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Rainbow Six: Siege is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. There are many game modes as well as single-player and multiplayer modes. R6, which hundreds of thousands of people have loved since its debut in 2015, continues to be played even in 2021. So, what is the Rainbow Six Siege player count?

In this article, we will share detailed information about Rainbow Six Siege player count, twitch statistics, and how many people play the game. We will also share information about the new game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, which is expected to be released in January 2022. Have a pleasant reading.

Before we get into detailed statistics, we need to remind you that Rainbow Six Siege is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Because if we want to achieve a realistic number of players, we need to analyze the statistics of all platforms in detail. Now let’s take a closer look at how many people play Rainbow Six Siege together.

Rainbow Six Siege: Player Count

In the R6 Player Count statistics, we will only evaluate Playstation and Steam because we do not have any statistics about Xbox.

A minimum of 40,000 people play Rainbow Six Siege on Steam every day.

There is a slight decrease in the number of active players in Rainbow Six Siege compared to the previous months. Based on November 2021, an average of 37,858 people play R6 simultaneously. The highest player count of Rainbow Six Siege varies between 70,000 and 100,000.

In addition, the number of simultaneous activities decreased by 50% from 85,157 compared to the previous months. 

Let’s take a more detailed look at the 1-year average number of Steam users with a simple table. In this way, you can more clearly see the decrease in the number of players that R6 has experienced at an annual rate.

rainbox six statistics
MonthAverage PlayersPeak Players
December 202142,12483,292
November 202137,85871,142
October 202143,01679,691
September 202151,139111,554
August 202149,90693,643
July 202153,47489,513
June 202154,960100,214
May 202158,274108,281
April 202174,616142,422
March 202185,157199,830
February 202172,382113,338
January 202177,717123,637
December 202170,721123,374

Rainbow Six Siege Total Steam Player Count 2021

According to current statistics, as of June 2021, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is in the top 10 of the most played games on Steam. There are a total of 17.3 million estimated players on Steam. In addition, only 4.7 million of these players are still active players.

Rainbow Six Siege Reaches Highest Player Count in March 2021

In March 2021, Rainbow Six Siege set a good record with a 199,830 active player count. In addition, an average of 85,157 people were playing the game that month. This success is due to the release of the Crimson Heist Operation update and also the availability of the free weekend event.

rainbow six highest player count

General Statistics

Although an extra number has not been announced at the moment, Rainbow Six Siege reached the highest number of 70 million players in total across all platforms. That was 60 million about a year ago. Currently, 4.7 million people are actively playing Rainbow Six Siege.

Thanks to the marketing moves implemented by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege has managed to increase the player count on all platforms.

  • 20 Million Players in August 2017
  • 25 Million players in February 2017
  • 30 Million Players in April 2018
  • 40 Million Players as of October 2018
  • Finally, the player count of R6 increased to 50 million in September 2019 and 60 million in May 2020.

In November 2020, 29 Million Players were playing Rainbow Six Siege on PS4.

According to the data published in Gamstat, there are a total of 29 million R6 players on PS4. Of these, 680,000 are players who have returned to the game. 

Special support for next-generation consoles has been added, especially with a new update released in December 2020. Unlocking 120 FPS on Xbox Series X and PS5 is the most important of these supports.

Rainbow Six Siege Raised $2.5 Billion From 2015 to 2021

According to a report published by Ubisoft in 2019, R6 had earned $ 1.1 billion in revenue until then. You may find this figure very high, but when you hear about the winnings of other games, you will stop thinking about it.

In particular, Grand Theft Auto V earned $1 billion during its first three days of release. Considering that Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015, 1.1 billion dollars in 4 years is not a very high figure compared to giants in the gaming industry.

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Statistics

Rainbow Six Siege was the 10th most-watched game on Twitch in May 2021. However, as the months progressed, this ranking dropped to 17th. From these statistics, you can tell if Rainbow Six Siege will be famous in 2022.

rainbow six on twitch
  • As of December 2021, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been watched by viewers for 195,740,163 hours on Twitch.
  • Again, according to the current statistics of 2021, a total of 10,132,409 hours were streamed. These statistics are 25.6% less than the previous year. This is due to the decrease in interest in R6 over time.
  • This year, an average of 22,344 people watched Rainbow Six Siege.
  • As of the last months of 2021, the maximum number of viewers watching R6 is 272,726.
  • 624,720 users streamed Rainbow Six Siege on Twitch Platform this year.
  • Compiling all twitch statistics, R6 ranks 21st in the average number of viewers this year.

What is Rainbow Six Extraction? New Rainbow Six Siege Game Will Be Released January 2022

If you have read our article so far, you can see that Rainbow Six Siege has lost players. Aware of this, Ubisoft started counting the days for the release of Rainbow Six Extraction, a game it has been developing for a long time. 

Ubisoft announced the game as Rainbow Six Quarantine in the past years. However, due to the association with the Covid-19 disease, it was decided to change the name and announced again as Extraction.

new rainbox six game

Especially in recent years, due to the decrease in interest in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft, which is looking for fresh blood, is trying to attract players with a different playing style. The game will have a story system and various modes where we will engage in tactical battles against aliens online. Let’s look at the details of the game.

  • Currently, 18 operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • There will be a total of 12 maps that will be constantly updated on the game’s release date.
  • There will be 13 missions, high rewards, 25 devices, 69 different weapons, and 13 new enemy types in total in the game’s flow. It will also feature an extensive progression system, storyline, multiplayer co-op, solo play, and cross-platform support.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will be released for Xbox Series X-S, PS5-PS4, Xbox One, and PC in January 2022. According to the latest information announced by Ubisoft, if you pre-order right now, you can get the Orbital Decay package as a gift. This pack contains some cosmetic items.


In this article, we tried to convey to you where Rainbow Six Siege is in 2021 as much as possible. In particular, we created a table by collecting Rainbow Six Siege’s Twitch statistics, cross-platform player counts, and Steam player count data from third-party sites. 

However, it should not be forgotten that we cannot say that this data is absolutely accurate because Ubisoft does not currently share precise data.

If you have any information you want to share with us about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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