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We’ve some awesome news!

Implementation of the new payment system has been finally completed.

This means that all crypto payments are now much faster! 🚀🚀🚀
Depending on the cryptocurrency, the time between sending crypto and receiving it on Thunderpick is couple times shorter, and in some cases even instantaneous!

On top of that, all withdrawals are now completely free of charge.🤑🤑🤑
Thunderpick will even cover blockchain transaction fees, meaning you won’t get any amount subtracted from your withdrawal.

Who else can offer that?

Here is what you get with new payments:

  • Faster deposits with ALL cryptocurrencies. 🚀
    Some of them, like Binance Coin are instant. Even Bitcoin can be instant (0 confirmations) if you send it from certain wallets like Exodus (non-RBF transactions will be, in most cases, deposited instantly).
  • No transaction fees subtracted from your withdrawals. 🎁
    All withdrawals are now completely FREE – isn’t that amazing?
  • Faster withdrawals. 💸
    Time between withdrawal request confirmation and sending funds to your wallet is now much shorter.
  • Higher withdrawal limits. ↗️
    Remember 750 limit per one transfer? Forget it. You can now request up to 5,000 per transfer!

Few important things to keep in mind after this update:

  • There are new personal deposit addresses – make sure to update them if you used to make deposits directly from your wallet (instead of via the website). Old addresses will be supported until August 15th. Also updating them is required to experience faster deposits!
  • There is a minimum deposit amount for each cryptocurrency. Depositing less than minimum will result in loss of funds, so make sure to always send more than the minimum. The current minimum deposit amounts are:
  Bitcoin - 0.00022 BTC
  Ethereum - 0.011 ETH
  Litecoin - 0.011 LTC
  Ripple - 0.11 XRP
  Binance Coin - 0.011 BNB
  Tether - 1.1 USDT.ERC20
  Bitcoin Cash - 0.0011 BCH

The minimum deposit amount may slightly change from time to time so please check it before making a deposit. You can find it on the deposit page for each cryptocurrency.

Is that all? Obviously not!

We keep working on improving payments and therefore YOUR experience on Thunderpick even more 😆. Next in line are:

  • New altcoins including Doge and Tron.
  • Automatic withdrawals.
  • Waaaay higher limits.

We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, enjoy better crypto transfers and good luck with your wagers! 🍀

Team Thunderpick

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