Ancient matches are very competitive matches. Almost all of the players here are try- hard.

ancient rank
  • Ancient I – 3850 MMR
  • Ancient II – 4004 MMR
  • Ancient III – 4158 MMR
  • Ancient IV – 4312 MMR
  • Ancient V – 4466 MMR

Divine – 4620 to 5420 MMR

Welcome to the Dota 2 pro arena. Divine is your final ticket to the adventure of the Immortal. Most players of this rank have a good command of the characters’ abilities, map, meta, lane functions, and nerf-buffs of items in Dota 2. You can play a high-level game and witness the matches that use a high level of game intelligence. The only goal of most players of this rank is to become a good player and settle in eSport teams.

divine rank
  • Divine I – 4620 MMR
  • Divine II – 4820 MMR
  • Divine III – 5020 MMR
  • Divine IV – 5220 MMR
  • Divine V – 5420 MMR


The best players in the Dota 2 rank are found in the rank of Immortal. These players are usually players who have played Dota 1 or Dota 2 for years. They have mastery of all the details that can be in a MOBA. Most Immortal players are also on an eSport team. Of course there will be some exceptions. If you want to rise to the Immortal you will need nerves of steel, patience, skill and teamwork. Especially in Divine and Immortal ranks, the most important point is the presence of your teammates. If you have a good team, it is not a dream for you to be in such ranks.

In particular, most Immortal players take part in DPC tournaments with their eSport teams. While the DPC Season is in full swing, if you want to bet on Dota 2, we welcome you to our site.

immortal rank
  • Placed
  • Top 1000
  • Top 100
  • Top 10
  • Top 1

How Does the Dota 2 Rank System Work? What is MMR?

There is a term that most players who play ranked matches in Dota 2 have heard of. MMR is the most important of these terms. So what does MMR mean for the Dota 2 ranking system? MMR is also known as Matchmaking Rating for short. In simpler terms, it is the score obtained as a result of calculating certain parameters to determine our place in the MMR Dota 2 ranking system. According to this point value, you will encounter opponents with the same score as you in the game. MMR generally works for this.

How is MMR Calculated?

Your MMR value generally varies as a result of matches you win or lose. However, as we mentioned above, it has some minor parameters. For example, values such as assists, kills and MVP, which affect your individual performance, are extremely important for MMR.

  • Although it may change with some updates, you will get 20 to 30 MMR points every time you win or lose a match. While this score is 20 MMR when you enter ranked as a party, it can be 30 MMR when you enter games alone.
  • There are two types of matches in the Dota 2 ranking system. First, in ranked roles, players start the game by showing their own roles beforehand. This game search can usually take several minutes. The other is Ranked Classic. In this mode, players enter the lobby directly without determining a role. In this mode, you can sometimes encounter toxic players.

How to Unlock Dota 2 Ranked Matches?

As it is known, you cannot directly play ranked matches that you need to play in order to be placed in the Dota 2 ranking system. This system is commonly found in most competitive online games. This key, which is an important detail of the ranked system, is designed so that no player can start the rank without learning the game. So, let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can open this lock.

  • If you’re new to Dota 2, you’ve probably seen the ranked unlock. To unlock ranked matchmaking, you need to play Dota 2 for a total of 100 hours. However, this game play time works differently from the game time seen on your profile on Steam. You must play 100 hours in some of the game modes in Dota 2 for this system to work.
  • It is very important to learn the game in unranked matches before starting ranked matches. To make an approximate calculation, you’ll need to score between 100-150 unranked matches to roughly fill the 100 hour quota in Dota 2. But sometimes you can get bored of it. At such times, you can play Turbo, another mode of Dota 2. Turbo mode can be extremely fun to fill 100 hours.
access ranked matches
  • When you exceed 100 hours of game time, all you have to do is confirm your phone number. After that, you can enter the competitive arena of Dota 2.
  • Now that you have started to enter ranked matches, you may be thinking about which rank you will place and when. For this, you need to play 10 ranked matches to determine your MMR value. Your rank will be determined by the joint calculation of your personal performance, number of wins and losses in these 10 ranked matches. However, since detailed information about this MMR system is not shared by Valve, we do not know how it works.

Dota 2 Rank Distribution

Dota 2 ranking distribution is a good tool to show your percentile relative to your rank in the game. When we look at the data of Esports Tales, which has been providing statistical services to most competitive games for many years, the Dota 2 season 5 rank distribution appears as follows;

rank distribution
  • When we examine this data, the rank with the most Dota 2 players is between Crusader 1 and Legend 1.
  • Only 14% of Dota 2 Players fall between Ancient 1 and Immortal. At the same time, Divine rank players only make up 5% of the Dota 2 community. From these statistics, you can understand how challenging the Dota 2 ranking system is.
Herald 10.03Crusader 125.24Legend 169.88Divine 194.97
Herald 21.30Crusader 229.29Legend 273.83Divine 296.17
Herald 32.68Crusader 333.54Legend 377.41Divine 397.09
Herald 44.51Crusader 437.96Legend 480.61Divine 497.76
Herald 56.63Crusader 542.49Legend 583.46Divine 598.29
Guardian 19.04Archon 147.26Ancient 186.23Immortal100.00
Guardian 214.67Archon 251.99Ancient 288.56

Guardian 317.90Archon 356.97Ancient 390.48

Guardian 417.790Archon 461.18Ancient 492.07

Guardian 521.38Archon 565.53Ancient 593.42

Dota 2 Fast Ranking Tactics – TOP 5

The most important thing that most players who are new to Dota 2 are wondering about is “how do I increase my MMR?”. In this part of our article, we will share some tips and tactics on how to rank up in Dota 2 with your MMR. Let’s look at the details without wasting time.

  1. Hero Selection

Although it is very enjoyable to play with various heroes in MOBA games, we definitely do not recommend it. Because mastering a few heroes is extremely important in ranked matches. Creating a hero pool that you can play comfortably in several lanes is one of the most important details of earning MMR. 

Memorizing all the details of the hero you have been training or playing for a long time takes you one step ahead of your opponents. You can memorize the hero’s abilities, items and positions you can take by constantly playing the hero. This is exactly why you should set yourself two roles. Then try to specialize by playing simple heroes at the beginning suitable for these roles. 2-3 hero variety will be enough for each role.

  1. Rewatch Your Matches

Whether you are playing League of Legends, one of the other MOBA games, or CSGO, one of the FPS games; if you want to improve and master, you should watch your own matches. In this way, you can clearly see the mistakes you have made in the game. 

For example, if you cause that lane to die because you couldn’t follow the game when you had to go to a support lane in your team, it would be an irreparable mistake.

However, when you watch this mistake again after the match is over, you learn where you made a mistake and at what point you should take action. In short, the mistakes you make in the game turn into training material for you.

  1. Learn the Map Thoroughly

You must learn every detail on the game map. Which points should you use while avoiding the opponent? If you’re going to gank, where is the best location for each lane? If you want to know the answer to such questions, you should specialize in maps. Another important item is map control. Map tracking is vital to quickly grasp the pings of your teammates and the opponent’s last sight.

  1. Following the Meta

As you know in Dota 2, updates come in certain time periods. After these updates, some heroes in the game are nerfed or buffed. This means that some balances in the game will change. For this, you should analyze the patch notes thoroughly after each update. If the hero you play all the time is nerfed, you may need to play the other hero you specialize in by taking precautions.

  1. Teammates and In-Game Communication

You should treat someone the way you want them to treat you. Dota 2 is a game with a little more toxic mass compared to other games. Therefore, it may be to your advantage to have good teammates as much as possible. If you have teammates with the same MMR value, you will naturally have strong in-game communication. 

Otherwise, there may be moments when you flame someone in some matches. You should stay calm and focus on the game. If possible, you can find yourself a teammate by entering Dota 2 communities. 

Remember, even if you fall behind in a ranked match, the positive behavior you show to your teammate can bear fruit. An understanding gesture can break the curse of the matches you’re about to lose.

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