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From the moment League of Legends stepped into the professional arena until today, fierce competition continues. Mouse settings are essential for League of Legends, as we are used to in most competitive games. As you know, especially in MOBA types of games, mouse movements, speed, and DPI settings are very important because you need to move your character so fast with mouse clicks that you can only dodge the opponent’s skills in this way.

That’s why it’s extremely important to adjust your mouse settings and set specific settings for your own playing style. If you want to show incredible reflexes in the Summoner Valley like pro players, this guide may be so helpful for you.

You probably may not have made any mouse adjustments in League of Legends. We will provide you with step-by-step suggestions for optimizing your mouse DPI settings. Let’s take a closer look at how you can improve your performance in League of Legends.

What Is DPI & eDPI? What Does It Do?

DPI is short for “dot per inch”, which determines your mouse sensitivity across the screen.  The setting used to calculate the sensitivity of your mouse is called DPI. To put it in even simpler language, it can also be called “mouse resolution”. The higher your DPI value, the better your mouse can read click points.

DPI setting is extremely important for gamers and allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse cursor. Especially, most of the professional gamers always buy a mouse by looking at the DPI value. DPI is often a value that is extremely difficult to detect. Therefore, you can find out how much this value is in the product description of the brand you buy.

In the gaming mouse market, mouses between 800 and 1000 DPI are generally bought and sold. However, lately, gamers have started to prefer mouses with adjustable DPI instead of mouses with fixed DPI values. In this way, players determine the most comfortable DPI value for them.


Sensitivity is the mouse setting that you can make in the game’s own settings. Unlike DPI, it is only valid for the game you have set. This setting is often used by gamers to set different sensitivities for different games. Especially considering that every game has different gameplay, it is always important to set special sensitivity.

League of Legends eDPI Calculator 

It’s a fine-tuning of your eDPI mouse sensitivity, known as DPI, multiplied by your in-game sensitivity. To put it simply, you find your eDPI value by multiplying your in-game sensitivity by the sensitivity of your mouse.

Let’s make it easier with an example;

DPI of 1600, and an in-game sens of 2.

eDPI = 3200 (1600*2)

Why Should I Use the eDPI Calculator?

  1.  Using the eDPI Calculator for League of Legends allows you to find the most accurate precision for you along with your DPI settings.
  1.  Finding the ideal DPI value is a choice used by professional gamers. If you want to play like professional League of Legends players, you should try these settings.
  1. You need to find the most suitable eDPI setting to be able to use abilities comfortably and move quickly.

League of Legends Best DPI Settings- 2021

In this section, we will talk about how you can optimize your DPI settings step by step. We will present you the DPI values used by the best League of Legends players. At the same time, you will be able to set your own settings and achieve excellent success in the game.

Turning Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 

If you have not made any mouse settings on your computer until now, your mouse acceleration settings are turned on by default. We need to turn this off before we start the exact settings. If this setting is on, if you move your mouse 10 cm (for example), Windows will make it only 2 cm. This is because the pointer is completely velocity-dependent. Now let’s consider this in a game. Since you need to show reflexes every second in FPS or MOBA games, you will have a tough time if this setting is on.

Steps to turn off Windows Mouse Acceleration;

  • Go to the Windows search section at the bottom left and type “Mouse Settings”.
  • Then click on “Additional mouse options” on the right side of the window that opens.
  • Now, enter the “Pointer Options” section in the menu that comes up.
  • Uncheck the “Enhance Pointer Precision” box here.
  • Then click “Apply” and close. That’s the whole process.

League of Legends DPI Options

If you are not satisfied with the slow movement of your mouse, you may want to set the highest DPI setting. However, this is not exactly the right decision. Because after a few tries in the game, you can decide which setting you prefer. Both high DPI values and low DPI values have advantages and disadvantages.

Low DPI Values (400 – 800)

Low DPI settings usually mean you have to swipe your mouse a lot over your mousepad when moving around your targets or on the map. Low DPI settings correspond to a value between 400-800 for the start. But since League of Legends is a game with a lot of action and fast reflexes, you can react with a delay in these DPI settings.

Remember, though, DPI settings depend on your playstyle and the champions you play. For example, the champions that can be played most comfortably at low DPI settings are Support and Tanks such as Taric, Leona, Swain, Alistar.

Intermediate DPI Values (800-1800) 

We generally recommend this setting for beginner League of Legends players to use. Because it is neither too fast nor too slow. It can find the test setting you need at Medium DPI to determine your own DPI value. However, we don’t usually recommend it to those who play ADC and champions that require a lot of movement.

High DPI Values (1800 – 3200) 

We definitely do not recommend this setting for beginners. This means that with the DPI setting active, you can practice all movements, abilities, and reflexes with a single wrist swipe. You don’t make wide arm movements, and you spend much less effort on mouse movement. However, this will cause you to lose the accuracy of your clicks.

That’s why players who want to play in the high DPI setting should practice constantly. Some champions can be played at high DPI values, as we suggest at low DPI values. The most important of these heroes are Zed, Ekko, Talon, and LeBlanc.

Do I Need To Change In-Game Sensitivity?

League of Legends has its own mouse settings. You can adjust the in-game sensitivity from these settings. However, we do not recommend making these settings for now. Because if you play with the sensitivity value in the game, the DPI settings you have made on Windows are considered invalid. And this makes the DPI value you’re used to disappearing.

How Do I Find the Best DPI Setting in League of Legends?

 First of all, there is an important point you should know. Does your mouse allow you to change your DPI settings? If your answer is no, you may have to buy yourself a mouse with external software. Whether it’s an expensive or cheap mouse, if you can customize the DPI setting, it will be enough for you.

In the above topics, we talked about what exactly DPI values ​​mean. A player with a low DPI value needs to move their mouse a lot while using an ability or while moving, while a player with a high DPI value can do the same with a slight wrist movement.

We will give you a few suggestions to find the correct DPI value for League of Legends. 

  •  Do you have a wide space on your computer desk? If you have a large area to move your mouse, we recommend using a low DPI value. Generally, League of Legends players prefer low DPI settings. Because the accuracy of the movements made is more consistent at low DPI.
  •  If you want a game style like high response time, fast dodges, and fast abilities to stun the opponent, the high DPI option may be for you. However, you may see significant deficiencies in the accuracy of your movements. At the same time, you may suffer from joint pain as you will do too much hand and arm movements to increase this accuracy.
  • Test all DPI settings. This is the only way you can find the most comfortable setting for you. Practice constantly to improve your movement and reaction speed.
  • If you have played at low DPI until now, do not switch to high DPI immediately. It will be extremely difficult to get used to. So, gradually increase your DPI value and wait to get used to it. Otherwise, you can eat too many reports.

League of Legends Best Mouse Choices 

Most League of Legends players want to climb the Elo ladder one by one. Therefore, they do not hesitate to make various settings. They make various changes such as display settings, mouse settings, and keyboard settings. Although this depends on your own game skills, the choice of this type of equipment is very important. That’s why we want to tell you how you can choose a good mouse for Lol. 

  • Holding/Grabbing: Many of us play ranked matches in the League of Legends arena for hours without even raising our hands. This brings fatigue and some problems in our hands. That’s why you need to choose a mouse that is easy to grab and specially designed.
  • Response Time: Another important point is choosing a mouse with a low response time. Low reaction time is very important for you, especially if you are an ADC player. Because you have to be superior to your opponent in terms of farming minions. If you are a Vayne or Kalista main, you know how important for you to kite. So you should customize it according to the heroes you play.
  • Extra Buttons: You can use your spells and abilities quickly, thanks to the extra buttons on your mouse. For example, you have to use your Zhonya’s Hourglass at the most important moment of team fight. Or some hero skills that needs to be used instantly. Your job will be much easier when you assign it to a button of your mouse.

What’s Faker’s DPI?

 When Faker was 14 years old, back in 2013, he was still playing LoL, and he said his DPI was 1000. And later on, he changed it to 800. We can make it 600 CPI for fair assumptions. Considering that Faker was still so good at that time, these DPI settings must be usable.

None of us are robots or use a lot of modifiers. So there is no way and no need for your hands to be that fast for a precise click. In our opinion, it was using 800 because that should be the standard value. In our opinion, the value Faker uses is ideal for everyone.

What’s Doublelift’s DPI?

Doublelift said that he plays on a 1920×1080 monitor with 100% scaling. In 4K monitors like that, DPI values around 400-450 should be fine. But, over a year, he started to use Razer Naga Hex V2 mouse, which features six side buttons mapped to F1-F6. This made his life much easier.

He uses binding abilities to some keys specifically. He has custom binds where F4-F5 are TP/Ult and F3 is Ghost/Smite depending on what he needs at that time. Also, he uses Razer Blackwidow Keyboard, but it has no effects on his gameplay.

Final Words

If you wonder about the best DPI value for League of Legends, we introduced you to the best options and answers. Depending on your mouse and computer, we tried to give you the best options to help you get more wins because it really affects your whole gameplay.

Imagine you can not rotate the camera and the mouse fast enough or smoothly, that would make you miss the chance to poke the enemy or even kill them.

As a result, most gamers use between 800-1000dpi changes to your computer and mouse. You should not use anything other than these values if you want your cursor movement to match up well with your hand movements. It has crucial importance in a fast-paced video game like League of Legends.

If you are satisfied with your new DPI values, please let us know, or you can always consult and ask anything to help us improve our content. Have a nice game, summoner!

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