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A new objective for FIFA 22 was released on February 14, 2022. The released objective was named Future Stars Swaps Program and included various tasks. The players who stood out as the star football players of the future were the main prize of the objective.

In a short time, the missions were done until the end of February and finally finished. However, Future Star Rush missions that you can do regularly every week are in the game. If you are ready now, let’s take a brief look at the details of our article!

Future Stars Rush 22 Overview

FIFA 22 Future Stars is a promotional event featuring the best young talents in football. You will be able to obtain various young football players by completing the tasks. 

In addition, we can say that these young people are football players who have performed well and have high potential lately. Additionally, you will earn FS tokens from these events. You will be able to use these FS Tokens in the Future Star Swap event.

However, we have already mentioned that you need to perform some activities in order to access all these. It consists of a series of missions involving various SBCs. In the list below, we have given you these tasks and the rewards you will receive. Let’s take a look.

Future star Rush Objective and Rewards

There are 4 season objectives that you need to achieve in the Future Stars Rush event. These tasks come on a weekly basis. Therefore, it will be better for you to complete all objectives within 1 week as much as possible.

League Leader

To complete the objective, your squad must include a future star British player. Support 5 Squad Battles matches at minimum Professional difficulty level.

  • Reward: 75+ Rare Players

4 the Youth

Moreover, for this objective, you must have a future star player on your roster, plus a player born after 1/1/1999. You must also score 4 goals using these players in Squad Battles and Semi-Pro difficulty level.

  • Reward: Golden Player Pack

7 Packs

Your starting roster must have one Future stars player. Additionally, support Assist 7 goals by using Crossmatch in Squad Battles on Professional difficulty.

  • Reward: Two Players Pack

Score 10

Have one Future Stars player on your roster and try to score points in 10 different Squad Battles matches on professional difficulty.

  • Reward: Small Electrum Player pack

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