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Founded in 2015, Nucleus Gaming has been a pioneer of 3D online casino games. Their slots are known for their amazing graphics and interactive features. In this Nucleus Gaming review, we’ll go through Nucleus Gaming slots with the best payouts, and see what sets them apart from the competition. 

As of 2023, Nucleus Gaming sits with an awesome library of over 120 games. One of the highlights is Totems of Fortune (2021), an online slot that takes you to the beautiful islands of Hawaii to spin the reels for some big prizes. You also have other classic slots like A Time to Win (2021), which you can learn more about a little later in this Nucleus Gaming guide. 

No matter which Nucleus Gaming slot you dive into, you’re going to experience: 

  • 3D animations 
  • Interactive in-game features 
  • Exciting bonuses 

That’s barely touching the surface, though, as there’s a lot more to learn about this underdog iGaming company. 

ManufacturerNucleus Gaming
SoftwareNucleus Gaming
LocatedUnited States

Whether you’ve stumbled across Nucleus Gaming or have been recommended one of the popular Nucleus casino games by a friend, you can place your bet now using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency of your choice. 

Nucleus Gaming RTP

Nucleus Gaming is known for its 3D-animated, highly immersive online slot games. With that said, what are the RTPs like? 

When it comes to online slots, the average RTP falls at an average of 96% – so pretty bang on the industry standard. Anything higher than this is considered excellent and will usually attract a lot of players. 

Nucleus Gaming generally brings average RTPs to the table. Aside from Fruity Way (2020), there’s nothing groundbreaking or out of the ordinary. You can take a look for yourself to see if the RTP of any of the below games appeals to you. 

Game NameRTP
Fruity Way97.07%
Diamond Strip96.64%
Bottled Wish96.01%
Safari Spins95.28%
A Time to Win95.06%
Ho Ho Cash95%

If you’re a player who’s passionate about high RTPs, then we think you should start with Fruity Way. This is a 5×5 online slot game set in space, so don’t forget to bring your space suit. As you spin the reels, you’re going to encounter some familiar-looking fruits from here on Earth as well as some not-so-familiar fruits that aliens like to eat — but all that matters is that you get as many winning combinations as possible!

Remember, the higher the RTP is, the higher the return to the player over a certain amount of spins. This is why Fruity Way is one of the most popular Nucleus Gaming slots even if it was released back in 2015.  

Top 10 Nucleus Gaming Slots for 2023 

Nucleus Gaming is quite a low-key company. It doesn’t make big social media announcements when new games are coming, and it certainly doesn’t spend a lot of money on marketing. Instead, Nucleus Gaming lets its games do the talking — and 2023 will be no different. 

So far, it’s been a great year for Nucleus Gaming, with the release of the highly popular Sherlock and the Mystic Compass (2023) being the highlight. Which other games should you try, though? 

It’s a good question. After all, Nucleus Gaming has over 120+ games to choose from, which is no small feat by any stretch of the imagination. Luckily, our expert team has put together a list of the top 10 Nucleus Gaming slots to play in 2023. This’ll be helpful for any beginners out there who aren’t sure which ones to play first! 

  1. Fruity Way (2020)
  2. Sherlock and the Mystic Compass (2023)
  3. Slam Dunk Spins (2023)
  4. Joker City (2023)
  5. Jewel Falls (2022)
  6. A Time to Win (2021)
  7. The Haunted Inn (2022)
  8. Safari Spins (2022) 
  9. Diamond Strip (2021)
  10. Ho Ho Cash (2020) 

Sherlock and the Mystic Compass (2023) is a must-try for any Sherlock Holmes fans out there. The gameplay involves collecting mystic compasses that will ultimately lead you to the hidden vault that’s jam-packed with riches. This is also the first game to feature the brand-new Nucleus Linked Jackpot system, which offers players the chance to win some huge jackpots. 

Don’t be afraid to test out some of the other games on the list, too. You can also play these games for free if you want.  

A Time to Win (2021) is an excellent choice for James Bond fans. Then there’s The Haunted Inn (2022), a super-spooky Halloween-themed slot that will have you on the edge of your seat (in a good way). Essentially, there’s a lot of variety here — so you’re truly spoilt for choice.

Nucleus Gaming Software Security 

Unfortunately, Nucleus Gaming has yet to publicly disclose information regarding any licenses that it holds or regulatory bodies that have inspected its games. However, this doesn’t mean that Nucleus Gaming slots can’t be trusted, as many big online casinos currently host the brand’s games. 

Nucleus Gaming vs Other Providers

Nucleus Gaming is currently a small, lesser-known provider with a niche audience in the iGaming industry. 

If you want bigger slot libraries, then you can turn to other providers like: 

  • Microgaming 
  • NetEnt 
  • Yggdrasil 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a creative studio to try that has a strong focus on producing 3D-animated slot games with bags of potential, then Nucleus Gaming is definitely worth a try. 

FAQ: Nucleus Gaming 

It’s now time for a short Nucleus Gaming FAQ to answer any burning questions you might have on your mind. 

Are Nucleus Gaming Slots Safe to Play?

After testing out Nucleus Gaming’s slot roster and looking through different user reviews, we’ve concluded that Nucleus Gaming slots are safe for you to play. The only downside is that Nucleus Gaming has not made any information publicly available about its licensing and regulation, which is a little disappointing. 

What Is the Volatility of Nucleus Gaming Slots? 

The volatility for Nucleus Gaming slots varies from game to game. You have medium volatility slots like Tropical Splash (2021) and then high volatility slots like Totems of Fortune (2023), so the best plan is to browse through their slot library to find the slot games with volatility levels that you like. 

What Are the Best Nucleus Gaming Slots? 

It’s recommended that you try all of the Nucleus Gaming slots from the top 10 list we provided earlier. There are some great options there, including classics like Fruity Way and the brand-new Sherlock and the Mystic Compass

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