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A total of 20 players will engage in an incredible fight accompanied by 1v1 matches. Throughout the tournament, players will fight within the ESL Pro Tour 2022/23 points alongside the prize money.

In today’s article, we decided to talk about GSL Season 2: Code S. We will try to convey to you the format of the tournament, which players participated and many more details. In addition, we will not neglect to share brief information for those who do not know Starcraft 2 in our article. Now if you’re ready, let’s get started and take a quick look deeper into the GSL series!

2022 GSL S2: Code S Tournament Format

First of all, Starcraft 2 is a detailed and extremely complex real-time strategy game. The game, which was released by Blizzard in 1998, was so popular that it managed to take its place among the classics. Also in 2010, Blizzard decided to release the second sequel to Starcraft. The game consisted of three races as before. Each race had its own characteristics and gameplay structure. Terrans, Zerg and Protoss races are the details that make up the main mechanics of Starcraft 2. During the tournament, players will fight by choosing one of these races. However, as we said, each race has a gameplay style and mechanics.

We recommend you to read our blog posts in detail, especially if you want to participate in Starcraft 2 bets. Because Starcraft may seem more complicated to you unlike other Esports games. Now, if you are ready, let’s examine the format structure of the tournament in detail without further ado.

Group Stage 1 – June 6, 2022

2022 GSL S2: Code 2S group stage will start with the separation of players into 5 different groups. A total of 20 players will be divided into groups of 4 people each. We also see that players choose the races they want to play at this stage.

  • Dual Tournament Format will be applied.
  • Matches in all groups will be Bo3.
  • The top two teams from each group will qualify for Group Stage 2.

Group Stage 2 – TBD

The second stage of the tournament will start with the competition of 10 teams. Teams that successfully leave Group Stage 1 will compete for the Round of 6 and Playoffs.

  • Matches will be played in a round robin format.
  • Also, all matches will be Bo3.
  • There will be 2 different groups in total at Group Stage 2. Players who succeed in placing first in these groups will advance directly to the Playoff semi-finals.
  • Players who placed 2nd and 3rd in the group stage go to the next stage, Round of 6, and continue to fight for the playoffs.

Round of 6

Round of 6 is the last point before the final. At this stage, players have to reflect all their experiences on their games. And we can say that it will be the scene of an incredible competition.

  • Players who managed to come second in Group Stage 2 compete with each other here. The winner advances to the playoffs.
  • The 3rd row players try to determine the winner by playing each other.
  • The final playoff battle will be between the loser in the 2nd players match and the loser in the 3rd players match. The winner participates in the playoffs along with the other players.


There is now one last corner on this great road to IEM Katowice 2023. Those who win the playoffs and become the champions of Starcraft II League Season 2 will be able to participate directly in IEM Katowice 2023. At this point, the players who managed to make it to the semi-finals will have directly bought the upcoming 2022 GSL Season 3 ticket.

  • Single-elimination bracket will be applied.
  • The semi-finals will be Bo5.
  • Also, only the Grand Final will be Bo7.

2022 GSL S2: Code 2S Participating Players

Now we will get to know the players who will compete fiercely throughout the tournament. In addition, we will convey how these players participated in the tournament.

From the 2022 GSL Season 1: Code S (4)

  • Creator – Team NV – Protoss
  • Trap – Freecs – Protoss
  • Dark – Dragon Phoneix Gaming – Zerg
  • Rogue – Dragon Phoneix Gaming – Zerg

From the Qualifier (16)

  • Astrea – Alpha X – Protoss
  • HerO – Dragon Phoneix Gaming – Protoss
  • Zest – Dragon Phoneix Gaming – Protoss
  • Zoun – Alpha X – Protoss
  • Bunny – Team NV – Terran
  • ByuN – Shopify Rebellion – Terran
  • Cure – Dragon Phoneix Gaming – Terran
  • GuMiho – PSISTORM Gaming – Terran
  • KeeN – Freecs – Terran
  • Maru – Onsyde Gaming – Terran
  • Ryung – Team GP – Terran
  • Armani – Freecs – Zerg
  • DRG – Team NV – Zerg
  • RagnaroK – Alpha X – Zerg
  • Solar – KaiZi Gaming – Zerg
  • soO – Freecs – Zerg

As you can see, the first four teams participated directly as a result of their success in 2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S. The other 16 teams were victorious from the Qualifier stage held between 23 and 24 May.

Turnuva Map Pools

Maps are of paramount importance in all Esports tournaments. Since the players know some maps very well, they are in an advantageous position. That’s why it’s important to know which maps players are playing on in Starcraft II. If you want to make Starcraft II informed bets, then you need to analyze the personal performance of the players on the maps. To help you out, we’ll list the maps that will be played throughout the tournament. Let’s take a look.

  • 2000 Atmospheres LE
  • Berlingrad LE
  • Blackburn LE
  • Curious Minds LE
  • Golden Wall LE
  • Hardwire LE
  • Nautilus II

Final Words

In today’s blog post, we tried to talk about Starcraft II Season 2: Code S. We examined the format of the tournament and the players in detail. Players will compete for a huge prize pool of $123,000. The player who succeeds to become the champion will receive a cash prize of $30,000 in total.

Due to the competitive nature of Starcraft II, it is difficult to predict who will be the champion. However, we are sure that the tournament matches will be highly enjoyable to watch. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not miss the matches.

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