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Here at Thunderpick, we’re always listening to your feedback and are excited to announce the release of a new feature requested by you, our players. 

The Bet Cancel feature has been released this week and it will allow players to cancel their bets as long as the odds haven’t changed.

Bet Cancel works perfectly alongside the Cashout feature, with the two giving you complete control over your wagers. 

What is Bet Cancel?

This is a feature dedicated to single wagers allowing players to “resign” their open bets given the odds haven’t changed since they first made their wager. The Bet Cancel will return a player’s wagers without any fees involved. 

How does Bet Cancel work?

The “Cancel” button will be clearly visible in a player’s Pending Bets section. A player can see their wager, odds and potential return. If a player wants to retract their bet, they simply need to click on the “Cancel” button.

The player will then be sent to the screen below to confirm their action. Once this is confirmed the wager would be returned to the player’s account without recurring any fees. 

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