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This summer is going to be a lot of fun for gamers and Gamers8 2023 is one of the reasons for that. Whether you’re based in Europe, America, Asia, or Africa, you’ll be looking to stream as much gaming content as possible over the summer months. After all, summer is when lots of annual esports events take place, such as the Esports Travel Summit. 

The one esports event at the top of everyone’s list is the crowd-favorite Gamers8. The CS:GO tournament is set to run from August 16 to August 20, 2023, but Gamers8 spans between July and September and features a variety of esports with massive prize pools.

Gamers8 is an esports betting dream, filled with non-stop tournaments, player meet-ups, music performances, and more. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about the festival and the CS: GO tournament that will be taking place there. 

What Is Gamers8 2023? 

In the esports world, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Gamers8 festival. 

First started back in the summer of 2017, Gamers8 is an annual gaming festival that takes place in beautiful Saudi Arabia. The festival itself is 8 weeks long, running from July to September. This year, the official start date is July 6. 

During the 8-week event, a whole bunch of different events will be taking place. Here’s a look at just some of the things that you can look forward to: 

  • Tekken 7 (July 6-9) ($1,000,000)
  • Fortnite (July 6-9) ($2,000,000)
  • CS: GO (August 14-20) ($1,000,000)
  • Rocket League (August 21-27) ($2,000,000)
  • Rainbow 6 Siege (July 13-16) ($2,000,000)
  • Riyadh Masters (July 17-30) ($15,000,000)
  • Starcraft II tournament (August 3-6) ($500,000)

There are plenty more tournaments to look forward to, too, such as the highly anticipated Dota 2, which has a prize pool of $15,000,000. Whichever games you like, there’s something here for all fans to enjoy.  

Collectively, Gamers8 has a total of over $40 million in prize money up for grabs, which is crazy, to say the least. They call it the biggest eSports event of the year for a reason — there’s some big money behind it! 

Gamers8 CS:GO (Guide)

One of the main draws at Gamers8 is the popular CS: GO tournament. 

In Saudi Arabia, the world’s best CS: GO teams will collide and battle for the $1 million prize money. 

But which CS: GO teams will be at Gamers 8 2023? And where can you stream the action? All of these questions (and more) are answered below. 

Where to Watch Gamers8 CS: GO 2023? 

To watch the CS: GO tournament at Gamers8, you can use: 

  • Twitch (Gamers8GG)
  • YouTube (Gamers8 Esports)

All of the action will be free to stream on both Twitch and YouTube, so make sure you have the apps downloaded to your smartphone so that you get instant notifications and don’t miss a second of the action. 

Also, don’t forget that the United States is 9 hours behind Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you’ll need to adjust to this and work around it if you want to watch all of the tournament action live. Sometimes, this might mean waking up extra early, so make sure your alarm is ready. 

How to Buy Tickets for Gamers8 2023?

To buy tickets for the Gamers8 festival, you’ll need to visit the official Gamers8 website and wait for the tickets to go live. When tickets are made available, you’ll be able to buy one-day pass tickets that grant you access to the venue and the different events going on inside it. 

Place Your Bets on Gamers8 2023

The awesome thing about Gamers8 is that thousands of fans around the world like to place bets on the different matches taking place. Whether you’re a CS:GO or Fortnite fan, sign up with Thunderpick today so that you can bet on the matches that catch your attention. Using either traditional money or cryptocurrencies, you can fire up your Thunderpick account at any time and bet on which team (or player) you think is going to win. It’s a lot of fun, so make sure to create an account with Thunderpick ahead of time. 

Gamers8 CS:GO 2023: Teams

Gamers8 is an invite-only festival — teams don’t have to qualify to get there. 

So far, here are the CS: GO teams that have been invited to take part in the CS: GO Gamers8 tournament: 

  • Cloud9 
  • Ence
  • Team Falcons 
  • FaZe Clan
  • FURIA Esports
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid 
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Vitalility 
  • Fnatic 
  • MIBR 
  • 9INE
  • Apeks
  • GamerLegion

Gamers8 CS:GO 2023: Format

The format for Gamers8 CS:GO 2023 format will be a single elimination bracket with all teams playing a best-of-three. There will be a Round 1 of 8 matches, followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals, and then a Grand Final. 

Who Will Win Gamers8 CS:GO 2023? 

When you look at the CS:GO teams that have accepted invitations to play at Gamers8 2023, you’ll see the absolute best talent competing. Games are going to be close but according to recent gameplay the favorites have to include: 

  • Team Vitality
  • G2

These are the current top 3 teams topping the HLTV Rankings — and all 3 of them have had excellent seasons.

Also worthy of a mention is FaZe Clan who dominated Cloud9 at the Pro League Season 17 Grand Final in Malta, beating them 3-1. Therefore, don’t be surprised if most fans put their money on FaZe Clan to continue their red-hot form and take home the trophy at Gamers8 2023.  Remember, you can join Thunderpick today and place your bets on every Gamers8 live tournament when they’re taking place. It’s certainly going to be a summer for gamers to remember!

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