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Another significant milestone before the OWL Championship has been completed. The Overwatch League Kickoff Clash tournament has finally concluded. And we now have new champions in both East and West. If you remember, we talked about all the tournament details in our OWL Kickoff Clash review!

Again, if we need to explain it superficially, a total of 12 teams competed in the tournament. These teams also passed through a regional Qualifiers stage before the tournament started. According to the results they received at this stage, the teams took their place in Kickoff Clash. Today, we decided to talk about the OWL Kickoff Clash 2022 Final in our blog post. Now, if you’re ready, let’s get started and take a quick look at the stars of Overwatch Esports.

Brackets East

We would like to start by examining the tournament details from the East section first. There were seven teams in total in the Qualifiers stage in the East. These seven teams tried to collect certain points in the matches they played among themselves. As a result of the points collected, the upper bracket teams made for the Kickoff Clash 2022 finals were determined. Now let’s take a quick look at the East Upper Bracket finals.

Upper Bracket Semi-Finals

  • Hangzhou Spark 1 – 3 Philadelphia Fusion
  • Shanghai Dragons 3 – 2 Seoul Dynasty

Lower Bracket Semi-Finals

  • Hangzhou Spark 0 – 3 Seoul Dynasty

Upper Bracket Final

  • Philadelphia Fusion 3 – 0 Shanghai Dragons

Lower Bracket Final

  • Shanghai Dragons 2 – 3 Seoul Dynasty

East Grand Final – Champion Seoul Dynasty

As you can see, the East finals were held between 4 teams. And we can say that it is a scene of really high competition. Especially in the lower bracket final, the 2-3 match between Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty was very enjoyable to watch. Finally, Philadelphia Fusion managed to easily beat both teams it faced in the final.

Then, Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty faced off in East’s grand final. The match, which was expected to be very competitive, did not happen. Thanks to the outstanding game of Profit, one of the Seoul Dynasty players, the team managed to achieve clear scores. Especially in the Grand Final series, Reaper, Zarya and Tracer were among the most used heroes. As support, Lucio and Anna were the most played heroes by the players. In the end, the match consisted of 4 series and finished exactly 4-0. You can view the match results of the Grand Final below.

  • Control Lijang Tower – PHI 0 – 2 SEO
  • Hybrid Eichenwalde – PHI 2 – 3 SEO
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar – PHI 1 – 3 SEO
  • New Queen Street – PHI 31.21m – 109.18m SEO

As a result, Philadelphia Fusion was an incredible success despite being second in the tournament. Now ahead of them is the OWL Midseason Madness 2022 tournament scheduled for July 18, 2022.

Also, bet on Overwatch in OWL Midseason Madness 2022 using your experience from the Kickoff Clash tournament.

Brackets West

The pre-tournament teams competed in the Qualifiers stage in the West group, just like in the East. There were 12 teams in total here. And at this point, eight teams that managed to be successful only managed to participate in the Kickoff Clash 2022 finals. If you want, let’s look at the matches played by the teams in the West.

Upper Bracket Quarter-Finals

  • San Francisco Shock 3 – 2 Washington Justice
  • Florida Mayhem 1 – 3 Atlanta Reign
  • Dallas Fuel 3 – 0 Toronto Defiant
  • Los Angeles Gladiators 3 – 0 Houston Outlaws

Lower Round 1

  • Washington Justice 1 – 3 Florida Mayhem
  • Toronto Defiant 1 – 3 Houston Outlaws

Upper Bracket Semi-Finals

  • San Francisco Shock 1 – 3 Atlanta Reign
  • Dallas Fuel 1 – 3 Los Angeles Gladiators

Lower Bracket Quarter-Finals

  • Dallas Fuel 1 – 3 Florida Mayhem
  • San Francisco Shock 3 – 1 Houston Outlaws

Lower Bracket Semi-Finals

  • Dallas Fuel 3 – 0 San Francisco Shock

Upper Bracket Final

  • Atlanta Reign 0 – 3 Los Angeles Gladiators

Lower Bracket Final

  • Atlanta Reign 1 – 3 Dallas Fuel

There have been many surprises in the process so far. It was a surprise to most OWL fans, especially that Atlanta Reign has come this far. Likewise, after its success in groups, San Francisco Shock’s shock elimination surprised the audience. However, we still have a highly competitive matchup for the Grand Final. The Los Angeles Gladiators and Dallas Fuel face off in the Grand Final.

West Grand Final – Champion Los Angeles Gladiators

The Los Angeles Gladiators were champions due to their superior playing style and personal performances. GLA, who defeated every opponent during the tournament with clear scores of 3-0 and 3-1, did not have much difficulty in the Grand Final. Dallas Fuel had a challenging final stage. They initially managed to beat their rivals, the Toronto Defiant, in the upper bracket. However, they faced a shock defeat in the Semi-Finals stage with the GLA coming back. Then, continuing on the Lower Bracket, the Dallas Fuel team, like GLA, defeated their opponents with a clear score and reached the Grand Final. Finally, they faced the Los Angeles Gladiators, whom they had previously lost in the Grand Final. Now we can have a clear look at the results.

  • Control Ilios GLA 2 – 0 DAL
  • Hybrid King’s Row – GLA 3 – 1 DAL
  • Escort Route 66 – GLA 2 – 1 DAL
  • Push Colosseo – GLA 76.54m – 48.86m DAL

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