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FaZe have claimed the top spot over in the Thunderpick World Championship 2023. Both teams have shown their dominance of CS2 esports events since the game’s release so there were no doubts this was going to be a clash of the titans. 

FaZe took the lead with a 13-10 victory in Ancient but it was Vertigo that delivered the most nail-biting gameplay. FaZe were down 1-8 and everything looked like it would be an easy win for on the map of their choice. However, FaZe persevered and turned it around in a show of complete dominance. The game went into overtime and second overtime, but FaZe were triumphant with the match’s final score standing at 19-17. 

After the game, it was FaZe’s Ropz who took home the coveted HLTV MVP title award for the tournament with a 1.31 rating overall and 1.43 in the final match. He was instrumental in the win over especially during overtime where he delivered over 30 frags. 

The Thunderpick World Championship 2023 final has a prize pool of a guaranteed $500,000 paid in Bitcoin – the highest ever prize put up by an esports betting company in a tournament. FaZe have now secured the top prize and will be going home with $250,000. The rest of the prize money is shared between the top 8 teams. The winnings are as follows: 

1st – $250,000 – FaZe

2nd – $100,000 –

3rd/4th – $50,000 – Monte and Cloud9

5th to 8th – Heroic, Mouz, BIG, Spirit

The Thunderpick World Championship has come to an end but tune in later as we bring you some of the best moments on the tournament, exclusive interviews, and more.

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