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As we all know, Heroes of the Storm was a popular game at a time. But when we look at the current Heroes of the Storm player count, we see that it is not a game like it used to be. So, why is that? Heroes of the Storm, used to be a popular MOBA game that drew a lot of attention for a time, had a 6 million monthly active player count in 2018. But right now, almost a handful of people are playing the game.

HotS is one of the most unique games in the MOBA genre. HotS does not have a mechanic that allows you to buy items during the game with the money you earn from killing minions and opposing heroes. Furthermore, each map in the game is unique, and each map has a unique team task. Although the only way to win the game is to destroy the opposing team’s home base, each map has mechanics that make it easier to do so.

If you’re a fan of Heroes Of The Storm, we have provided the player count on various consoles and PC in our article for you. Let’s take a glance at this article to find out how many Heroes of the Storm active players Heroes of the Storm has.

Why No One Plays Heroes of the Storm?

It’s unclear whether Blizzard intends for this game to become that popular. In fact, HotS has its own dedicated player base. However, as new events are added to the game, the number of players declines significantly. At this point, the most vulnerable aspect is that the game’s heroes and cosmetics are “too pricey.” By “price,” I don’t mean real money, but rather the painstaking accumulation of in-game gold gained. 

You will never have the opportunity to save the money you require, no matter how hard you try. You get so little gold after each match that your passion wanes after a while, and you stop playing. Also, Every era of growth in the game was followed by a time of collapse due to the developers’ poor decisions and misapplications. Bugs in player matching and MMR regions, particularly in ranked modes, drove many players away from HotS.

heroes of the storm player count

The growth of HotS’s player base has quite a lot to do with the Esports scene. It’s like this for every game. All of the talented and competitive players were looking forward to competing in Heroes of the Dorm and HCG, but due to the lack of players and the withdrawal of the most successful players from the tournaments, the competition has waned and is no longer attracting anyone’s attention.

High-level players who don’t like being paired with less skilled players will eventually lose interest in the game. The levels we’re talking about are mostly Master and Grandmaster. Lower-level players will gradually abandon the game due to a lack of esports events to watch.

Tournaments and events are still being held for HotS, meaning bettors can still wage on the matches being played.

How Many People Are Playing Heroes of the Storm in 2021?

As a result, according to the 2018 player count, there are 6.5 million monthly active Heroes of the Storm players. What about right now? We don’t know if we can get a clear answer to our question because Blizzard hasn’t released any information about it.

We can estimate a realistic Heroes of the Storm player count owing to third-party data collection sites. For example, on November 15, 2021, approximately 20,500 people in the United States played one or more Quick Match games. If we add up the number of players in each league and multiply by each location, we may expect at least 100,000 players per month.

This statistic may appear little in comparison to comparable games with 60 million or more monthly active players, but we can see that it is still being played.

Heroes Of The Storm – Twitch Stats 2021

  • Hours watched: 279,330
  • Hours Broadcast: 11,089
  • Average Viewers: 1,662
  • Max Viewers: 5,785

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