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We’re happy to announce that the new ranking system has been finally implemented.

It has been developed to distinguish and reward users accordingly to their activity and comprises 5 tiers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Challenger

Each tier from Bronze to Diamond is divided into five divisions, depicted by a roman numeral between V (5 being the lowest) and I (1 being the highest) which indicate the activity level of players.

The Challenger tier (which has one division only) is the highest tier in the ranking system and consists of the 10 most active players on Thunderpick. Every 24 hours the top 10 players will be promoted to the Challenger rank, while placing lower will result in a demotion.

As players place their bets, play games or complete various tasks, they gain Rank Points, also known as RP. The amount of RP gained varies from task to task, but when it comes to betting you earn 1 RP for every coin you bet (for example, if you have placed a 500 coins bet, you will automatically gain 500 Rank Points).

User’s Rank is updated in real-time (with exclusion of Challenger rank, which is recalculated daily) and depends on the amount of Rank Points accumulated throughout last 30 days.

Having a 30-days long settling period means that every 24 hours (at 1:00 am UTC) with the beginning of a new day, the settling period shifts one day forward resulting in RP decay equal to the number of points accumulated on the day that has fallen out of the settling period.

We will explain it on the following example:

Today is January 30th. Our settling period has started on January 1st (last 30 days). During that period we have accumulated 20.000 RP total. The amount of points gained each day varied from day to day, but on the first day of this settling period (January 1st) it was exactly 500 Rank Points. With a beginning of a new day our settling period shifts one day forward and will consist of points accumulated between January 2nd and January 31st. This means that RP that we have gained on the first day of previous settling period (January 1st) will be deducted from the total amount: 20.000 – 500 = 19.500 RP. As a result we start every new day with less Rank Points than we had at the end of the previous day, but we have next 24 hours to regain them and get even more.

Please note that new users will experience RP decay for the first time only after 30 days have passed since their initial RP gain.

The best part of the ranking system are rewards. Based on your current rank, you are eligible for various benefits and perks that come in form of prizes, giveaways, lower fees and more.

We’ve currently implemented giveaways only, but other advantages will follow shortly after.

There are 4 Giveaways, each with different prize value and entry requirements:

  • Bronze Giveaway (Users with Bronze rank or a higher rank can participate)
  • Silver Giveaway (only users with Silver rank or a higher rank can participate)
  • Gold Giveaway (only users with Gold rank or a higher rank can participate)
  • Diamond Giveaway (only users with Diamond or Challenger rank can participate)

Each tier from Bronze to Diamond is divided into five divisions between V (5 being the lowest) and I (1 being the highest). Each division gives you a specific number of tickets that you can use to enter a giveaway – the lowest gives 1 ticket and the highest gives 5 tickets. Because each and every ticket has the same chance to be drawn, the more tickets you have the higher the chance for winning the giveaway is.

If you have higher tier than required to participate in a certain giveaway, you will automatically be awarded with 5 tickets (the highest amount).

In example:

*If your rank is Gold III, you are eligible to participate in:

Bronze giveaway (with 5 tickets)
Silver giveaway (with 5 tickets)
Gold giveaway (with 3 tickets)

But you are not eligible to participate in Diamond giveaway.*

Each giveaway will begin during different part of the days and be available only for a limited time, so make sure to check Thunderpick site often if you don’t want to miss any rewards!


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