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Between July 14 – 17, 32 of the world’s best FIFAe players will compete for a prize pool of $500,000 and the prestige that comes with being the best FIFAe competitor on the planet.FIFA2 World Cup 2022 offers plenty of excellent FIFA betting opportunities that are best enjoyed while watching the games live.

FIFAe World Cup Details

FIFAe World Cup is a prestigious esports event and the organizers, EA and FIFA, have done their best to ensure that the best of the best will compete in it. The 32 players come from all around the world and they had to go through a thorough qualification process to get here.

The FIFA 22 Global Series Playoffs, which was the qualification tournament for FIFAe World Cup 2022, had 128 participants. These players were from 10 regions and the best 32 of them received an invitation to this upcoming event.


FIFAe World Cup offers half a million dollars in prizes. Half of the amount will go to the winner. The runner-up receives $100,000.


The competitive format of FIFAe World Cup is the usual one. The 32 players are divided into 4 groups of 8. The game mode is 1 vs. 1 and the format is Double Round Robin. This means that every player will play twice against each of the other group participants.

Each individual game or match is counted separately and does not have extra time or penalties. In case of a draw, each player receives 1 point. If a player wins, that player gets 3 points while the defeated one gets 0 points. The rules are identical to those used in football tournaments.

The best 4 players from every group qualify for the Knockout Stage or the Playoffs. During this stage, the competitive format is Single Elimination. However, a match consists of two legs, just like in the UEFA Champions League.

FIFAe World Cup Participants and Favorites

The players who will take part in FIFAe World Cup 2022 are the following:

Group A

  • TeamHajj
  • Lamps
  • Paulo Neto
  • Stingray
  • Damesheet
  • Young
  • OneWayCrazyy
  • LevideWeerd

Group A of FIFAe World Cup 2022 features some highly talented players, and one of the best among them is Paulo Neto. The Brazilian has already won many trophies in 2022 and he’ll probably attempt to win the entire tournament. 

As you probably know, football is a huge sport in Brazil, and his desire to make his fans proud might carry him to success. At the very least, he should qualify for the Knockout Stage.

Another strong player in this group is the Dutch player LevideWeerd, who has won more than half a dozen tournaments since he started to play professionally for Team Gullit in 2019. He too has a high chance of winning FIFAe World Cup, so making it out of the Group Stage should not be a problem. 

Group B

  • Klenke
  • Obrun2002
  • Gilles
  • Tekkz
  • EmreYilmaz
  • StefanoPinna
  • BeneCR7x
  • JRA

In Group B of FIFAe World Cup, the number one man to follow is Tekkz. This player is an absolute legend in this esport and his total tournament earnings surpass $500,000. And keep in mind that he’s only 20 years old!

Another strong player in this group is Obrun2002. The Italian competes for Exeed and has had an excellent season so far, winning several important trophies.

The third player to follow in Group B is StefanoPinna. He started playing professionally in 2018 and is now competing for his fourth team. This player is quite famous for losing Grand Finals, but until that point in the tournament, you can expect him to win a lot of games.

Group C

  • tuga810
  • Umut
  • Nicolas99fc
  • Ollelito
  • LPeixoto
  • cone
  • Er_Caccia98
  • Kkoray

Group C of FIFAe World Cup features 3 important players. The first of them is Umut, who is from Germany. 

This young man has won more than $160,000 in tournament prizes and will attempt to more than double that amount at this event. In 2022, he had some setbacks, such as the defeat against DullenMIKE in the Grand Final of Virtual Bundesliga 2022 (0 – 5). But historically he’s been a great competitor and is very likely to qualify for the Playoffs.

The man who’s probably going to win the group is nicolas99fc. The 22-year-old Argentinean is the winner of the eChampions League 2022, a highly important tournament in which he crushed Matias in the Grand Final (7 – 2). 

The third player you’ll want to bet on in this group is tuga810, who is from Portugal and has won numerous lower-tier events last season.

Group D

  • Manuel
  • damie
  • Matias
  • Danipitbull
  • Edson
  • DullenMIKE
  • Web Nasri
  • Chris

In Group D, there are around 4 strong players who are likely to qualify for the Knockout Stage. 

By far, the most accomplished of them is Matias, who is an Argentinean playing for Team Heretics. Just a few months ago, he won the FIFA 22 Global Series – Team of the Season Cup. In total, his total tournament earnings surpass $220,000 and he started less than 2 years ago.

The second strong player that you should follow in this group is DullenMIKE. The 20-year-old has won more than $230,000 in prize money and is one of the best FIFA players in Germany.

The other 2 players that have a real chance of qualifying are Web Nastri from Japan and Chris from America. Both of them have had decent results in lower-tier tournaments and will test their skills against some of the world’s best.

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