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Making a definitive return to live events with an exciting new game format, Overwatch League 2022 season 5 kicked off with KickOff Clash on May 5. One thing that makes Kickoff Clash exciting is that the games in the season use some of the dynamics of Overwatch 2, which is still in beta. For example, it changed to a 5v5 game format instead of a 6v6 game format.  In addition, a new mode and a hero is added to the game.

Thanks to all this, OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash, which started on May 5, provides a different viewing experience.

OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash Format and Full Details

While Kickoff Clash carries the innovations from the Overwatch 2 beta version it includes, we have to watch it with eager and curious eyes. Moreover, while getting to know the new format, the best teams in the world guide.

First, Kickoff Clash Qualifiers started on May 5 and will end on May 29. Thanks to the league match points collected at the end of the Qualifiers, the teams participating in the OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash Finals on June 2 will be determined.

Kickoff Clash Qualifiers are finally bringing innovations from Overwatch 2 Kickoff Clash Qualifiers. So, tournaments are great opportunities to familiarize yourself with the new version of the game. Therefore, it includes innovations such as playing the matches in 5v5 format in Kickoff Clash Qualifiers. In addition, the matches of this season, in which new updates are made, are both instructive and exciting.

First of all, a total of 20 teams are competing. These 20 teams compete in two separate regions, East and West. As a result, teams in the top eight in the West and the top four in the East will qualify for the OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash Finals. 

Thanks to the league match points collected at the end of these qualifiers, the teams participating in the OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash Finals on June 2 will be determined.

How to Earn League Points?

Thanks to the League points they collect, they will gain an advantage in tournaments that will take place throughout the season. Generally, teams earn 1 League Point for each knockout win. In addition, qualifying for the Tournament makes an additional 1 point. Also, whichever team wins the regional tournaments will earn 3 League points. Additionally, the second team earns 2 points.

If we understand how the scoring system works, let’s look at which teams are competing for the Final of OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash.

OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash East Teams

Owl 2022: 7 teams play in the Kickoff Clash East region. Here are those teams:

  • Chengdu Hunters
  • Guangzhou Charge
  • Hangzhou Spark
  • Los Angeles Valiant
  • Philadelphia Fusion
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Shanghai Dragons

In the first place, the Seoul Dynasty is playing one more game than the other teams. In addition, Los Angeles Valiant was in a difficult position as they did not win any of the matches they played.

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OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash West Teams

13 teams play in the OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash West region. Here are those teams:

  • San Francisco Shock
  • Los Angeles Gladiators
  • Vancouver Titans
  • Dallas Fuel
  • Houston Outlaws
  • Atlanta Reign
  • New York Excelsior
  • Boston Uprising
  • Washington Justice
  • Toronto Defiant
  • London Spitfire
  • Paris Eternal
  • Florida Mayhem

The San Francisco Shock was the most fantastic team in the West region’s 5 games. Because they dominated the group by winning all five games. Additionally, Dallas Fuel finished second with four wins in five games.

We don’t know yet which team won in the West region, but we do know who lost; New York Excelsior, Vancouver Titans, and Paris Eternal will not qualify for the Kickoff Clash Finals. 

OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash Prize Pool

At the end of the Kickoff Clash Qualifiers, which will end on May 29, 12 teams, 8 teams from the West group and 4 teams from the East group, will compete for the $225,000 prize pool in the OWL 2022: Kickoff Clash Finals.

In the Kickoff Clash Qualifiers, What Happens Right Now?

Owl 2022: We’ve entered the Final week of Kickoff Clash Qualifiers. The excitement of each match increased with the competitive scoreboard. Especially in the Eastern region, we can see many position changes with the completion of the missing matches. 

In addition, there are many matches worth watching in the West on the weekend. For those who plan to spend a quiet weekend in front of the TV at home, the matches that will not be quiet:

  • Florida Mayhem VS Washington Justice match to be held on May 28 will be full of competition. We will see what these two teams will do on Saturday, which is very close on the scoreboard.
  • To be held on May 29; The Los Angeles Gladiators VS Atlanta Reign match is worth watching. Moreover, both teams won 3 wins in their last 5 matches.
  • Things may not go well for Dallas if the 10th-placed Boston Uprising can perform astonishingly against the 2nd-place Dallas Fuel. You should definitely watch the Boston Uprising VS Dallas Fuel match on May 29.

As we wrap up the last week of the Qualifiers, you have to believe it if we say that every remaining match is exciting. Therefore these qualifiers, which will determine everything for the Finals on June 2, provide moments that we can’t wait to watch and feed our competitive side.

Final Words

At the end of the fourth week, the Qualifiers’ results will be known. Moreover, the teams appear close to each other on the scoreboard. So, will the San Francisco Shock be able to maintain their streak?

In tournaments, where gaining league points gives excellent advantages, and the scoreboard progresses so competitively, the excitement is naturally at the highest level. With even Kickoff Clash’s Qualifiers so breathtaking, people are looking forward to the Finals starting June 2.

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