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Esports is developing faster than anyone could have imagined. New tournaments appear and prize pools in all disciplines are constantly growing. Well-known games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL and Valorant attract players from all over the world.

Despite being a young discipline the global esports already has some memorable events, high-skilled rosters and major iconic tournaments. Since everyone loves to solve puzzles and answer quiz questions, we decided to organize an esports quiz on our Discord channel and reward the winners with valuable prizes. If you feel like an esports guru this is your chance to shine. Only the best can win!

Quiz rules:

1. Each quiz consists of 5 questions.

2. Each question takes 30 seconds to answer. When Admin writes “Stop”, answers are no longer accepted.

3. The first user that answers the question correctly receives a prize.

4. Winners will be rewarded at the end of the quiz.

If you have any questions about Esports Quizzes, don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat, email ([email protected]) or Discord channel.

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