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Want to know how to bet on CS:GO matches but have no clue where to begin your journey? We’ll explain everything you need to know about betting on this iconic esports title, from what it is to how you can place bets. You’ll also find explanations of the popular CS:GO betting types, plus essential tips for beginners.

Please note: We do not guarantee success with these tips. Odds examples are fictional. Thunderpick is not responsible for any losses incurred.

What is CS:GO?

Valve released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) in August 2012 via Steam. It is a team-based first-person shooter (FPS) with five players per side. There are 30 Rounds in regulation time, and teams swap sides halfway through, giving each team a chance at playing both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

The Terrorist side is tasked with planting and defending the bomb, while the Counter-Terrorists must stop their enemies from planting the bomb by defending the two bomb sites or defusing the bomb if it gets planted. Players manage their in-game economy, purchasing weapons and equipment such as Flash or Smoke grenades if they lost or used them in the previous round.

CS:GO is considered one of the best esports titles globally, with exhilarating tactical gameplay, huge prize pools, excellent event production, and live crowds cheering on their favorite teams.

How Do You Bet on CS:GO?

Once you complete registration and make a cryptocurrency deposit, you can start betting on CS:GO esports, including placing wagers with popular bet types on different tournaments.

Top CS:GO Tournaments for Betting

At Thunderpick, you can bet on all the top tournaments, such as BLAST Premier events, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), ESL Pro League, and Majors. We also feature minor regional leagues, such as ESEA, with many CS:GO betting opportunities.

You’ll find the best CS:GO tournaments to bet on and their respective start/end dates below.

  • Thunderpick World Championship: July 10 to Novermber 5
  • ThundrBLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023: July 13 to July 23
  • IEM Cologne 2023: July 25 to August 6
  • Gamers8 2023: August 16 to August 20
  • ESL Pro League Season 18: August 30 to October 1
  • BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023: November 22 to November 26
  • BLAST Premier World Final 2023: December 12 to December 17

Popular CS:GO Bet Types

As one of the best bookmakers (betting sites), we feature a variety of betting options. You’ll learn about the most popular CS:GO betting lines below, not including the standard match-winner bet.

Tournament Winner: You’ll choose the team you think will win an event, also known as Outright betting.

Handicap: This betting line lets you “handicap” a CS:GO team. For example, bettors can handicap Astralis with -1.5 maps in a best-of-three (BO3) match. Astralis must win 2-0. If Astralis wins 2-1, the effect of the -1.5 maps handicap means their score for this wager is 0.5 against the one (1) map of their opponents, Ninjas in Pyjamas. If a team is a heavy underdog, you can also turn things around with a +1.5 wager.

Over/Under: You’ll choose whether you think a match will go over or under a specific number of maps played. For example, Over 2.5 indicates three maps played. The Over/Under bet type in CS:GO is also used for Rounds, where you’ll choose whether you believe a map will over or under a specific number of Rounds before one team wins.

Map Winner: In BO3 or BO5 matches, you’ll choose which team you think will win a specific map with this pre-match betting line.

Kills Betting: Choose if a player will score over or under a specified number of kills on a map; for example, Player A with “Over 18.5” kills means this player needs to score 19 kills or higher before a map completes.

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also first blood, pistol round winner, round scores, and overtime betting types to enjoy.

Best CS:GO Betting Tips

Are you new to CS:GO esports betting? That’s okay! We’ve got some of the best beginner tips to get the ball rolling.

Do Research

The key to winning CS:GO bets is doing diligent research. Bettors can research previous matchups between two teams, performances in different environments (LAN or online), and stats on specific maps to gain an advantage.

Understand How Odds Work

Odds are numerical representations of a bookmaker’s confidence that an outcome will occur. Popular odds types include Fractional, American, and Decimal. Choose the odds type you are most comfortable with. For example, the decimal odds mathematical equation is Bet x Odds = Payout.

Pick a Staking Method

There are various staking methods to employ as strategies for CS:GO betting. The two main staking methods are Fixed (choosing a specific wager amount and sticking to it) and Proportional (a percentage-based staking method). We suggest staying away from Martingale, which is a loss recovery system.

Try Live Betting

The only thing more exciting than live-streaming CS:GO matches is practicing live betting (in-play wagers) while they are occuring. To participate, head to the CS:GO live betting page.

Start by Setting Up Your Thunderpick Account

Now that we’ve answered your questions about how to bet on CS:GO it’s time to try a few bets. To get started, navigate to our registration page. Once you complete the signup process and choose your preferred payment methods, follow the steps below to bet on CS:GO esports.

  1. Head to our CS:GO betting page.
  2. Browse upcoming and live matches or search for specific events or teams.
  3. Select a CS:GO match bet from the main betting page, then add your wager via the bet slip.
  4. Open a specific match for specific betting lines/types to see all the diverse options.
  5. Select a single bet via your bet slip, or string together a Combo Bet.

Bet on CS:GO Today

With the inherent speed, safety, and reliability of crypto such as Bitcoin when compared to real money, you can immediately start betting on CS:GO esports at Thunderpick – one of the best gambling sites. There are always matches running, so navigate to our CS:GO betting page to get started right now!

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