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Want to know how to get free LoL skins? You’re in luck. As it turns out, there are plenty of ways for Summoners to customize their champions in the Rift. And you won’t even need to spend a penny!

This guide will detail all the legitimate ways to get free League of Legends skins. Whether you’re eyeing a specific skin for Lux or a random skin for Miss Fortune, we’ve got you covered. We also have you covered if you want to check out the latest League of Legends odds and what LoL bets are available.

Can You Actually Get Free LoL Skins?

Yes! There are many legit ways to earn free skins in League of Legends. These include the Hextech Crafting system, where you can combine Skin Shards with Orange Essence. You can also get freebies by participating in special events or giveaways run by Riot Games.

Riot sometimes gifts skins as part of certain milestones or achievements in-game. But if it’s your first time claiming free LoL skins, you should be mindful of fake offers and phishing sites. The internet is riddled with scammers trying to make a buck off unsuspecting League of Legends players, so do your research before you open your wallet.

Four Legit Ways To Earn Free Skins

Are you looking to unlock stunning visuals without spending any of your hard-earned Riot Points? Keep reading! Here are the legitimate methods to get free skins in this popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game.

1. Complete Various Small Tasks

The easiest way to nab a free LoL skin involves monitoring the official League of Legends social media channels. While most of the promotional campaigns below are no longer active, we wanted to take you on a trip down memory lane for the sake of nostalgia. It also serves as a reminder of where to watch for potential skin giveaways.

  • The Riot Girl Tristana skin was a free reward for “liking” the official Riot Games Facebook page.
  • The Dreadknight Garen skin was a gift for following the official Riot Games Twitter page.
  • You used to be able to unlock the Unchained Alistar skin by subscribing to the Riot Games YouTube channel. Sadly, the promotional link doesn’t work anymore. You could still try your luck by logging a support ticket explaining that you’ve subscribed to potentially receive the skin.
  • You used to be able to get free LoL skins by referring players to League of Legends via Riot’s Refer-A-Friend program, which is now retired. Specifically, three referrals would grant you the Grey Warwick, while five would earn you the Medieval Twitch skin.
  • You may still be able to unlock the Sanguine Garen skin by reaching Level 5 on your Summoner account.

2. Earn Season Rewards

Victorious skins are one of the most coveted in-game rewards you can earn each season! In Split 1 of 2023, you could access the Victorious Anivia skin and its Chromas simply by playing Ranked matches, accruing Split Points, and maintaining an Honor Level of at least 2.

League of Legends players in the Iron, Bronze, or Silver tiers need 1,600 Split Points to get the skin, while those in Gold through Challenger require just 80. These requisites may change in future seasons. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re demoted after unlocking your new skin—it’s yours to keep forever.

Below is a glimpse at additional season rewards LoL enthusiasts can strive for:

  • Hextech Chest
  • Hextech Key
  • Ward Skin Shard
  • Victorious Emote
  • Permanent Skin
  • Victorious Icon
  • Mystery Emote
  • Orange Essence
  • Eternals Capsule

3. Win LoL Tournaments

You didn’t think you’d be able to snag free LoL skins without putting in a little work, did you? But don’t worry. The good news is you can unlock the Triumphant Ryze skin by winning any eligible League of Legends esports tournament. Not all events will qualify, though.

And no, you don’t have to go pro. We’re sure the LCS would be a much better place with you in it, but any rookie esports event should do the trick.

You’ll receive a Triumphant Ryze skin code once you win a League of Legends tournament. Follow these steps to redeem it:

  • Log in to the League of Legends client and click the “Store” button.
  • Click the “Account” button and look for the “Redeem Codes” section.
  • Paste your unique Triumphant Ryze skin code to redeem your free skin.

4. Earn And Use Your Skin Shards

You can also use Skin Shards to earn skins for your favorite League of Legends champions. You can obtain these shards through Hextech Crafting by opening Hextech Chests. In short, every time a player on your team scores an S- or higher grade on a champion, you’ll get a chest!

To open a Hextech Chest, you need a Hextech Key, which you’ll receive for winning LoL games. Hextech Chests offer rewards ranging from Champion Shards and Ward Skins, to Emotes and Skin Shards. In the latter case, you have a few options:

  • Disenchant the Skin Shard in exchange for Orange Essence.
  • Reroll three Skin Shards to receive a random Permanent Skin.
  • Upgrade the Skin Shard to a Permanent Skin using Orange Essence.

The amount of Orange Essence required to get a Permanent Skin depends on the skin’s rarity and price. On the other hand, skin variants like Prestige skins require Mythic Essence, which you can only get from Hextech and Masterwork chests.

Other Ways To Get Free Skins

Keep an eye out for Twitch Drops and Amazon Prime Gaming rewards campaigns, which may offer free LoL skins. Promotional events, such as the debut of the Netflix series Arcane, can also offer players free skins. The possibilities are endless.

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