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Many tournaments are held every year on the League of Legends Esports scene. MSI tournaments are considered an interim tournaments before the LoL Worlds Championship. The spring season winners of Riot’s 11 leagues were able to participate in MSI 2022. There are 11 teams in total, and there is a $250,000 cash prize.

We now know which is the best among the 11 best LoL teams globally. Despite all the hard struggles, RNG achieved a significant victory in MSI 2022.

By the way, it’s important to keep track of mid-season tournaments like this before LoL Worlds 2022 starts. With the experience you gain here, you can make informed bets in LoL Worlds 22.

MSI 2022 Tournament Process

First, we will examine MSI 2022 in detail, starting from Group Stage to Rumble Stage. Then, lastly, we’ll take a look at the Knockout Stage challenge. In this way, you will be able to witness the competition of champion RNG and other teams. Let’s start.

Group Stage

  • After 11 teams were divided into 3 groups in Group Stage, the Tournament started.
  • Groups A and B played in the double round-robin format, while Group C played in the four-round-robin format.
  • While the first two teams from each group advance to the next stage, the last two teams are directly eliminated from the tournament. In addition, all matches were Bo1.

A Group

Group A had a clear T1 advantage. In Group A, there was no team strong enough to stand against T1. Saigon Buffalo tried to stand up, but without much success.

  • T1 – 6 Win – 0 Lose
  • Saigon Buffalo – 4 Win – 2 Lose
  • DetonatioN FocusMe 1 Win – 5 Lose
  • Team Aze 1 Win – 5 Lose

Group B

Group B was also dominated by an Asian team, just like A. Of course, we are talking about another final name, Royal Never Give Up. They also beat all their opponents in the group stage by catching a 6-0 series like T1. In addition, PSG Talon has 3 wins as the other rising of the group.

  • Royal Never Give Up 6 Win – 0 Lose
  • PSG Talon 3 Win – 3 Lose
  • RED Canids 2 Win – 4 Lose
  • İstanbul Wildcats 1 Win – 5 Lose

Group C

Group C witnessed a fierce rivalry between the two teams representing the West. However, G2 Esports, which has a long history of LoL, managed to dominate group C. They caught a streak of 8 wins in total. In addition, Evil Geniuses also won 4 victories they played with ORDER. Because of this, they moved up to the next level with G2.

  • G2 Esports 8 Win – 0 Lose
  • Evil Geniuses 4 Win – 4 Lose
  • ORDER 0 Win – 8 Lose

Rumble Stage

Rumble Stage was perhaps the most exciting point of MSI 2022. The best teams in the world entered into fierce competition in Summoner Valley. And only 4 teams were able to advance to the next level in the Rumble Stage. We would also like to remind you that all matches in the Rumble Stage were Bo1.

  • Royal Never Give Up 8 Win – 2 Lose
  • T1 7 Win – 2 Lose
  • G2 Esports 5 Win – 5 Lose
  • Evil Geniuses 5 Win – 5 Lose
  • PSG Talon 3 Win – 7 Lose
  • Saigon Buffalo 2 Win – 8 Lose

In the MSI 2022 preview we published on our blog, we mentioned that the only team that can stand against Asian teams is G2. It was exactly as we said, and in the early days of Rumble Stage, G2 managed to beat T1 first and then RNG. In addition, Evil Geniuses showed an unexpected quality and became one of the teams that made it to the finals.

Knockout Stage

Semi-Finals matches were played on 27 May to determine the teams that will play in the Grand Final. Most LoL Esports fans were hoping to see at least one team from the West in the finals. However, the unwavering power of Asian teams marked MSI 2022. Moreover, T1 and RNG were the teams that made it to the Grand Finale. You can see the results of the semi-finals below.


  • Royal Never Give Up 3 – 0 Evil Geniuses
  • T1 3 – 0 G2 Esports

MSI 2022 Grand Finale | RNG 3 – 2 T1

The two teams that lost the fewest matches of the tournament face-off in the grand finals! In the minds of those who follow the LoL Esports scene, the T1 and RNG match can even be interpreted as the World Final because both teams have the most legendary players of LoL.

First Map – Winner RNG

If you started watching the Grand Final on the first map, you must have felt the sharpness between the two teams. Taking control in the early game of the match, the team managed to win the matches on all maps. That’s why the first map ended up in the same way. RNG got off to a good start with their ADC’s two kills at the beginning of the match. Then the team thought of catching the T1 players by throwing a great ambush on Top Lane. However, since T1’s experienced players noticed the trap, they used their teleports to reach Top Lane for help and traded each other. Although they continued their small trades when the match came to mid-game, there was no particular advantage.

T1, who did not want to give the third Dragon to RNG, wanted to stop the flawed course. Because of this, they tried to enter a teamfight on the Dragon River, but this turned out to be disastrous for T1. Also, in this fight, Faker pushed the opposing team towards his friends with his Ultimate, which he scored with Azir. As a result of this, three players of T1 died among 4 people, and they lost TF. This Dragon fight was an irreparable mistake for the match. And so it was, while the time was showing 33 minutes, RNG managed to beat T1 in the form of 19-6.

Second Map – T1

The second map set the stage for perhaps one of the fastest games of the Tournament. Thanks to T1’s legendary game, RNG was almost surprised at what happened. And they suffered a shock defeat. There was not much difference in the match, even at 22 minutes. The gold difference was only 3500, but RNG strangely started attacking the Baron at this point. Realizing this, T1 players tried to catch RNG players with reduced health by surprise, and they succeeded. And they managed to gain a serious advantage by killing all four players of RNG at once. 

A few minutes later, teamfight pursuit on the river began for the fourth Dragon. At this point, Faker’s game with Lissandra garnered great applause and was enough to dominate RNG. As the minutes showed 26:05, T1 reached its first victory in the Final.

Third Map – RNG

It started with RNG’s hunt for T1 in a row on the third map. And at the 12th minute, the RNG players had eight kills. However, even though T1 tried to come back, they continued to stumble again with every mistake they made. Although they still managed to get some kills, everything was over for T1′ in the 20th minute of the game. Even though they tried a little teamfight in the mid-game of the match, Gwen, played by RNG Bin, could not die. And T1’s last chance was destroyed with the fight in front of the Dragon. Despite all the defenses of T1, each player of RNG had an advantage of 1 item. T1, who could not stand the pressure, lost the match at 28 minutes, and the score came to 2-1 in the final.

Fourth Map – T1

The fourth map was the scene of one of the best matches of the series. As always, RNG managed to get another kill with first blood. However, T1 is a team that will not forgive the opposing team’s slightest mistake, as always. RNG made this mistake in Bot Lane at 27 minutes and it resulted in the death of the whole team. In this map, we watched short and concise fights rather than an oddly intense teamfight. As a result, while the minute was showing 30, T1 had 10 kills, while RNG had 3 kills. However, RNG, unable to withstand the pressures of T1, gradually lost, losing the fourth map.

Final Map – RNG

The final match started with high excitement. Classically, RNG had a clear advantage. In the first minutes of the map, the score came to 4-1 due to two mistakes made by Faker in a row. Faker also lost too many minions due to these mistakes and fell behind Lissandra.

However, as RNG dominated the match, they got the Jungle. T1 couldn’t even enter his Jungle and get Blue or Red buffs. Naturally, the payoff was very heavy for T1, and they kept falling back with each passing minute. As the minute showed 18, RNG had a difference of 4k gold and three Dragons. When it was the fourth Dragon’s turn, T1 now had to do something. Faker, who was in the pilot’s team seat, wanted to try teamfight on the fourth Dragon River, but it ended in disaster.

In addition, T1 lost both the last Dragon and the Baron in this teamfight. In the course of this event, it was clear that the champion was now RNG. When we came to the 25th minute, the T1 could not withstand the pressures of the superior RNG. With the Nexus towers falling and T1 players dying one by one, RNG became the Champion of MSI 2022.

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