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Team Newbee (新兵电子竞技俱乐部) was a professional Chinese esports organization renowned for winning Valve’s coveted The International 2014 tournament. With divisions in multiple titles like League of Legends (LoL), Hearthstone, and StarCraft 2, Newbee reigned supreme with a presence that demanded respect.

Over the years, Newbee celebrated numerous victories while amassing more than $14.2M in prize winnings, cementing their status as a dominant force in the Chinese and international esports arenas. Despite a downturn in reputation due to a few players, Newbee’s legacy as a major competitor endures.

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Newbee’s History

Newbee was birthed amid the Chinese reshuffle of early 2014, when there were whispers in the air that Dota 2 prodigy Xiao8 was crafting a “Dream Team” with Mu, Faith, Hao, and ChuaN from TongFu and Invictus Gaming. On Feb. 23, 2014, Newbee’s star-studded roster was confirmed, including Xiao8, Mu, Hao, KingJ, and ZSMJ.

Early Years

Despite earning a direct invite to The International 2014, Newbee struggled in phase 2 of the playoffs, ranking 9th. In the next phase, they returned undeterred, beating Titan, Natus Vincere, and Invictus Gaming and securing a spot in the upper bracket of the main event.

Further victories over Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses saw Newbee advance to the grand finals, where they beat Vici Gaming 3-1. After securing The International 2014 and a then-record breaking $5M, Newbee carried their momentum through 2017, marked by several outstanding performances.

Post-The International 2014, the Shanghai-based titan ventured into disparate titles like Hearthstone, LoL, StarCraft 2, and Warcraft 3, but hit a performance slump between 2018-2019. Falling from grace, the team failed to qualify for DPC events, inspiring little hope of a comeback.

Newbee Banned For Match Fixing

During the Chinese qualifiers for StarLadder ImbaTVDota 2 Minor on Feb. 17, 2020, Newbee’s in-game actions triggered suspicion. Specifically, in Game 2 against Avengerls, the opponent’s glaring mistakes led skeptics (including xiao8 and Zhou) to believe the match was rigged.

On May 15, 2020, Newbee was implicated in match-fixing by ImbaTV and the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association. Players Han “Moogy” Xu, Rui “Aq” Yin, Lipeng “Wizard” Wen, Chao “Waixi” Yan, and Hongda “Faith” Zeng were banned from competing in CDA-DPL Pro League, IMBA TV, or MarsTV events.

After failed attempts to appeal the ruling, Newbee received lifetime bans from Perfect World- and Valve-hosted tournaments. The organization disbanded shortly after the bans were served.

Note: The teams showcased below represent the most recent lineups before the organization departed from professional esports.

Newbee’s Dota 2 Team

The Newbee Dota 2 team flaunted an impressive record from 2014 to 2019. Their crowning glory was winning The International 2014 and reaching the finals at The International 2017. But their other accolades include placing 1st at the World Cyber Arena 2014 and 3rd at the Manila Major.

  • Xu “Moogy” Han
  • Yin “Aq” Rui
  • Wen “Wizard” Lipeng
  • Yan “Waixi” Chao
  • Zeng “Faith” Hongda

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Newbee’s League of Legends Team

Newbee ventured into the LoL competitive scene in mid-2015, but their ambitious entry into the title was met with underwhelming performances. This was matched by a modest $110K+ in prize money between 2015-2017, earned during their time competing in the LoL Pro League.

Nevertheless, the Newbee LoL squad racked up some notable achievements, including 6th place at the LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs, 5th-6th at the LPL 2017 Spring Playoffs, and 4th at the LSPL 2015 Summer Playoffs.

  • Fang “Skye” Qi-Fan
  • Bao “V” Bo
  • Hong “HanXuan” Hao
  • Zhu “Quan” Yong-Quan
  • Lei “Corn” Wen
  • Zhang “Mor” Hong-Wei
  • Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang
  • Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song

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Newbee’s StarCraft 2 Team

While Newbee’s StarCraft 2 team may not match the imprint left by their Dota 2 counterparts, their performance was commendable. With nearly $200K in prize money accumulated from 2018 to 2020, this division of the Chinese giant definitely made its mark.

Notable accomplishments include clinching 1st place at NeXT 2019 Spring, finishing between 3rd and 4th at the China Team Championship 2019, and securing 2nd place at NeXT 2019 Autumn.

  • Baek “Dear” Dong Jun
  • Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn
  • Li “TIME” Peinan

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Newbee’s Warcraft 3 Team

Between 2018-2020, Newbee’s Warcraft 3 squad raked in nearly $150K in prize winnings, triumphing at multiple Tier 1 and 2 events, including Warcraft Gold League 2019: Winter, Douyu Yule Cup 2019, and Huya Super League 2. The club also earned the runner-up spot at the H&W China vs. Korea Masters 2019. 

  • Guo “eer0” Zixiang
  • Jo “LawLiet” Ju-Yeon
  • Park “Lyn” Joon

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Other Newbee Rosters

Aside from their notable presence in Dota 2, Newbee ventured into various other games. These include FIFA Online, Fortnite, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch. Although their stint in these realms may not have created waves, they still left an imprint.

Regrettably, there were no Newbee CS:GO or Newbee Valorant squads, with little to no likelihood of a change in the foreseeable future.

Newbee’s Socials

Despite Newbee’s disbandment, it’s still possible to relive their iconic highlights. Explore the Chinese team’s social media platforms listed below!

Newbee FAQs

Keen on understanding the China-based esports powerhouse, Newbee, a bit better? Our FAQ section is teeming with information.

Who Owns Newbee?

As far as we know, Zhang “xiao8” Ning was the founder and private owner of Newbee. With an initial lineup featuring xiao8, Hao, Mu, KingJ, and ZSMJ (with Banana and SanSheng stepping in later), the team was once known as the “Chinese Dream Team.” Xiao8 is now the coach of PSG.LGD.

When Was Newbee Created?

Newbee emerged during the Chinese Dota 2 reshuffle on Feb. 28, 2014. Backed by billionaire Wang “Niuwa” Yue, the team cultivated top-tier talents from China’s esports scene. Shortly after that, they etched their name in history by clinching the title at The International 2014.

How Does Newbee Make Money?

Newbee tapped into various revenue channels typical of esports organizations. Prize money was their chief income source as they amassed $14.2M+ from 233 tournaments. Other revenue streams included merchandise sales, partnerships, and sponsorships.

Can You Bet On Newbee With Crypto?

Unfortunately not. With Newbee disbanded, placing bets on their games is not an option. But that shouldn’t stop you from making wagers on other esports matches at Thunderpick.

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