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Every year, Overwatch fans look forward to Midseason Madness. It’s called Midseason Madness for a good reason — things get a little crazy. Teams from the East and West collide in what is truly a battle for the ages. And this year, the hype is real. In just under 1 minute, pre-sale tickets for the Overwatch Midseason Madness 2023 sold out for Saturday and Sunday. Make no doubt about it; Overwatch fans can’t wait for this one!

What is the Overwatch League™? 

The Overwatch League (OWL) is an international eSports league created back in 2017. 

Since 2017, The Overwatch League has experienced huge success and garnered a worldwide following. 

Collectively, 20 city-based teams take part in the league. These teams feature some of the best competitive Overwatch players that money can buy. 

In the Overwatch League, you have 2 regions: East and West. There are 13 East teams and 7 West teams. 

Each season starts with the pro-am tournament (where Overwatch West Region teams join seeded Contender teams in round-robin group action) before the league officially begins for both regions on April 28. Once all of the league action is complete, the playoffs and Grand Finals take place to wrap up the season and crown the ultimate Overwatch League champion. In 2022, the Los Angeles Gladiators were the Overwatch League champions.

Overwatch Midseason Madness 2023 (Guide)

So, how does the Overwatch Midseason Madness tournament fit into all of this? Let’s take a closer look.  

Halfway through each Overwatch League season, Midseason Madness takes place (hence the name “Midseason Madness”). Here, the prize pool goes over $1 million — so there’s a lot on the line. 

At the 2023 version of this much-loved tournament, The West region will be represented by 4 teams, with the top 2 seeded teams being from the Spring Stage Qualifiers and the other 2 teams coming from the Spring Stage Knockouts. On top of this, the 2 East region teams will arrive from the Spring Stage Knockouts. When combined together, you have 6 teams that are ready to play!

The 2023 Overwatch Midseason Madness tournament will take place from 16-18 June. It’s a short tournament with tons of action packed into it, so you won’t want to miss a single second. 

Where is Midseason Madness taking place in 2023? Seoul, South Korea! Specifically, the tournament will take place at the Goyang Kintex so that fans can attend the event in person by purchasing tickets (you can learn more about buying tickets for Midseason Madness 2023 later in this guide). This is absolutely huge, as it’s the first time that the Overwatch League has hosted a LAN event in the Asia Pacific region — so you can expect fans to be going nuts in their seats. 

Where to Watch Midseason Madness 2023? 

Calling all Overwatch League fans: you can easily watch Midseason Madness 2023 via your smartphone, tablet, or PC. To do this, all you need to do is head over to the official Overwatch League YouTube channel. Since 2020, YouTube has been the exclusive streaming partner for the Overwatch League and is the only platform where you can legally watch Midseason Madness 2023 for free. 

Pro tip: Subscribe to the Overwatch League YouTube channel and turn on notifications so that you instantly get notified whenever live Midseason Madness 2023 matches are taking place!

How to Buy Tickets for OWL Midseason Madness

Midseason Madness is a LAN tournament taking place in South Korea. 

If you live in South Korea, it’ll be easy for you to buy tickets and go to the event in person. If you don’t live in South Korea (and are desperate to attend the tournament), then you can still buy tickets – but you’ll have to fly over and stay there for the weekend. 

Tickets for Midseason Madness 2023 officially went on sale on May 15. All matches will start at 10 AM local time in Korea. That’s 9 PM Eastern Time (ET), so you’ll have to stay up late and stock up on energy drinks if you want to catch all of the action! If that’s too late for you, you can catch up on the highlights posted by the Overwatch League YouTube channel the next day. 

Place Your Bets on Midseason Madness 2023 

At Midseason Madness 2023, the 4 best teams from the West and 2 best teams from the East will be battling it out to see who can come out on top — and you can place Overwatch bets on any of them. 

To place bets on match outcomes and who you think will win the Overwatch Midseason Madness 2023, create an account with Thunderpick today. Thunderpick is an online eSports betting site that allows you to bet on all of the latest Overwatch League action, including the insanely popular Midseason Madness tournament. 

Overwatch Midseason Madness 2023: Teams

The qualifying process for Midseason Madness has been finalized and we now have the full roster of teams. The teams taking part are Atlanta Reign, Houston Outlaws, Boston Uprising, Florida Mayhem, Hangzhou Spark, and Seoul Infernal. 

Midseason Madness 2023: Format

The format for Overwatch Midseason Madness 2023 is a 6-team double elimination bracket. Here, once a team loses 2 matches, they’re eliminated from the tournament. 

At Midseason Madness 2022, the Los Angeles Gladiators and San Francisco Shock successfully made it through the double elimination bracket to make the Grand Final. The Los Angeles Gladiators came out on top by defeating San Francisco Shock 4-2. 

Who Will Win OWL Midseason Madness 2023? 

As things stand Atlanta Reign seems to be the favorite team to win the whole thing but, as usual, in the world of esports, things can change very quickly. 

You can keep up-to-date with all of the teams that qualify through Thunderpick. Also, Thunderpick will constantly update its betting odds to reflect which teams are the favorites and underdogs. If you’re above the legal gambling age and have a Thunderpick account, you can place your bets now before the tournament officially starts.

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