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Be in with a chance of winning a share of €20K by playing your favourite Onlyplay casino games, including: Hot and Spicy Jackpot, Jokers Coins Megaways, Jungle Gold Megaways, Lucky Punch Megaways, Hot and Spicy, Jokers Coins, Jack Potter, and Book of Eye.


The tournament runs from October 12th, 16:00 GMT – October 21st, 16:00 GMT.


Win a share of €20K, split in the following way:

Stage one: Meet the Joker€3,000 prize pool
Stage two: Fight the Joker€6,000 prize pool
Stage three: Friend with Joker€9,000 prize pool
Highest number of bets€500
Highest total value of bets€500
Biggest win€500
Biggest loss€500


Place a bet on any of the qualifying games to earn points. There’s no minimum bet required, but the higher the value, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the better your shot at winning big.

Terms & Conditions:

Tournament specifications. Onlyplay Happy Hours Deluxe network tournament is a 10-days tournament that consists of 3 stages.


● Meet the Joker – first tournament stage;

● Fight the Joker – second tournament stage;

● Friend with Joker – third tournament stage.

Tournament dates. Onlyplay Happy Hours Deluxe network tournament starts at 16:00 GMT+0 on 12th of October 2023 and finishes at 16:00 GMT+0 on 21st of October, 2023. Each stage has its own time period, namely:

● Meet the Joker – first tournament stage (from 16:00 GMT+0 12th of October, 2023 till 15:59 GMT+0 14th of October, 2023);

● Fight the Joker – second tournament stage(from 16:00 GMT+0 14th of October, 2023 till 15:59 GMT+0 17th of October, 2023);

● Friend with Joker – third and fourth tournament days (from 16:00 GMT+0 17th of October, 2023 till 16:00 GMT+0 21st of October, 2023).

Tournament prize pool. Tournament prize pool is €20,000 (twenty thousand Euro, zero cents). Prize pool is divided between stages and tournament leaders in the following way:

● Stage one prize pool: €3,000;

● Stage two prize pool: €6,000;

● Stage three prize pool: €9,000;

● Tournament leader for the highest number of bets: €500;

● Tournament leader for highest total value of bets: €500;

● Tournament leader for the biggest win: €500;

● Tournament leader for the biggest loss: €500.

Tournament Rules

Real mode. Onlyplay Summer Races network tournament is available to play in real mode only and for real money (fiat or cryptocurrency) bets.

Minimum bet. There is no minimum bet to participate in this network tournament.

Player points. 3 points are credited to the player for each €1 (or currency equivalent) bet in the participating games. The points are proportional to the bet value. In case of a bet less than €1, the points are proportionally decreased, namely for bet €0.10 – 0.3 points will be credited to the player, while in case of €6 bet the points are proportionally increased and the player will be credited with 18 points.

Additional points are credited to the player for the multiplier gained as a result of bet, meaning for the multiplier to which the bet was multiplied.

Additional points are credited only for multipliers of 1.00 and higher. No additional points are credited for multipliers which are less than 1.00. The number of additional points to be credited is determined by the following formula: “Multiplier * 10”. For example, for multiplier 1,25 – 12,5 points will be credited (1,25 *10 = 12,5).

Total score. The total score of each player is calculated separately for each tournament round with the points credited for all rounds played in participating games within corresponding tournament round date(s).

Leaderboard. Leaderboard is updated in real time.

Determination of tournament winners. Tournament winners are determined separately for each stage.

Leaderboards are different for each tournament stage. Tournament stage winners are determined based on the leaderboard positions upon termination of the corresponding tournament stage. Upon termination of either stage the leaderboard is cleared automatically while the players’ points for the terminated stage are reset to zero.

If several players were credited with the same number of points, then a higher position on the leaderboard is given to the player who scored first.

Prizes are credited to the players account within 72 hours after the end of the promotion period.

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