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It’s time to dive into an early preview of the upcoming 2023 IIHF World Championship. The tournament will take place from May 12 to 28 in Tampere, Finland, and Riga, Latvia, and will feature some of the best ice hockey players from around the world. This guide will discuss the teams, venues, matchups, and more for this highly anticipated event. So, mark your calendars and get ready for an epic tournament!

When: Fri, May 12, 2023 – Sun, May 28, 2023

The IIHF World Championship is an annual event in which teams compete for the title of best in the world. The tournament has been held since 1920 and is organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Historically, the tournament has been dominated by European teams, but in recent years, Asian and North American countries have joined the competition. This year’s edition will feature 16 teams divided into two groups of eight.

Group A:









Group B:









Each team will play seven games in the round-robin format with a four-game playoff system to determine the winner. The top four teams from both Group A and B will advance to the quarterfinals, while the two bottom-place finishers in each group will play a consolation game.

Every participating team is stacked with some of the best ice hockey players in the world. Canada, who won gold at last year’s championship, is expected to be one of the top contenders once again, led by captain Sidney Crosby. Sweden will look to get their title back from 2019 as they boast a roster full of NHL stars such as Gabriel Landeskog and Elias Pettersson.

The United States will be looking to make a statement this year with two-time Olympic gold medalist Patrick Kane leading the way. Other teams to watch out for include Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Switzerland. That’s because these teams have had success in recent years and could be dark horse contenders for the championship.

The tournament will be split between two host countries: Tampere, Finland, and Riga, Latvia. Both cities have hosted IIHF World Championship events in the past and are prepared to provide an exciting atmosphere for this year’s event. Of course, the tournament will be viewable from anywhere in the world via streaming services. Not only will viewers be able to watch the tournament live, but they’ll also have access to a host of post-game highlights and analyses. This should give audience members the inside scoop on the competition and help them navigate the dizzying array of teams that will be competing.

This is sure to be one of the most exciting tournaments in recent memory, so make sure to mark your calendars and get ready for some world-class ice hockey! Follow the #IIHFWorlds2023 and see the IIHF’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to get more details.

How to Bet on IIHF World Championship

If you want to place your bet now on the 2023 IIHF World Championship, you can use Thunderpick. Sign up for an account today to start betting on the 2023 IIHF World Championship with the best odds. You’ll need to research the teams and understand the game to make the right bets. The team you bet on will significantly impact your bet’s outcome, so pick wisely! 

Good luck, and always remember to gamble responsibly. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the tournament when you’ve placed your stake in it. The competition is sure to be intense and full of surprises, so make sure you’re prepared with the best bets!

IIHF World Championship: Participants

As mentioned above, the 2023 IIHF World Championship teams include Austria, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States. This is a star-studded lineup that features some of the greatest hockey players in the world. The tournament will begin on May 12, 2023, and conclude with the championship game on May 28, 2023. 

This will be an exciting event for ice hockey fans from all over the world. It also provides an excellent opportunity to learn about ice hockey cultures, styles, and strategies. The tactics of ice hockey are constantly evolving, and the 2023 IIHF World Championship will surely showcase some of the most innovative techniques. For instance, teams like Canada and the United States are expected to use modern power play tactics that focus on speed and precision. This involves quickly getting the puck to the net and taking advantage of any defensive lapses. 

Another tactic that is gaining traction is the use of analytics. Analytics allow teams to track play-by-play data and make adjustments on the fly. For example, teams may adjust a defenceman’s positioning depending on the puck’s location. That allows them to defend the scoring zone better and create more scoring chances. Not only will the 2023 IIHF World Championship be full of exciting hockey action, but it might also provide insight into the real-time evolution of tactics. What better stage to show off your skills than a global event like the World Championship?


The IIHF World Championship will be a fantastic event for ice hockey fans everywhere. Get ready for an exciting tournament that’s sure to provide thrilling action on the ice! With some of the best players worldwide competing, this event is one you won’t want to miss. 

The 2023 IIHF World Championship will no doubt be the most iconic yet in its entire history. With the best teams in the world competing, the stakes are higher than ever, leading to some truly excellent gameplay for fans to enjoy watching. Don’t forget to cheer loud and proud when your team takes the ice at this year’s IIHF World Championship. Mark your calendars now — May 12-28, 2023 — and prepare for a fantastic tournament. Enjoy the action, and always remember to bet responsibly!

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