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When a fun game like Hot Party gets released, you know it’ll come with a truckload of features. This particular online slot machine has a lot of party tricks up its sleeve, including: 

  • Tropical animations
  • Classic slot machine symbols 
  • Scatter symbols 

In case you didn’t know already, scatter symbols are special symbols in online slots that help you unlock fun bonuses. Essentially, they’re a slot player’s best friend. In Hot Party, the scatter symbols are beach balls, so make sure to scan for them with your eyes. Once you get a beach ball symbol, it will pay at any position on the wheel. Not bad, right? 

Hot Party Demo Version

Key Hot Party Slot Features

Now, here’s a closer look at the history of Hot Party and what it has to offer players. 

Release Year: 2011

Software: Wazdan 

Devices: Hot Party is available to play on PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile. If you ever want to play this game while at the beach, take your smartphone with you! On the other hand, if you’re unwinding at home and want to play Hot Party, you can use your PC or laptop for the ‘big screen’ experience. 

Operating Systems: Hot Party is compatible with Windows, iOS (Apple), Android, and HTML5. 

Minimum Bet: $0.20 

Maximum Bet: $100

Return to Play (RTP): Arcade has an RTP of 96.48%. This is considered a mid-range RTP. 

Jackpot Style: Standard. Hot Party also features a progressive jackpot.  

As you can see, Hot Party is a very accessible online slot game that’s been around for over a decade!

Hot Party Layout

The layout of Hot Party consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 potential pay lines (yep, twenty). With 3 adjustable volatility options, it’s a must-try for any online slot fan. 

The theme of Hot Party is simple: it’s a beach party! With beach-themed slot symbols and catchy Caribbean music playing in the background, this online slot truly creates a party atmosphere through your screen. If you’ve ever been on a trip to an exotic location before, then it might fill you with a little bit of nostalgia. In fact, you’ll likely want to go and book your next vacation after you finish playing Hot Party for the first time!

Hot Party - Wazdan

How to Play Hot Party

Because Hot Party has 5 reels and 20 possible pay lines, it can seem a little complicated when beginners first encounter it. Don’t worry, though – it’s actually very simple. The process is exactly the same as any other online slot machine. After choosing the amount of money you want to bet (e.g., $20), you then click the spin button to get the reels going. You will then win based on how many matching symbols you get. Remember, you can also click the spin button to stop the reels from spinning anytime. 

If you get confused about the pay lines at any point while playing, simply hover your finger or cursor above the side multi-colored sidebars. This will highlight the pay lines clearly across the grid for you to check.

Check Out the Full Hot Party Pay Table Before You Play the Game: 

From classic sevens and bells to anchors and ice creams, these symbols are for all the summertime party fans. It makes for a refreshing change from the more serious and old-school slot games you might have played online before. 

As you can see, the beach ball symbol is the scatter. Keep on spinning until you get it if you want to bag some bonuses. Hopefully, the sun will shine some luck on you! Get started by playing the Hot Party demo version. 

Play Hot Party Game with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies

Here’s some excellent news for beachgoers: you can play Hot Party using Bitcoin and other cryptos. Not to mention, you can also use conventional currencies like the US dollar, too. It’s a beach party, so you can use whichever you like. 

The overview of payment options available on Hot Party is as follows:

  • Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) 
  • Credit card 
  • Debit card 
  • Google Pay 
  • Apple Pay 

As long as you gamble responsibly, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. 

What Certifications Does Hot Party Have?

Hot Party is officially certified by the following bodies:  
The Malta Gaming Authority 
Gambling Commission 
When you head down to this beach party, you can play with total peace of mind.
Where Can I Play Hot Party?
Hot Party is available to play right now using Thunderpick. Get your preferred device – whether it’s your smartphone or tablet – and prepare yourself for some non-stop fun under the sun!

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