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A true mega-tournament is getting started on September 29 with the play-in rounds of one of  the very biggest events on the esports calendar. The winners will move on to the group stages of the League of Legends 2022 World Championship

When it ends on November 5, the undisputed League of Legends champion will emerge from the world’s elite teams and claim their share of a massive $2,225,000 prize pool. 

There are so many storylines to follow in this year’s event. Will teams from China and South Korea continue their recent dominance? Is there any chance that Edward Gaming will defend their title? Will a European or American team break through? Is there some other huge surprise on the radar? 

We’ll learn the answers soon enough but NOW is the time to start thinking about your bets for the play-in stage and beyond. Get ready for six weeks of incredible LoL gaming and betting action!

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