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The Global eSports Federation (GEF) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the development of electronic sports and their culture worldwide. It was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide a unified governance system and ensure that esports is represented on the world stage. 

The GEF was formed in order to create a new multi-stakeholder approach for esports, which includes the participation and engagement of stakeholders from all aspects of the sector. The GEF is committed to building a global esports ecosystem that is accessible, transparent, and inclusive while also driving the development and growth of the industry.

This review will provide insight into the GEF and its goals. It will also explore how the group is working to promote the development of esports, as well as some of the key players on the board.

Active: 2019 – Now

The Global eSports Federation aims to serve as a platform for global esports organizations and stakeholders to collaborate and drive esports development. It is committed to promoting the adoption of universal values, best practices, and a code of conduct.

The GEF promotes esports internationally by engaging and collaborating with governments, industry leaders, gaming developers, and media partners. It also works to provide a unified system of esports governance, which includes a set of principles and guidelines for esports activities and events.

The GEF also provides resources and guidance to ensure that esports is conducted in a fair and equitable manner, as well as creating initiatives to promote the education and training of esports professionals. Additionally, the organization works with national federations to develop grassroots programs to engage and support the local esports community.

Why not check out their website or their Twitter and Instagram if you’re interested? 

How to Bet on The Global eSports Federation

Since this is a regulatory board and not a team, you won’t be able to bet on the GEF directly. However, many esports organizations affiliated with the GEF may have betting options available on their games and tournaments. To find out more about these organizations and the types of betting options they provide, you can visit their websites or contact their support teams. To place your bet now on any of the biggest esports teams worldwide, you can use Thunderpick – a leader in the esports betting scene.

Key Players

The Global eSports Federation has a Board of Directors composed of several industry leaders from around the world. The board is responsible for setting strategic direction and driving the organization’s initiatives.

The current board members include President Chris Chan. Chan is a former Executive Director of the International Olympic Committee and was also the Managing Director of the Asian e-Sports Federation.

The GEF also has a number of Ambassadors who are prominent figures in the global esports scene. These ambassadors include League of Legends professional player David “Diamondprox” Yan and Hearthstone pro player Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall. Dota 2 and CS: GO players also hold ambassadorial roles, such as Clinton “Fear” Loomis, William “Blitz” Lee, and Jonathan “Loda” Berg.


The Global eSports Federation is a vital organization created to promote the overall development and growth of esports worldwide. It works with industry leaders, governments, gaming developers, and media partners to ensure that esports is conducted fairly and equitably. It provides resources to educate and train esports professionals and grassroots programs to engage and support the local esports community. Thus, it is an important organization that strives to ensure that esports is conducted ethically and responsibly.

Therefore, if you are a fan of esports or an industry leader looking to promote the growth of esports, the Global eSports Federation is an excellent organization to get involved with. With its global presence and commitment to innovation, the GEF will continue to be a leader in the esports community for years to come. So, remember to check out the organization and get involved!

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