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Trying to wrap your head around the complexity of the League of Legends ranked matchmaking system and LoL MMR? Or perhaps you want to uncover your MMR score? We have the answers you’re looking for. This guide will dive beneath the surface of Summoner’s Rift, detailing everything about LoL MMR.

League of Legends’ ranking system extends far beyond the champion select screen. Whether it’s ridding smurfs from the playing field or being the silent referee of intense battles, these arcane mechanics act as the unseen force that keeps ranked matchmaking balanced and competitive.

What Is LoL MMR?

MMR stands for “Matchmaking Rating,” and it’s the invisible backbone of the competitive arena in League of Legends. This hidden value illustrates a player’s skill level in the game. In essence, MMR impacts the difficulty of your matches by pairing you with and against similarly ranked players.

Your placement is decided by measuring your skill against others in ranked games to keep LoL matches as balanced as possible. Your League of Legends MMR significantly impacts your ranked progression and indirectly affects how many League Points (LP) you gain or lose after a ranked match.

Are There Different Types Of LoL MMR?

Yes. MMR isn’t one-size-fits-all. LoL has several ranked queues with different MMRs tailored to these distinct game modes. There’s an MMR for ranked solo/duo games and another for ranked flex queues, given the differing nature and dynamics of these modes.

There’s also a separate MMR for ARAM and other rotating game modes. The idea is to ensure players get balanced matches tailored to their skill level in each mode. These rating systems are mutually exclusive and allow players to enjoy diverse in-game experiences without repercussions.

Is MMR Related To League Points?

Yes. MMR intricately weaves into League Points. An MMR towering above your visible rank will lead to greater LP gains for victories and penalize you less for defeats. This mechanic ensures that most players gravitate towards a 50% win rate over time.

However, it’s crucial to remember that large discrepancies between one’s MMR and rank can lead to what players refer to as the “MMR death loop.” That said, Riot strives for balanced matches and the system considers numerous factors affecting gameplay fairness.

How Does MMR Work?

No one really knows how MMR is calculated in League of Legends. Well, besides the team at Riot Games. The matchmaking algorithm is a secret. That said, it’s understood that the MMR system is primarily based on wins and losses, not gameplay metrics like KDA.

The exact amount of MMR you gain or lose depends on the LoL MMR values of other players. Let’s say you have a higher MMR than the average MMR of the opposition. In that case, you’d likely gain less MMR for a win and lose more for a loss.

The matchmaking system also compensates for the inherent advantages of a premade team by pairing them against stronger opponents. Beyond this, dodging ranked queue games does not impact your MMR, but there are still penalties concerning LP and promotion series.

How To Check Your MMR

You’ll need to rely on a third-party MMR checker for that. Luckily, there are many great tools and websites like OP.GG offering this service. It’s completely free to use, too. All you need is your Summoner name and server region. MyLoLMMR and whatismymmr are two more great LoL MMR checkers.

You can find your MMR for various game modes in League of Legends, including Ranked Solo, Ranked 5v5, ARAM, and Normal Games. Remember that these sites only provide MMR estimations, not your actual MMR.

How Can I Improve My MMR?

Improving your MMR is linked to your mastery of the game mechanics, ability to maintain a strong mental state, and communication. Recognizing common mistakes and working on them can greatly help in ascending ranks. Leave the ego at the door, and don’t dodge games (no matter how tempting).

Do you want to reach Platinum or higher? Good luck! Fewer than 5% of players hit Diamond, and even fewer make it to Master and above. So, what can you do? For starters, play to your strengths and be a team player. Also, don’t get bummed out by losses. If you’re feeling down, take a break and come back when you’re ready.

Who Are The Players With The Highest MMR?

Climbing the League of Legends ranked leaderboard is a challenging feat, but many players have demonstrated unmatched mastery over the game.

These are the top 5 best League of Legends solo queue players by rank globally.

RankSummoner NameServerWin Rate (%)GamesLP
2Morra was hereTR65.00%2602052

Note: This table is accurate as of Nov. 24, 2023. [Source]

So, Does MMR Really Matter?

Not really. At the end of the day, having a high MMR is a personal preference. Some League of Legends players pursue it for a sense of achievement. But LoL is just a game. Your rank doesn’t extend to your worth or capabilities outside the game, so whether you’re Silver or Challenger doesn’t matter.

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