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Valorant is a multiplayer FPS game released by Riot Games on June 2, 2020. If you are used to competitive FPS games, it might be time to visit Valorant. Since its debut, it has attracted millions of players and monthly includes more than 15 million players. And the Valorant ranking system, which attracted players to the game, managed to be quite interesting.

The most important reason for reaching millions of players in such a short time is that Valorant is free and has a ranked mode with high-level competition. In addition, the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 eSports tournament, which took place in the past months, increased Valorant’s reputation and attracted the attention of thousands of new players.

If you are a fresh player who is just starting out, you may be wondering about the Valorant ranking system. Although the Valorant ranking system is similar to CSGO, it is not that advanced yet. The ranking system, which has years of experience in CSGO and is constantly being developed, is still in its infancy in Valorant. Let’s take a detailed look at Valorant’s rank system and MMR structure together.

valorant ranking

Valorant Ranking System Review

If you have just started playing Valorant, the ranked system of the game may seem a bit complicated to you. Although the ranked system is generally similar to the ranked system of other games, there are differences that Riot Games has brought. Now let’s take a step-by-step look at the Valorant ranking system.

  • First of all, Riot Games thinks that players should get used to the game before starting ranked matches. Therefore, first of all, you need to win ten unrated matches. However, this rule is constantly changing with the updates. This system included playing at least 20 matches and winning eight matches in the past. After receiving the update, the requirement to win ten matches was introduced. In any case, Riot Games aims for inexperienced players to gain experience first.
  • When you win ten unranked matches in Valorant and get ready for ranked matches, you will see that your rank is unranked. If you want to settle in a rank, you have to play five ranked matches. You will be placed in a suitable league at the end of these matches according to your performance. After that, Valorant has literally started for you.
  • For Valorant, teamwork is the key to winning a match. So try not to play your first ranked matches solo as much as possible. The better you perform in the first matches, the higher your hidden MMR value in the game starts.
  • Finally, we would like to share one more piece of information. If you don’t play ranked matches for 14 days, your rank will be reset. After the reset, you will be placed in a league again after three ranked matches if you return to the game.

Some extra information:

  • In competitive matches, overtime is played if the score reaches 12-12. A draw vote will be made if the winner is not determined in overtime. If the tie vote is unsuccessful, the match continues again. In addition, over time, players are awarded 5,000 credits each round.
  • Individual performances are very important between Iron and Diamond ranks. If you get easy wins, you can rank up quickly. This individual performance does not apply to Immortal and Radiant ranks. At that level, you have absolutely no choice but to win.
  • To fall through the ranks, you have to lose when you have 0 points. You will never fall below the 80 ranking rating when you fall in the rank. Riot Games provides all kinds of opportunities for you to reload where you fell. If you win a match after falling, you can get 10 RR bonus points.

Valorant Rank and Tiers Guide

The Valorant rank system consists of clusters with various classifications. Each league has a unique name and a secret point system. And the ranks are ordered from lowest to best. With the ranked points, you get from every match you win, you can climb these ranks with fast steps.

valorant ranks


Most beginner players usually start at the Iron or Bronze rank. Some exceptional players with very high performance may start at higher tiers.

iron rank
  • Iron I
  • Iron II
  • Iron III


bronze rank

Generally, it is the cluster where the players who enter the ranked matches are settled after getting too hot in unranked matches. Even if it is a little bit, people who manage to play well can quickly get out of Bronze.

  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III


silver rank

The Silver rank sees a bridge stage for higher ranks. In general, players cannot hold on in this league much; they either quickly fall to a lower league or quickly rise to the goal.

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III


gold rank

According to our impressions of the Gold League, it is a tier where good players do not play the game all the time. Because in this rank, sometimes very bad players can come to your team, and sometimes players who can show high-level play can come to your team. We can call it the swamp of Valorant.

  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III


platinum rank

Players in this cluster are players who have reached a certain level and are still developing.

  • Plat I
  • Plat II
  • Plat III


diamond rank

The point where the fierce competition begins is the Diamond rank. In each game, you have to show your unique skills. Most players in this rank are successful players who progress steadily in league jumping.

  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III


immortal rank

It is one of the hardest ranks in the game. It is a league where players who consistently win a streak and generally become MVPs in every match can hold on. Players of this rank are included in a 1% portion specific to their region.

  • Immortal I
  • Immortal II
  • Immortal III


radiant rank

We can say that this rank is the peak of Valorant, where the best ones take place. Most of the players here are patient, ambitious, and constantly practicing. Only 500 players from each region can reach the rank of Radiant.

Rank Distribution

There are some statistics that show which rank the players in Valorant are in the most. However, this information is not data provided by Riot Games and is obtained from third-party sites. Blitz, one of such sites, gathers data by examining the statistics of millions of users. In addition, these data cover the period valid until November 2021.

rank distribution

Which Ranks Can Play Together in Valorant?

Valorant has a system that exists in most games to keep the balance in competitive matchmaking. This system works like this; You cannot enter the same game with people who are at a very low level and at the same time at a very high level. This means that you will only be matched with players of your own level. So, let’s see which ranks can enter the game together.

  • Players between Iron 1 and Silver 3 can play together.
  • The same conditions apply for Silver 1 and Gold 3.
  • Between Gold 1 and Platinum 3
  • For Platinum and beyond, these conditions are getting a little harder. For example, a player in Diamond 1 can enter a game with Platinum 1, while at the highest level, they can play with players in Immortal 1.
valorant rank matchups

What are the Valorant Rank System Details? How Do I Rank Down?

The Valorant ranking system works with a different algorithm. In general, the death kills, wins, and losses you receive make you gain and lose points. With the new update, you will see the rank you will receive with a bar arranged over 100 points.

When this bar reaches 100%, you will be promoted to the next rank. Likewise, there are some factors that affect your score in terms of defeat. Even if one of your team leaves and you lose that match, you will get a certain point accordingly if you are the MVP. Or, if you leave the match, you can lose points and get different penalties.

Ranking Decay

As we are used to from CSGO and other multiplayer FPS games, Valorant does not have a rank reduction system. The only de-ranking algorithm happens if you don’t play ranked games for a long time. You can solve this situation by playing three ranked matches when you return to the game.

Penalties in Competitive Matches

  • Players remaining AFK will no longer gain XP.
  • At the start of the game, the rank points of the players who remain AFK will decrease slightly.
  • Players who remain AFK in the game will lose their rank points at a certain level.
  • Players who stay AFK constantly face queue restrictions.
  • Toxic players who persistently do this will be banned from ranked games. Players who remain AFK despite this will be banned entirely from Valorant.

Factors Affecting the Valorant Ranked Points System

Many players have wondered how the ranked scoring system in Valorant works. As it is known, a team has to win 13 rounds to win the game. If you are on the losing side, you already know that you will get negative points. However, here are some details. For example, in a ranked match, there is a significant point difference between the points scored in the match ending 13-2 and the match ending 13-12. The reason for this difference is related to your effort, being the MVP, and getting a lot of kills.

What is Valorant MMR?

The Valorant ranking system works with MMR as the other games. The MMR system is a graded scoring system that is secretly calculated based on your performance, as we are used to in most games. Riot Games uses these calculations to make fairer matches in ranked starts.

To put it in simpler language, the Rank system is like a long road. Your MMR score determines every step you take on this path. This system is different from RR or Rank Rating. Let’s explain the details of RR now.

  • If your MMR is higher than your current rank, you will gain more RR for wins and less RR for losses.
  • If your MMR score is the same as your rank, you will get almost equal RR points for wins and losses.
  • If your MMR is lower than your rank, you will gain less RR for wins and more RR for losses.
valorant mmr

What is Rank Rating?

In short, Rank Rating is the sum of the points you get from each ranked match. The RR scoring system is calculated based on your victories and your performance in matches. If you want to rise to the next rank from the rank you are in; you must earn 100 RR points in total. Simply put, the RR score distribution works as follows;

  • From the Matches You Won; You get 10- 50 RR. If you have Diamond or higher rank, you will earn +5 RR more.
  • In Matches You Lose: You get 0 or -30 RR. Again, if you have a Diamond or higher rank, you will experience a maximum 50 RR point reduction.
  • Tie: This is usually calculated based on performance.
rank rating

MMR and RR Similarities

MMR and RR are completely different scoring systems. While MMR allows you to match players of equal rank, RR determines your rank based on your performance in competitive matches. We know it’s a bit confusing; let’s keep it simple.

  • MMR is data that is calculated confidentially and used to provide the most ideal match for you. In short, MMR is your degree of matchmaking.
  • RR is the general expression of your scores based on your performance, wins, and losses. Your rank is calculated with the points you get from here, and your level is determined. In short, RR points are used to determine your place in the Valorant ranking system.
  • Generally speaking, your RR will determine your rank according to your performance, and MMR will confirm that you belong to that rank.

What is Act Rank?

The Act Rank is a system that displays the highest tier you’ve played and climbed up to this time. You can unlock the Act Rank after nine ranked matches. The reason for this section is so that players can see their actual rank clearly.

valorant rank overview

For example, you were promoted to Diamond this season and then fell back to Platinum after a while. As a result of the matches you win in Diamond rank, your Act Rank is determined as Diamond and shows your actual rank. When that part is over, your rank will appear as a badge in competitive games.

Regional Leaderboards

If you’ve become a top Valorant player, you may be wondering what rank you are in. With the latest updates, the leaderboards feature has been activated. It is a simple system where you can see detailed information about your profile after searching with your Riot ID.

If you are a beginner player, you will not be able to benefit from this service offered by Riot Games. Because first, you need to play at least 50 competitive games. After you pass this stage, you can take your place on the leaderboards. In addition, if you can achieve high-level achievements, you can even see your name in the top 10 rankings.

Fast Ranking in Valorant in 5 Steps

Every competitive game has its own style. After you adapt to these games, you develop your own style and rise to certain levels accordingly. In this section, we will share some tactics to rank up fast. But remember, these tactics will not easily lead you to success. If your personal skills and performance are high, these tactics will be complementary for you.

valorant gameplay
  1. Choose Yourself an Agent

Valorant currently has 18 agents in total. Each agent has unique characteristics and abilities. This gives rise to various strategies and tactics. What you need to do is to determine the agent you play best and master all the actions of that agent. Remember, most professional eSports players have a signature champion. That’s why you need to constantly practice and improve yourself with the agent you choose.

  1. Learning Team and Agent Compositions

In Valorant, you will need serious teammate support for Diamond and higher ranks. For this, first, try to get a few teammates who can play at your level. However, when making this choice, try to identify suitable people for the game meta of the Agent that you have mastered. That’s why building a team composition is extremely important. So, what should be considered when setting up a ranked team?

  • It is essential to always have three or five friends playing support in your friend list. Who wouldn’t want to see a player who has mastered Sage on their team?
  • If you need someone to take the role of Carry in your team, choose players who have mastered agents such as Reyna, Raze, and Phoenix.
  • Avoid people who say they can play any agent as possible. It is important to have a long friend list, but sometimes you may not get the best results. Therefore, take care to establish a core team where you prioritize a few people.
  1. Obtaining Map Information

Perhaps the indispensable tactic of Valorant ranked matches is experience on the maps. Knowing where you can throw flashes and bombs on the map always puts you one step ahead. At the same time, mastering the maps also allows you to make quick kills by pre-cutting the points where the opponent can come in when you are defending. Valorant eSports matches feature maps where most teams play best. In general, professional players and teams constantly practice on these maps.

  1. Team Communication

Another key to defeating Valorant is communication. Having clear and fluent communication with your teammates takes you one step ahead. In particular, the clearer and more accurate the information you provide about the opponent, the more superior you will be to your teammates. In short, the details of communication are as follows;

  • Never flame your teammates while communicating. When you die, prefer a calm tone instead of shouting at the point where you need to give information. This will allow your teammate to focus better.
  • Try to use the info the team gives you wisely. Sometimes you can get wrong information; at this point, show your reaction in moderation. The more effective and supportive communication you use, the closer you will be to victory.
  1. The economy in the Game

In general, the most important point for players who play at high ranks is the in-game economy. When you spend your money consistently per round, it is almost impossible not to gain an edge over your opponent.

  • In Valorant, some matches go head-to-head. Sometimes you win consecutive rounds, and sometimes you lose consecutively. It is very important to make a harmonious economy with your team in such cases.
  • You can draw your weapons and win that round by spending the money you get in the lost rounds at the same time with your team.
  • Not everyone on your team can buy a weapon of their own choosing. Talk to your team, especially before buying expensive weapons like the Operator. Because your purchasing power can determine the fate of the game.

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